Saturday, May 3, 2008

30 days of nothingness

On may 1 i went to Leagaspi for the dost summer and I had written here not-so ordinary events...

May 1, 2008

*We went to rrj to use the 1500 gift certificate.

*I went to the barbershop..

* i watched I am Legend and next <>

*i went out of the house to find a com shop with rf.. i found one but with only one pc with rf..

May 2

* I and Kuya Bhrey<> to BU for the inquiry of the dost summer.. but we were subjected to go to the DOSt office becuase we they didn't know where it will be held ..and we went there but the DOST said that we must go to BU because they are saying na dun nalng kami mag inquire.. when kuya Bhrey told them that BU sent us there ..the woman there said that "huh? d alam ng bu kung saan?? d ba sinabi nanamin un sa orientation namin.. .." but kuya Bhrey told her that we were from naga and in the orientation there's no exact place said where it'll be held.. but the woman insisted..buti nalng ung lalki dun naiintindihan kami and sinabi ulit dun sa babae na sa naga d un sinabi..saka lang ung babae natauhan.., because of that kuya Bhrey was bad3p.. we were again subjected to bu but now we know what building..but in bu saomething again happened.. we can't find the building ! after 30 mins na pag hahanap nakita namin sa mathematics.after that i went into the classroom.. WTF! wala akong kakilala.. and suddenly my stomach ache.. buti nalng at sanay na ako sa pag kontrol nun kaya napigilan ku ... 11:30 my class ended .. but suddnely my stomach didn't cooperate and suddenly it ache so badly.<amp d ko na kaya..!> the first batch was a fart..<> pag ka baba ko sa jip.. talgang lumala pa.. i ran fastly to the bording house.. sa wakas na kaabot ako .. when i went to the cr sakto saka d ko na napigilan..<yahoo...mission accomplished..>
but it was only the start pla.. because when i went to the school my stomach again ached and know it's worser.. by the way i forgot o tell you that we have a class on the afternoon at 1 pm. we had a pretest.. and almost all of it is a math subject.. <> my stomach ache suddenly went to the climax when english exam came.. ....after 30 sec of thinking i found one.. gamitin ko nalng cr ng bu haha.. and it was a success... after the pretest i went home.. and go to the internet shop.. a before i forget.. in our english exam the last type of test is essay..<> at first i didn't want to answer it.. but after i saw the topics.. the topics are.. the things i hate doing.. my summer vacation blah3X basta 5 un.. alam kon alam nyo na kung wat ang pinili ko.........

i picked the first one.. the things i hate doing.. the content of my essay is like this..

all of us has something he or she hates.. but sometimes they do it coz it's needed.. an example of this is what i'm doing know.. i hate writting essays.. but beacause of 5 points i'll do it coz it's needed another example is i hate sitting down for hours with nothing to do .. especially summer but because of the money i'll do it..< haha jowk lang d ko un sinulat money...> ...blah3x iforgot the next sentences basta it's seven kc un ung minimum eh. hmm.. anyway back to my story..

i went home and went to the comshop.. to play.. after that i went home and watch wilderness and i slept after..

MAy 3

nothing really happened just watched hit man.<> fantastic 4 and epic movie.. i also found another comshop with rf nearby our house..and nag blog..

May 4

in this day i went to the church<> after hearing a mass with my cousin..i had a tour to the wet market.<> there i saw a girl na ewan ko kung ka age ku o mas bata sakin .. hmm d xa kagandahan pero ok na din.. lalang nakuha nya attention ko.. nag papack cxa ng mga gulay.. pero parang galit xa.. ewan parang ang sungit nya sa mukha ..before i forget we went there because we will buy there pata.. back to my story.. hmm i couldn't remember where did i see this girl.. basta nung pau uwi na kami. nakuha nya attention ko kc may isang angulo kc xang kamukha ni k8 hayz..naalala kunanaman 2loy xa the afternoon my head ached a bit so i went to sleep.<> 230 ako nagicing and nag com ako pakatapos nun.. kya nga nababasa nyo ito ngaun eh ..hmm 7;30 na kya mag oout na me.. ^^

May 5

hmm.. wala mxadong nangyari ngaun.. we had just a review on english.. and math.. while..the teacher is discussing i'm just staring at a gurl .. her name was julie anne balangat.. who was jst infront of my chair.. her face kc is so me eh.. hmm after 1 or 2 hours of starring at her.. my eyes became tired.. so i just draw something on my notebook.. after a while my mind sudenly thought of practicing ambigram..for 30 mins im trying to figure out how the name of kate will be written in ambigram.... after almost 45 mins .. i figure out it.. then after that i tried other names.. like anne.<> etc.. then it suddenly rained.. then our dismissal arrived.. andit is still raining but not to hgard.. so we decided na mag paulan.. but when we got outside.. the rain suddenly stopped.. we laughed.. after that we decided to the boarding hauz of jerome.. because ther we will have an operation TO TAMPER THE SCHOOL LIBRARY CARD.. haha it was fun..<> first von told us what to do..
*mag paxerox ng lib. card back to back 2 copies
* bumili ng paste at glue
*sukatin ang length ng box front..
*1st copy icut ang likurang part na kasing size ng unahan na box at ipaste e2 dun unahan ng 2nd copy..
* mag lagay ng info at pix sa 2n copy at ipaxerox ulit ung 2nd copy
* then tyadan tapos na..

umuwi ako at natulog..

May 6

i woke up at exactly 5:45 am but i feel sleepy pa so i sleep again... i woke up at 7:13 .. i went to school at 7:47 am .. our teacher came to the school past 8 am <> englis was the 1st subject...when she started her lesson i slept.. after almost an hour i woke up and again i thought of something to do so that i will be not bored.. hmm aha! i'll practice nalang ambigram.. the word i used is the name of xing... after a while a got it... <> after that the name of aira was used.. 30 mins has passed but i couldn't get it.. we have a 10 min recess.. i kept thinking how would i do it.. the recess ended .but i couldn't find a way still.. hmmand after 15 mins of that i finally got it.. but it is not that great and understandable.. i tried other names .. and got it.. after sometime i felt tired of it.. and again thought of what will i do... so that i'll not be bored.. then suddenly she caught my eye again..<> and i stared at her for a long time... then again i felt tired so i just slept again.. then Lunch break!<> 1st thing to do is to find where will we eat... we <> found it not a long time.. the food there was good and it was plenty and was sold with a reasonal price..after that we went ot the com shop.. then to the school coz it's already 1 pm.. the subject is algebra.. and it was so boring<> so i just sleep but to my surprise when i wake up the dost official there is staring at me <> he scolded me.." ta nag pipirot ka??<>.. but after he was away i again slept..<> then i woke up at 4 .. there i just sit in my chair while texting.. then TIME NA WAHAHA!!!! i went to the com shop after class. then i went home.

May 7

I woke up at exactly 6:45 am and at 7:45 i went to school.. todays class will be math especifically algebra.. and it will be whole day.. <WTF!! PAMATAY..> so again i'm bored the whole day.. again so i'll not get bored i again practiced ambigram.. i tried the name julie anne.. and stared at her for almost 5 mins.. then natauhan na ako. haha.. after a while i figured out how to do it.. i tried other words. like line blah3x but i couldn't figure it out so i just surrender.. then suddenly alexa texted me.. so in naiicip ko name nya so un ang ginamit ko.. but i couldn't do it.. parating nagagwa ko is Alex lang hayz.. after that i slept again.<> then i woke up exactly when it's lunch break.after eating lunch... we again played in the com shop.. after that classes again started.. after the class we went to Gaizano.. then i went to the com shop.. end

May 8
I woke up late this day.. at 7 am.. as usaul i went to the school .. nothing really interesting happened this day.. I was just scolded again becase i'm again sleeping at class hours.. he also scolded me because of my feet.. as usaul it's in the chair again.. <>he also said to me " ang mga nakataas ang bitis mga hgaku yan.. bti nalng at napigilan ko sarili ko.. mntik ko pasanang sabihin sa kanyang.. so wat?? the hell i care.. every rule has an excemption.. and i'm one of them haha.. in our english class we had an activity.. to write a narrative report about things that we had done before the Smmer class.. i didn't kow what to write so i just made a guess on what to write.. <>> two raphael joined us in the summer.. the third is i watched mission impossible 2 and 3 after i watched the movies.. i suddenly thought of my buddies<>.. because.. i'm again badly missing them again...<> after thinking of them for almost 1 and 30 mins i slept..

May 10

ala kaming pasok 2day..i woke up past 9am.. after that i cleaned the house.. there was no current also.. then after finishing cleaning i slept..and woke up at 3 it was raining so hard outside..then i took a bath then washed my closed then went to the com shop.. after that i watched the movie entitled Take the Lead..

May 11

it's sunday and it's also mother's first things first.. greeted my mom a hapi mothers day..and heard a mass at 6:30 .. then i slept again and woke up at 10:55 and ate my lunch.. then watched a movie entitled gone after 60 sec. then went to the com shop..

May 12
nothing unusual happened today..just tthere had been a transport strike today.. our algebra class just ended this day.. tomorrow will be trigo.. and i got aira's cell number..end

May 13
we had the trigo subject today and it was fun..i like our teacher because he was so funny...he has a sense of humor also.. and he talks with sense even in his jokes.. he is also an environmentalists in a sense..i also liked his philosophy in life.. like "the main reason you took education in school is to learn.. the main reason you work is to eat or survive and the other reasons are just excess" he also talked about nationalism.. our subject tackled not just about trigo but other things especially philosophy ,culture and geography..i learned many things today.. like

a. the polygon that has the most number of sides is the circle...

b. circle has the most area of all the polygons with the same perimeter

c. mnemonics means anything that reminds you of something through it.

d. 1 billion is equal to 100,000,000,000 because bi means 2 and a million has 6 0's, it's still debated until now sbi nya..>

e. you have a 50% chance of having a classmate or "kasama" that has the same birthdays in a group of 25+ people

f. if your in to science , it means you doubt about anything

g. don't limit your creativity in math but it must have the concept in it because it's the most important of all.

h. in an age problem the age gap of the given people will always be the same even what happens

i. cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health..<>

j.start always at one

k. you can't know someone without his mistakes..

l. you have been born to die

m. bicol has 2 provinces at first<> albay consist of sorsogon 1/2 of cam sur catanduanes camarines in the other hand consists of 1/2 of cam sur and cam norte.. masbate was just added later

May 14

today we had a whole day trigo period.. and it was fun.. i enjoy it again.. and "himala" d ako inantok.. anyway again my stomach ached again .. but i had manage to control it.. anyway i learned 2 words today in math that can be translated to tagalog or english....

a. auxiliary - means others.. ex.. He's an auxiliary of that gruop..<>
b. asymptote - means torpe..

sources: our teacher in trigo

May 15

woke up at 6:45 am ..same as usual .,. distribution of stipends tomorrow..<>we had no classes on english on mon. tuesday and thursday.. coz of an activity.. report on t.w... the ones we must report about Feasibility study..but again i didn't cooperate in our gruop and will do nothing about it..

May 16

today is the bday of naxcz..i went home to naga..

May 17

i'm in naga.. i went to Ateneo then to the comshop.. then went to aira's house ..watched parang juuibo in aira's house..

may 18

bumalik sa legaspi..


same old days

May 20

nothing happened.. ..

May 21

same boring day.. we just have cts today. which is not that boring..

hindi ako nakapunta kina aira..T_T today sana is the movie watching in aira's house.

May 22

nothing unusual happened..

may 23

we had cts and english today..where in english i learned the difference of a lady and a woman..

lady - pure <>
woman - unpure <>

and at the end of our class. something unusual happened..

there was a vehicular accident.. a tricycle and a jeepney crashed to each other..the driver of the tricycle was seriously injured in the neck.. there was even blood droplets on the road..

after sight seeing i went to my boarding house and watch the movie the Golden Compass. which for me is not so good..then the movie Game Plan.. i like the story of this.. about a football superstar suddenly having his daughter, which he didn't knew that she exist.., in his house.. the story tackled about the love of the father to his daughter..and the importance of the daughter to his father.. <>

May 24

nag babad sa comshop...

May 25

babad again sa comshop..

May 26

walang pasok sa umaga.. board exam hapon..

May 27

astig ang cts namin.. kakatuwa..

May 28

post test namin sa english and math.. taz ict pag hapon..

May 29

today must be our orsem in ateneo but we failed to go there because of the DOST summer training.. we had ICT all day and it's so dam fucking boring.. kc naman kala ko ba naman programming un pala basics lang amp.. Microsoft word and other shit .. amp..

May 30

am signing ng insurance sa gsis..

uwian na!! yahoo..

" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."