Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First day: Starting in a very not good manner but ended in a not a bad manner

Yesterday , a series of unfortunate events happened while in I'm in my way to my new home.

First unfortunate event my parents again was angry because I was late again though technically I AM REALLY NOT! The departure was at 7:00 pm and they are bugging me because I'm still not in the terminal and the time was 6:15. *insert bad words here*

Riding the  DLTB bus to go to Metro Manila specifically Mandaluyong City I noticed that there are a lot of kids in the bus because there will be something not good happening soon..and I FUCKING HATE KIDS ! but with exception of course.
 anyway.  Since there are a lot of kids the bus was like a day care.. Children running in the isle back and forth which is really annoying me but the worst part is the crying of the babies it really irritates me. I can recall the hearing ARG!

After a while, familiar smell suddenly came . First I couldn't recall what it is but after the text I received from Marlon, I remembered it. IT WAS PUKE!!!! A kid sitting in the back of Marlon's seat puked. FUCKING AWESOME! But it was only the start after a few hours another one puke again .In my mind damn! Very nice. 

When we arrived at Quezon Province a traffic jam welcomed us but it isn't the bad thing about it. The bad thing was the aircon was turned off every time  we stop which in average was 2hours. 2hours with no aircon was really hot . While in the traffic jam another kid puked while crying. HELL YEAH! First time in my life to ride an aircon bus or any bus with like this very unfortunate events. The first bus going to manila in which I had only less than two hours of sleep.

Dawn came but the misfortunes didn't end yet. We went down the bus in a wrong place which is actually really far away to the place we intended to go down.

When we arrived to the place I thought at last I can sleep but to my dismay I learned that the truck we rented which carried our appliances , clothes etc.., including the bed we are going to sleep on, will be arriving late because of the truck ban! YEY AGAIN! 

At around 10:00 am the truck arrived we hastily brought down our things and arranged the house. Im a bit lazy now so I'll just post some of the pictures. Time to sleep :)

60% done

our sala set
armand and my room

marlon and kevin's room

study table

study table
Dinning area
kitchen sink

Almost done

armand's and my room
dinning area
Marlon and Kevin's room


DLTB BUS Photo credits to :  http://www.phbus.com/product_images/b/671/phbus-dltbco__15269_zoom.jpg
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