Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kiddie christmas

 At last a non serious post..

About a couple of hours ago I went with my friend to buy a gift for her "pamangkin". While looking for her gift, I just then realized Christmas really is for the kids. Why? 

  • Come to think of it , they are the ones who really benefits this event especially through the gifts. 

  • Speaking of gifts, they are the ones who gets the most..

                There was even one event that proves my hypothesis...

            In one Christmas party of  the workplace of my mother, Kuya Alvin, my mom's boss, asked my mom : "paki bilangi daw ang mga aki dgd", in English: please count the kids in here. The kids present there were 9 including me but Kuya Alvin said that I should be excluded because I'm already an adult.

 The reason of the count was because he will be giving cash to those kids. I thought I was excluded because I will be given a larger amount of money but this never happened. 

It is all because...

  Im already adult!

  • And you'll also notice that one of the most congested part during the Christmas rush is the section for kids. SEE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT?   I'm sounding an adult bitter to kids but this post really doesn't mean like that ow almost. 

  • another thing is the kids only receive.. yeah some other kids also give gifts but in almost all of the time the money came from their parents or brothers which are adults.




-to be continued

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some things I missed..

As I woke up this day rain is pouring heavily outside, I felt that this day will not that be ok. I had an argument with my dad in the morning that caused for the bake mac I will be bringing to be hindered. 

In the afternoon another problem arose , the person which will be accompanying me in bringing the bake mac didn't show up and upon on our way to the party the bake mac I'm holding was dropped to the floor because of the sudden break of the jeepney driver.  This is really made me really think maybe this day really is not a good day for me.

But in the end the party turned out good. It was fun but honestly there's really something missing. While looking at the pictures a person there reacted about a picture and saying "sayang yaon ka kudta digdi ......" that point I already knew what was missing :  "the completeness of our group".

A phrase really made my ear tingle.. The phrase is something like this:

                 "sayang yaon ka pa kudta digdi.. kung dai mulang tig pili si..." 

                             "tig like niya... tapos tigunlike.."

I really don't see what's the big deal of liking and unliking something afterwards. The hell! You're all her friend so why can't you be just happy for her DAMN IT! I can't see whats wrong with her falling in love with that guy. Its not even her fault to fall in love with that guy. Don't me give that bullshit excuse : it's wrong because someone or to be specific a close friend likes him too.  I know that if your in her place too you'll be doing the same,. YOU'LL FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! Martyrdom ? sacrifice crap? I know you'll not do that.. SO PLEASE STOP BEING SELFISH BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID IMMATURITIES!  MOVE ON MAN!  YOU'LL TRADE YOUR FRIENDSHIP TO HER JUST BECAUSE OF THIS CRAP?

 It's really hard for me to see you guys treating them inconsiderately sometimes she even tries to reach you out but because of your boorish immaturity crap this effort is even turned into something not good. I'm not saying this because I liked her in the past but because i think what you are treating them now is inappropriate. I know I don't know the exact details but one thing I know, that they deserve better treatment..

After that another conflict in our circle of friends arose. This time this "war" is caused by some fucking misunderstanding, too much EGO and PRIDE and SELFISHNESS. Again I don't understand the full details of this "cold war" but the hell, is root of this really that great that this would even cost you two your friendship?.

I understand it's hard to eat someones pride but for I would choose whether my pride or a friendship that will be saved I'll choose the friendship. Saying sorry sometimes even you think that your the one who have done nothing wrong won't hurt a lot

I don't want to be tired of convincing you two to make up with each other but on your actions this past day i'm starting to get tired and just don't care. Another friend which is trying two convince this two is also already losing hope.


I really hope you two make up to each other...

I really missed the old times..

When we still jam without "awkwardness".

No cold wars..

No worries..

just fun..

The times when we are still complete and...

We're simply just friends!

\ /

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Keep Right!

There's a saying that you should always keep right. Sometimes it's not the case. Like the incident that happened to me today because I walked right.

An embarrassing thing happened to me today because of my carelessness and stupidity.

The story goes like this:

It's 6pm and I'm going to hear mass in a chapel near our place. Since I'm again late so I rushed in going to the chapel. It's already a bit dark when I arrived near the chapel. When I'm about to enter the chapel I suddenly tripped myself from the puddle of water ,like the picture on the right. Luckily only few noticed my fall but the bad news is, I'm soaked with mud. I acted cool when I got up so that I will not attract further attention and hurriedly went away the scene and on the later went home to change clothes.

Why the hell is there no sign like the one above? >.< *para lang majustify my stupidity* :p

Anyway the result of my fall is a sprained right hand and a little back pain. We'll see tomorrow if there's more complications from my fall.

Anyway this post will end here because my mother and father is arguing again. Bka mapaginitan ako :D

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Usapang Tsyuper(tricycle version)

Riding in a public transportation is really interesting, you can hear/see/create a lot of stories and most of them are interesting ones. It even sometimes make you realize something or teaches you something.

This post is about a conversation of the driver(tsyuper) of a tricycle and his brother. This conversation was unintentionally overheard by me because I was seated in the driver's seat.

 If you already rode a tricycle even once you'll know what I mean. 

Anyway I posted this because I can relate to their story even though partially.I even  felt  a bit guilty on my part upon hearing their conversation.

A part of their conversation was like this:

Driver:   O musta? ta ngunyan kananaman lang nag pahiling? dai ka man lang pati nag tetext. hadit na pati si mama saimo.. sain ka nag iistar ngunyan?

Brother : *nods* , sa kabarkada ko..

Driver : sa kabarkada mo? ta dai ka na nag uuli sa harong? paparapahadit mo si mama.. atang may hilang to!

Brother:  tsk, aram nya naman na dai nya na dapat ako pag para intindihun .. dakula na ako para para haditan nya pa.

Driver: alangan. ta dai ka palan nag tetext ma kang celfone? atang grabe na ngani pag sakit ko kay mama tig papara pagabat pa nndo pag mati nya.

Brother:  tsk, may mga maalaga pa man bga duman.. (forgot the rest of what he said)


I can relate to the conversation above because I sometimes treat my  parents like that especially mom. Like the brother of the driver, I sometimes don't give importance or even put into consider their worries for my safety. I somehow feel guilty and sorry when sometimes I even get angry when they worry for me, just a realization from that scene. 

I hope I'll not be that arrogant like the driver's brother. I don't like that I'll be worse like him.

I think I will end this post here. Just want to share this and just want to say

                                   SORRY, ma and pa for being shitty. I know you just worry for my own good.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday You Bastard!

First and foremost happy birthday to me... 
and goodbye teenage years....

But what should I really be happy of?

Should I be happy because after 20 years I'm still existing?

Should I be happy that I already passed being a teen?

Should I be happy that I was created by God? if He created me..

But before I answer that let me first narrate what happened on my birthday and my pre-birthday celebration.

Friday: Pre-birthday Celebration

pre-birthday celeb at my house
       I and my college friends went to our house to celebrate my pre-birthday celebration. It was originally scheduled on my birthday but due to time constraints and personal reasons, it was moved on Friday
    The plan  was to go to our house at lunch time somewhere at 12 noon because we've got a meeting for our sp at 3 pm but decided not to come on the later.

foods at my party
As usual 12 noon wasn't realized because those people are very very good with not following the time agreed upon and love to arrive late. We arrived at my place around 2:30 pm . 
  They gave me a brazo de mercedes one of my fav cakes, from bakers plaza as their present for my birthday.   

              THANKS A LOT ! love it a lot... even ate the half of it :)))

      Anyway Karen with the help of Clarisse and Mhards cooked the chicken and the fries this is because they insisted that they want to cook at our house.  

     At 3 pm when the second batch arrived at our house.

To cut the story short, they invaded our house from 2:30pm until 8:30pm  and by 11:45 pm  I and my parents finished restoring our house.

PS: sorry for my father's making fun of you tet..

Saturday: The Not so Boring Day 

I'll not greet myself again since I already greeted myself on the topmost portion of this post.

Only a few greeted me this day but that's ok because the ones I'm looking forward to greet me greeted me early in the morning..almost.. 

 Aira greeted me first. I asked her a real hug for my gift since it's been a long time we haven't seen each other but because of constraints, she gave me a virtual hug instead. Not quite the real hug but I'm satisfied with that.

 I don't really have a plan this day , Aira suggested that I ask someone close to accompany me in my birthday. 

I tried to do her suggestion but sad to say this person wasn't available.

 So i tried another thing, I treated  some of my friends which are available. Sir Manch , ate Cid , Tan2 and Joel ate lunch with me. I treated Sir Mik2 and Kuya Allan snacks in the afternoon.

In the evening  xing, koren  and khrisna for accompanied me at greenwich to celebrate my birthday at Greenwich. They had a little surprise for me . Even though I know that the "surprise" will not come , I still hope for a bit but in the end the "surprise" didn't showed up. Anyway Thanks na rin .. Nice try :)

Even though  what happened this day wasn't my first plan ,my celebration of my birthday turned out good..  

Before I answer my question.. I would want to thank all the people who became a part of my birthday and may pre- celebration of my birthday... Thanks a lot.. I really appreciate what you've done...

Since I can meet great people like those on the picture above ...THE ANSWER IS YES...

Thanks to them I have the reason to continue to aim for more birthdays and to be happy on my  those days..




Thursday, November 3, 2011

In memory of a friend named SUSHI...

Approximately 7pm of the 29th of October of the year 2011  Sushi's life ended..

Her life story .....

sushi on my birthday celebration
      She first came to our house when i was in 2nd year high school forgot the exact date. She came from one of our cousins. She was brought by our father as a surprise to me and my brother.

      She was very small when she first step on our house, just the size of a big mouse.She easily adapted to the new environment.  She became our house stress reliever. She does funny things.

      One of these funny things is she "contracted" some of our neighbor's cats "para apihin niya at mag pakitang gilas samin". At first we didn't noticed this "contract" not until we observed that sushi is sharing her meal with the cats. I think she made good friends with the cats. Another funny thing about her is that her courage is only present when your near her. She will only "attack" or bark at something when we are looking or at least near her. And when she does this "magpapa kampi siya saiyo". She does other intriguing and funny things but the two things above is the most funny of them. 

sushi's first pregnancy
      She is also fond of my other pets, especially the fowls. She likes chasing them while barking at them. Hai.. Memories comes back to me ; it's so sad that she's not here with me anymore.

      After a few months passed and two new dogs came to our house namely sashimi or Bruce and Potchi.

Bruce came first to our house and became sushi's partner but due to their height difference they couldn't mate. Which became the reason for Bruce to be frustrated.Bruce being frustrated is a bit funny because he's just like a man , doesn't want to it, having mood swings, murmuring things i couldn't understand etc etc.

coby garfield and raffles
        And then Potchi ,a half Pomeranian half japanese pitz dog, came. Potchi became Sushi's second partner. and unlike Bruce they had puppies. They became a very noisy and very mischievous couple.

      After few months Sushi became pregnant with Potchi as the father.She bore 3 cute puppies namely Coby Raffles and Garfield.

     After a year Sushi was again pregnant and bore 3 cute puppies again but sad to say they died. Two of them died because of the flood the one that survived which I named Otter died after a few weeks from an unknown reason..

     And just this year Sushi became pregnant again.But she died because of it. We still don't know the real cause of her death but we suspected that the puppies inside sushi was already dead which caused complications to Sushi that caused her death. I know that I have also fault in her death because I didn't pay her much attention on her early days of pregnancy I only bothered to pay attention when i felt somethings not right with her.

swollen face of sushi
                 I feel guilty :(

 In the last few days of her life I gave her almost all of my attention even slept at 1 am just staying with her and talking to her that everything;s gonna be alright. Feed her vitamins and my food because I thought she was just losing energy because of her babies. One evening her face became swollen. The day after it i went to a vet to ask about her face because it  suddenly became swollen. She said someone just bit her and that hot compress would do. I was so stupid to think that everything's fine and that she didn't need to see the vet yet. But I was wrong. I should have taken her to the vet. Maybe her life was saved if i did that.

       I'm an idiot and a failure pet owner :(

last bath of sushi
my selfmade nest for sushi 
On her last day.. I bathe her because I made up my mind that the next day I will bring her to a vet. I even made her a new nest. I thought she was improving because her face now isn't swollen but one thing I notice is she couldn't walk. Thinking that this was only cause of her very large tummy and lack of energy I disregarded that.  It was past 6pm when I left sushi in her nest. I took a bath and sleep because I was tired on taking care of Sushi. At around 7 pm a strong rain dropped. At around 8pm when i was about to feed her I saw her lifeless body. Rigor mortis was already present but the body's still hot meaning she died at around 7-8pm. It makes me wanna cry because I think if I didn't left her maybe she's still breathing , fighting or even if she died she will not die alone. 

      My eyes are teary again .. :((( .. I just want to tell you I'm really sorry for leaving you that moment.. for not giving my best attention to you when you needed it.

I will never forget you Sushi..

my pet dog..
my playmate..
my stress reliever.
a family..
a close friend..


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Irrelevant Answers

Have you ever gotten your self to an instance wherein someone shares something to you..
and your only reply is ok.. with no idea what to say after...

In my case in happens to me all the time..

                  A close friend having problems with her boyfriend asking  what to do..

                 A friend asking for an advise what to do with a certain problem..

                 A friend dumped by her boyfriend asking for comfort.. 

                And just a  few moments ago a friend of mine shared a problem.

     And again my reply : ok ... dumbfounded on what to say afterwards..

DAMN! Why the hell am i like that? Why do i suck at words?

I know some find my problem silly or not even a problem at all but I find it frustrating.

I am the kind of person that when a friend of mine share something or some problem to me, I want to reply back something of use.

I want to say something that will help or comfort them but I can't even think or say any thing with relevance to the subject..

For me not saying any relevant things at times like that is like not listening at all. It's like your taking for granted  the effort of the sharer. And that you don't understand a thing from your conversation with the sharer..It's like you didn't care at all..

I always listen to the problems of my friends but always fail to reciprocate the communication.

-to be continued

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Confusion & Frustrations

"Should i give up,
Or should i just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere,
Or would it be a waste?
Even If i knew my place should i leave it there?..... "

- chasing pavements(ADELE)

I am really confused...

to be continued...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

three sticks of cigarette and a bucket of beer

Quoted from my favorite song of dong abay entitled Senti

"Ok lang sa akin, 
abutin man ng umaga 
lahat ay gagawin, 
para ka lang, mapasaya 

Mahal ka ba niya, talaga?

mahal kita, mahal na mahal 
mahal na mahal 
mahal na mahal 
mahal na mahal 
mahal na mahal 
mahal na mahal 
mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal"

Still intoxicated...

I just got home.. attended the concert of dong abay , a singer, on wharf galley rock cafe with my close friends namely Malean and Reuben. I just had my greatest day ever... with sarcasm...

I'm thinking of what to use whether a poem or just a narrative to describe my day..

The story goes like this:

 A scheduled lunch

A text message containing a bad news

A shitty lie

A scene I wouldn't want to see

An unwanted anger

A bitter ice cream

A place that should have been mine

A pack of cigarettes

A fake laugh

A bucket of beer

A halted momentum

A shattered dream

A day fucked up.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A gloomy evening


          A night stranded in a flood caused by a stupid rain..

                    killing time, waiting in vain..

         Mosquitoes flying buzzing and biting

                    hour passed without me knowing

       Eager to talk but no one's there
                  just my computer and raindrops everywhere

      Trying to convince that I'm enjoying what am I playing
                but what I'm really thinking is what are you now doing

     Hunger strikes causing my stomach to flare

              feeling pain but still doesn't care

    Yearning to tell you the truth seems to be a burden            
             Stupid brain stopping all of a sudden..

    Twenty minutes had passed but I'm still waiting
           hoping you'd come be back waving..

     clock strikes nine, its time to go..

          sad that tonight I had to undergo ...

      to a gloomy evening..  

          a night made without you....

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hindi ko alam bakit may mga pinanganak na torpe......

at ang masakit pa isa ako doon...

tae talaga lahat na ng bagay ay umaayon sa plano ko....

ako na lang ung hindi.........

tae talaga.......


pampalubag loob:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Walang Magawa : Mag Post sa blog ng mga walang kwentang bagay

Katatapos lang ng defense ku kaninang hapon. Successful naman ang kinalabasan kahit halos mamatay ako sa tanong nila buti nalang at ung mga panel ko ang sumasagot ng mga tanong ng bawat isa.Laugh trip nga ung huling kailangan kong irevise eh... PRESENT IN ENGLISH daw wahaha...

Anyways maintenance ng nilalaro kong online game kaya ayan wala nanaman akong magawa. Dapat gumagawa ako ngayon ng program ko sa datacom o kaya gumagawa ng pamatay na 15 page reflection kaso tinatamad pa ako. Kaya  ayun naicip kunalang mag basa basa ng kung anu-ano at napadpad ako sa pag babasa ng blog ng ibang tao..

Medyo matagal na rin pala akong hindi nakakapagblog..Ang dami kunang na miss na ipost dito gaya nung pag away namin ng tatay ko , muling pag kikita kita namin ng Xing & Co, grupo namin magbabarkada, at marami pang iba.

Sa totoo lang wala akong maicip isulat sa blog ko ngayon.. buti nalang pinatugtog ko ung playlist ko sa laptop and ayun may naicip na akong isulat.

Unang kantang tumugtog ay isang kanta ng Parokya ni Edgar. Ewan ko ba pero medyo tinatamaan ako sa ilang kanta nila. Baka ito'y sa kadahilanang mangilan-ngilan dito ang sumasalamin sa aking palpak na lablayp ... haha FAIL!

Lately biglang naging interesado ako sa isang tao.. Sabi nga sa lyrics ng kanta ng Parokya ni Edgar na Minamahal Kita..

                                "Nung una kitang makilala, di man lang kita napuna,
                               Di ka naman kasi ganon kaganda, di ba?
                               Simpleng kabatak, simpleng kabarkada lamang ang tingin ko sa 'yo.
                               Di ko talaga alam kung bakit ako nagkaganito!
                               Ako'y napaisip at biglang napatingin,
                               Di ko malaman kung anong dapat gawin!

                              Dahan-dahang nag-iba ang pagtingin ko sa'yo,
                              Gumanda ka bigla at ang mga kilos mo'y nakakapanibago!
                              Napansin ko na lamang na nalalaglag ang aking puso.
                              Bad trip talaga! Na-i-inlab ako sa'yo!
                              Tuwing kita'y nakikita ako ay napapangiti,
                               Para bang gusto kong halikan ang iyong mga pisngi!"

Bale un na ung summary ng nararamdaman ku ngaun.. (shit nararamadaman baduy haha)..

Ewan ko ba kung talagang nahuhulog na ang loob ko sa kanya o echos lang..Ewan ba.. hai puro nalang ewan..

May mangilan-ngilan na ring ang binahagian ku nito at nakaalam kung sino siya.. sa mga nakakaalam just shut up nalang..

inaantok na ako .. hangang dito nalang ata

Friday, June 24, 2011

Para saan pa ang pag papaalam?

I went home today late or maybe its early na nga because it's alreay 12:30am when i got home. ..

I was surprised because my parents are still up. Upon entering the door my mother greeted me and i went to do "mano" then i went to the kitchen and did the same to my father but after I did the "mano" he asked  " O tanu kananaman nag puling matangaun" in an annoying tone, a tone that is implying that you did not ask permission and with full of doubt etc.. btw what he said in english is  why did you again came home late?. In my mind "huh?" dba I asked permission ryt? I also texted my mother two times where it had the reason and where I will be going 


 .I forgot to mention everytime I went home late.. even with their permission this always the scenario.. and im tired of it. And this time I went to burst and answered his question back.. buti nalang I gain control of my anger and annoyance. If not i think we will be ending up in a fight.

 My mother heard it and called me and asked me to just understand father .. "nag -aalala lang daw   " yah I understand  but it must be in place.. DUH! The reason on first place why I texted mother that I will go home late is for to eliminate this. BUT AGAIN THIS WASN"T UNDERSTOOD MY FATHER?. or he just dont want to understand this and just want to scold me for whatever reason he had in mind.. Kasi based on my observation walang araw na di nya ako hinanapan ng mali..pramiz. Does it makes you happy when scolding me? 

Anyway I said to my father that I was late because of the greedy tricycle drivers that will not go even though 2 hours has passed until the tricycle is not full. He just said. " E TANU DAI KA NAG TXT?" . Again another dumb question from him.. F@ck cant you see its raining hard ? You'll be riding in a motorcycle so the end product will be me and you being soaked in the rain ryt? .. And again he answered.. "TA NAG PA BANGGI KA KAYA?" dba nag txt nga ako anu ba? alin ba ang hindi mo naiintidihan o you just dont want to understand it?

Kung ganyan na lang din naman hindi na ako mag papaalam .. pareho lang naman dba?

tama na ata to at bakit anu pa masabi ko saiyo.... kung pd STFU nalang :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

The end of days is near...

Before anything else this post isn't about literal end of days or rapture or whatever..

Now to my real post...............

This is my last week here in Makati and thats why it is entitled the end of days ...


Anyway this Sunday I had my weekly bonding with my brother, btw we really dont have a "bonding" time back then maybe meron din but it was just like chit chat and only happens for a few minutes. Weekly we are going somewhere else to unwind and its almost always a mall. This Sunday we went to SM Manila, shopped there. My brother bought me a polo shirt and a patrick star t-shirt..

After our shopping we went to hear mass at a church near SM San Lazarro... My ear hurt when i listened to the sermon of  the priest.

"Nakaranas kana bang mag mahal?"

That was the opening words of the sermon. The gospel is about the event where Jesus is leaving earth and his friends here on earth. I thought first this will be a boring gospel again but the next sentences really irritated me.  The story goes like this:

    The priest told us that he was watching tv when a commercial showed up. The commercial is about Man vs  Dog.. he said a lot of nonsense but to sum it up he is saying that Man is on the level of the dog? and it is absurd. I agree this is fucking absurd because man is a lot lower than those animals and what creature thought of this a MAN right.. meaning if this is absurd then MAN is also absurd.

     The priest went on his sermon about the animals and another set of stupid words coming from him irritated me a lot . The words was "Anu ang kayang gawin ng tao na di kaya ng hayop?" I thought the answer will be

 "being a  moron that  thinks of himself as mighty even though he is lower than a mere worm....."   

but his answer was different.. His answer was.....

              "Hindi nila kayang mag mahal!"

WHAAAATTTTT?????????????????? Did i heard it right? Animals dont know how to love? Is this somekind of jowk or he's really dumb or he has a traumatic experience with  his stuffed animal that almost killed him and that he thought that was a real animal?..
              Anyway whatever the reason why he said this...
                                                  are you fucking kidding Me????????       

Don't know how to love..hmm.. Didn't he ever heard the countless stories of the pets saving their  masters? Search the net and you'll find a lot. Didn't he watched the movie Hachiko A Dog Story, from that story could you tell me that A DOG COULD NOT LOVE?, lets say it's not love , its just loyalty or compassion or something or maybe even their instinct, but how can be their loyalty without love same with compassion. and if it is instinct ..meaning the "LOVE" is just like breathing to them right? And one more thing Man said that animals have no intelligence and lets say this is true, but even without the so called "Intelligence" we see from them and even we learn from them a lot of things especially about loyalty , compassion and LOVE.

Im starting to feel a bit lazy so I'll sum up this part.. I just want to point out that Man should not think of himself highly because Man is really not as high as he think he is, sometimes he is even more lower than animals. I believe that Man is not superior than  other creatures because man is not perfect and if they will point out that man has  the so called Intelligence, then why do we live in a crappy world? On the other hand animals using only their instincts are still surviving in this world and is peacefully in balance with nature. 


Today I had my first day in Makati unwinding only with myself. My usual unwinding method when im only with myself is walking from places to places. Today I went to the malls in Makati.

Im a bit sleepy.. I think thats it...

END OF POST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday, May 28, 2011


McDonald's "Groovy (Memory)" - Commercial - McDonald's Philippines

I just saw this on TV last night  and I thought it was cool . Even made me hope that we, I and my close friends, will be like that when we grow old. The last part was also made me laugh.

                                    Old Man3: Uy! Ang daming bagong Apps ngayon ah.
                                    Old Man2: Konti na lang memory ko eh..... Sino ka na nga?

I think I know now what will I be when I grow old .. haha.. because I am the most forgetful when it is about names and dates among our group.


Recently Mcdo advertisements are getting better. So I searched other interesting and cool ads of McDonalds but to my dismay I found out that the BF/GF ad of Mcdo was banned by the Church..I don't know if this was on the news because I dont watch news. Anyway the commercial Ad below :

 Church strikes again!!! *sigh 

"After going viral on social media sites, the CBCP has disapproved of the latest TV commercial of McDonald’s “BF/GF”. Officials of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) are not amused by McDonald’s latest TV commercial and want the giant fast food chain to pull the ad out pronto.

Because of this, the giant fast food chain decided to pull out the 30-second ad from major television networks yesterday after some Catholic Church officials said it could send the wrong message to children.

“It’s very shallow … It cheapens human relationships,” said Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life.

“At a very, very young age, these kids should instead be taught the value of loving their parents, their country, environment and God, not about a relationship not yet appropriate for their age,” Castro said over the Church-run Radio Veritas Monday.

“If the ad attempted to teach commitment, [it failed] because it was too superficial to point to a packet of French fries as the basis of a relationship.”

I really dont get why this should be banned and take note .. Other countries have their own version of this add but THIS AD WAS ONLY BANNED IN THE PHILIPPINES. Musta naman un?  And their reason is bullshit. Didn't they encounter the word "Puppy Love" or maybe they didn't experienced this so...

they are BITTER!.

I agree on a person's reaction on this being banned...

 "What? Fussing over a harmless commercial? I see nothing wrong with it. True – they DO have a point because of the superficiality over the French Fries, but the commercial comes off as cute, harmless and not really be taken seriously. The whole point is that you can buy French Fries for only P25. The commercial had to be made interesting and not straight out boring by delivering the point right away."
Why the hell does the church always meddling in everyone’s business? Because of they think that what they always think is the right thing? f@ck..

Another thing I thought they are they are the once propagating  the so called "CONSERVATISM" but why they are the ones always starting to put MALICE in a everything they see even though the people at first dont see it with malice, because of them malice is building up making that thing now "MALICIOUS". AM I RIGHT?. It looks like that they are the ones who need to be taught of conservatism and innocence.


" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."