Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nakaksobra na ah..


i went to ateneo for my PE class. i arrived there late..<>
nag attendance after the prayer.. then suddenly our PE teacher announced that there will be an activity on June 17.. and that we are required to join.. <> then may pahabol pa.. mag prapraktis kayo ng 3 na steps.. <> then he showed us the first step...<> it was astep sa Boyadores Festival.. the step was a chain.. basta..makikita nyo yan sa June 17..if you intend to watch.. but sana wag nalang.. then the 2nd then the third step......then kami naman ang pinagawa.. nakakpagod un...then i went the way our teacher said that we will have a practice on Sat.<>

saturday <>

kung d lang sa grades d ako aatend ngayon.. may + kc sa grade pag umatend ngayon.. any ways.. nag practice kami.. 8- 10 am.. sobrang nakakpagod.. and tataga tanga pa ung nasa unahan namin amp talaga.. ganda ngang sipain eh!!

after the practice the instructor said that we will present this in June 17<> and sa centro nyo yan gagwin..<> every 4;30-6 pm may practice.. required ba talaga 2???!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!


nag praktis kami and it was a disaster ano ba yan.. dami tatanga-tanga lalo na sa gurls..late pa ang mga amp.. then we practiced ung mving na.. and that was very exhausting..<> we hAd one round in the oval.. <>un palang nga halos mamatay na kami anu pa kaya.. then sabi nanaman may practice nanaman sa thursday.. <>


we found a way kung papano d ma pgaod na d absent.. mag aa tendance lang.. yan ang ginawa namin .haha instant attendance...

as usual late nanman.. tatangatanga kasi ang mga jeepney.. amp ang babagal..anyway.. may pe kami nganyon .. it lasted for 20 mins .. nag practice. ng steps .. mamayang hapon daw ang praktis namin.. 4:30 - 6 pm .. dating sistema mamya.. haha attendance lang.


may practice nanaman.. mamayang 4:30-6 hayz

4:30 - 6 praktis kmi hmm. taz bglang umulan. pag katapos ng praktis umuulan pa din ng malakas as usual kung taga ateneo ka dapat sanay kna sa baha.. yah baha.. konting ulan lang grb na ang baha. basangbasa nga ang aking sapataos eh.. any way nalimutan kung sabihin kasama ko cna naxcz now.. grb talga ang baha.. pero laugh trip namn dami nangyayari haha.. tulad nang may isang scene dun.. cna supremo sumakay sa tricycle.. pero d kinaya ng tricycle. haha bibigaty nila.. muntik na ngang tumaob .. nakita din namin dun c mam reapor.. teacher o nung highschool..


last praktis.. pero d namn aku nag praktis attendance lang..


today is the day.. sa umaga d aku umatend..

too be continued......

Friday, June 6, 2008

Setup Lang pala!!

today we had an nstp class after our P.E. 9am-12pm was the schedule..

we arrived the P1112 classroom.. we arrived there before 9. so that we will not be bored.I and my friends was about com. games.. then after a while.. a man came.. telling us to settle down.and call our classmates..then our class started. many late comers came.. everyone who is late was given by the man a "grand entrance".. then a a student came with a elderly woman <> i thought at first i thought that this woman was the mother of the guy ..<> an was just a sit in.. then 3 college students came .. maybe 2nd-4th year ang year..they were asked if they were repeaters.. and they said yes and their reasons..after that the class started.. he<> said that he's just a faci.. and his name was mike. and the teacher will not come and he will be in charge for today.. then he said that if we're ready for a quiz today..<> then we reacted <> we said no.. the he said that's not a problem coz i'm prepared.. this pala will be 20% of your grade, then we reacted again.. then he said.. ah cge pumili nalng kayo.. dance showdown o quiz..<> then he said.. i'll give you 30 secs to decide.. then after the 30 secs showdown was the winner then he said.. ok kung dance showdown .. show me a 3 mins. dance individually.. <> then we reacted again quiz nalng.. then 2 late comers came.. then they were asked.. quiz o dance showdown.. the y said quiz.. <> so quiz was the winner... he said that in a 1/4 sheet of paper.. we must right 2 college questions that will be aked to my fellow classmates.... <> we were given just 5 mins to think.. <> then suddnely something came to my mind.. sa wakas..... my first question was .. give me one of your weaknesses and tell me why did you consider it at your weakness.. my second was.. if you are to apply to another school in college wat would that be.. bawal ang ateneo..then the time was up.. then he instructed the rows to change places.. blah3x.. after that we were instructed to face our partners, our seat mates.. my partner was a girl<> then the faci instructed that we must also reveal one secret.. it was held for 5 mins.. then again we change partners.. the same instructions was said.. then after that we were instructed to go back to our original seats.. <> after that he said again that we should prepare an answer for his question what makes you special. <> then he said.. while you are thinking.. you can ask questions to me.. <> ay by the way i forgot we were asked by his questions.. <> back to my story.. many asked..questions like are you a gay??<> do you have any vices.. do you approved same sex relationships etc.. then after the questioning portion .. siya namn ang nagtanong.. like.. if you're a fish what would be you?? if you're a drink why would i drink you.. blah3x then tinawag aku.. amp..<> the question was.. what is your role in the class. i said.. a student.. then he said..i'll raise the question what will be your contribution in your class.. <> then he said sit down.. many were asked by that question even Dan.. then suddenly the elderly woman was asked.. by that question..then was revised why would i keep you in this class..
the lady.. you must keep me in your class because i'm important

faci.. is that so ?? and why naman??

the lady.. it is because....

then suddenly.. a girl from the back said.. can i go in the center coz i can't hear what she was saying.. then a tension was made. nag sasagutan na.. then the elderly woman went to the center and said.. "i'm important coz i'm your teacher in nstp.. " we were shocked.. then the faci and the repeaters.. laughed.. they said that was just all a setup.. then we burst into laughter.. <> galing nila mag act.. then

" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."