Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reverse This Curse!

The last test question from facebook which I answered the day my celfone was lost..

If someone stole your iPod or cellphone you would?

a.Try to remain calm, but crack down at the same time.

b.Totaly crack down and panick a little.

c.Go ballistic and yell at everyone.

d.Just wait until it finds its way back to you, if it's meant to be, it will show up.

I answered letter d
Is this a sign that my celfone will be lost that day??

Anyway I don't care anymore.......I already suffered the loss..

Today Aug 27 is the day where i told my father that i Lost my celfone anyway that was my strategy..I told my mother that i lost my celfone first, the day before i told my father and after the day i lost my celfone..I thought that through this the "litany" of my parents will be lessened and also the time of litany and punishment..and the result of it proves my speculation..anyway i'll not go into details.. I was scolded for only 3 mins by my mom though for me it wasn't scolding anyway my father scolded me for 5mins.. making it a total of 8 mins of scolding. really small compare to my past experiences of them scolding us about it..anyway enough of my fucking celfone... I'll just post here my number if I already have a celfone ..

Bago matapos ang problema ko sa aking celfone ay dumating nanaman ang isang problema galing sa tatanga-tangang teacher namin sa English...
Walang grade ang aming ay pero in reality aking research paper dahil ako lang naman talga gumawa noon...dahil wala daw e2ng bibliography.. etc.. FUCK! sa aking pag kakatanda ay wala siyang sinabing mag lagay ng haup na bibliography na yan.. Puta talga ! at anu ba chapter 3 palang kaya kami taz bibliography kaagad duh! ausin munaman utak mo! tangina! Tapos nag lagay ng napakaraming bilog ala naman comment kung bakit un binilugan.haiz.. at ang nakakairita pa ung mga tinanong namin na about citation na sinabi nyang mali at tama ay baliktad pala..minalian nya lahat ng mga sinabi nya na gawin namin..haiz Naglolokohan ba tau? isa pa nakalagay na nga na d kami gagamit ng questionnaire dahil gagamitin namin library method taz hahanapan at papagawin nya kami ng questionnaire?? BINASA mo ba talga mam ung paper namin?? Duh! Bago ku pa mapasabog ang computer na tinitypan ko puputulin kuna ang topic na.
Buti nalang kahit puro kamalasan nangyayari sa week na e2 eh may maganda pa rin.. like perfect ko ung aking interview.. at kasama ko cna xing at khriz nung panoorin ku ang the proposal.kahit nabutas ang bulsa ko noon..haha..dahil ala sana ako kasama manood buti nalang at pumayag cla..^^
My new cp number had come though technically it's my old number.. Anyway here it is.. 09105856762..just txt me. or i'll just text you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


to all concerned citizens pLease be informed that my FUCKING celfone is lost! SO wala na po ung number kung 09214650912..

at d ko alam kung saan ku xa nawala .. ang alam ko lang ay bka sa comlab namin or sa shop siya nawala...

don't wan't to go into details basta nawala siya!

wala pa po akong bagong number..pero if you need to contact me badly.. u can email me at or text me at 09208101739 or call me at our house 4712059. pls text or call this numbers if kailngan na kailangan nyo ako! kay mother yan na num na yan kaya pls lang wag bobo.

I'm also looking for a 7610 that is pink.. pero d ko pa xure kung yan talaga yung nung celfone ko.. hey sa mga nakakaalam ng model ng cp ko! anung model un 76 what un??
if you have any pls contact me cnd me at my email or put it in my c box on my blog stupid people will not be entertained

my numbers will be just posted on my blog fb and fs ..or i will text you if i know your number


anyway nag duduwang icip ako kung sasabihun ko kina mother nanawara ku c cp.
so votation nalang kung sasabihun ko o dai..

pls put your votes in my chat box.. Write yes if sasabihin ko NO if hinde.. deadline of submision of entries will be on Aug 29 2009 11:59 pm.. thank you..

the tally will be posted on this blog the next day..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank God it's cloudy cause i'm allergic to sunlight

After a few days of rest due to the intramurals which I really didn't attended or participated

a 2 day extention of no classes was proclaimed by Fr. Tabora..

All hail Fr. President..!


Anyway...Last Saturday we had celebrated Khriz's birthday even though her birthday was really Aug 12. It was fun even though again our group wasn't complete and that I spent the 216 for the ice cream for her birthday which was really meant for my 2 days of playing. anyway it's ok..It's my gift for Khriz (^^,)

Laiza is together with her "BestFriend" joshua.. koren which again was stressed by her ex.. xing and mharlet and I and xempz Khriz, the b-day celebrant, were there at mharlet's place.anyway we ate 2 pizza's from shakey's brought by xing.. buko salad by mharlet,2 ice cream by me and a bottle of THe bar. We also played ps2 and lucky 9 the loser to drink a glass of the bar..which made koren and laiza and her drink a lot cause their always the losers..and xing always as the winner..

anyway after the party we went to Naga... there we parted ways..

When i was about to go home. I felt i wanna go home with someone so I texted Koren if she will be going home.. luckily she ,so I went home with her..


That day also, I had a new friend and textmate... Ate liz... a classmate of mine in English and physical science in adnu.. Well we are a bit close na....or maybe ako lang nakikiclose..haha..

End OF Post

Saturday, August 1, 2009

DEJA VU: materialization of my dreams.

This week a lot of deja vu is happening to me and all of these as far my brain remembers they are my dreams. I have even tried to predict what gonna happen next while I'm experiencing a deja vu and the result is I'm correct because all what happened was the one that had happened on my dreams.Anyway I know it's stupid to think like that, that your dreams(panaginip) will materialize when time comes,however I hope this continues.. coz i Have a dream which i would really like to happen..I would not tell what it is..however I also have dreams which i would not want to materialize especially the youKnow dreams XD ..anyway the I am killing someone dreams also, i would not that one even though i want to kill someone badly I'm don't have the grudge to kill them and besides i like their existence in this world..haha.. anyway..I hope that the one I'm saying would materialize..haiz..

I'll sleep again and see what happens next....

By the way before i Sleep again i'll have an EB today... hope she comes.. I'll just post what happens a little while..
" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."