Thursday, March 29, 2012

The new chapter

I was delayed making this post because a lot things happened.

This post will be intended to for my rainy but awesome graduation last March 24,2012 at Ateneo de Naga University.

For the mean time this will be consisted of 90% pictures due to the insistence of Namine-Chan :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The love story that barely started
seems soon to be ended
Another test of patience, heart and determination
another added two months of depression

I want to say how much I love you ; I want to hug you
I want to touch your face and hold hands together like normal lovers do.
and if my greatest fear happens, these will never come true.
these will just become things I will regret that I didn't do.

Now, I don't know what I must do
because of the agreement you and I agreed to.
dread , desperation and sadness
all the light of hope was devoured by blackness

I'm not sure, I'm confused
I want to believe there still chance , a reason I can use
so that the reality is still the fantasy,
and that the unstable one is its impossibility.

I understand you, but do you understand me too?
I don't want to leave you , even want to support you.
But how can I if you don't permit me to?
Or maybe I'm also at fault here too?

Restlessly waiting for the two months to end
But will patiently wait even if it extends
I'll just be here,waiting for you
For A sun flower will always look for its sun to shine, the sun for me is you!

-- need help in shortening/improving the last stanza especially the last line.. 
--need help in coming up with a title for it

Monday, March 19, 2012

The sole survivor

Firstly I wanna share that I'm graduating this march and it's final.

I'm graduating this march but i'm a bit unsatisfied and frustrated. Why?

I didn't attain my personal goal.

What is my personal goal?

So basically my personal goal is : graduating with an award most likely cum laude because it's the easiest award I can get in our school.

Firstly I want to clarify things , I AM NOT A "GRADES PERSON", a person who's sole purpose of studying because they want to have high grades or a person who is "THIRSTY OF FAME" . It's just that for the first time I set a goal for myself and that goal is being CUM LAUDE in college. Even though I know that It's also my fault because I was a bit slacking when it comes to studying, I'm still a bit sad on the outcome BECAUSE I ONLY LACK .08 to be included in the "SUPER SAIYAN TEAM",  my friends call the group which belongs to the academic achievers. In our circle of group also I was the only one who hadn't got into that. I find myself having a bit of jelousy but don't be mistaken I'm not bitter. I'm even happy  for them and thinks that they really deserve it. It's just that I wished I too was like them. 

The only thing I can "be proud" about is that I'm the sole survivor in our batch who will graduate on time. Out of the 4 Computer Science students, I'm the only one who managed to graduate this march. Maybe that will do...

For those who are saying

  "be thankful because you graduated this year on time"

I'm not saying I'm not happy, honestly I was bursting with joy when I realized that I , FINALLY, is in the final list of graduating this march. It's just that something was missing and that was the goal that I didn't succeeded upon.

Nonetheless , happy graduation to all graduating this march especially my friends :) And congrats to those who have awards..And thank you for all the people who helped me in my journey in my college years. You're hardships, support and help will never be forgotten.

-to be edited .. feeling lazy to finish this post

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Depth Map

So it's finally over?

 I still can't believe that my STRESSFUL SP DAYS is over.

 Even though not it's necessarily over because there are still some added recommendations to be finished and there's still a public presentation to be done, the major part is already won..

After two semesters of hard ship, sleepless nights , stressful days, stupid bugs, liters of coffee and many more, my Senior Project has came to it's end. Yesterday was my final defense. The result was quite good, even the actual presentation seemed to be a bit more relax than I expected it to be. The defense went smooth, same as the my previous defenses, nervous at first but ends with a lot of laughter because of the jokes of my panelists.

red cyan glasses
I will introduce my Senior Project. It's title is Reduction of Ghosting of Anaglyph Converted Movies, in laymen's term conversion of 2d movie to 3d with lesser ghosting. My project is a console based program in which you'll input the 2d movie file and presto it is converted into 3d developed in Ubuntu(linux)operating system using C++ and OpenCV libraries. I will not be technical about this if your interested you can just comment up in this post and I will try to answer your question. Btw my project isn't perfect, actually it's far from perfection especially when it comes to the movie creation because it has a lot of unnecessary output or also called as noises. There are links for the slides on my finals defense for better understanding of my SP.My sp is intended for red-cyan anaglyph meaning the glasses used here are the red cyan anaglyph glasses. You need this glasses  in viewing the images.

Picture Output

Movie Output

 Anyways this post will be also intended for thanking the people who helped me, gave support or just been there observing while im doing my sp.

First and foremost I would like to thank God for guiding me all through out the days of completing my Senior project , especially when I can't really solve the problems I'm encountering.

The next person I want to thank is my adviser, Doc. Allan A. Sioson, the dean of our college and also the one I considered as my second father. Even though he wasn't always there physically he always make sure that I will be guided accordingly. Thanks for the guidance on my sp , the criticisms, suggestions etc.

Next will be my parents even though they didn't contribute much on my sp they are the one's who supported me morally and financially. Because of them, I was able to finish my sp.

I also would like to thank my second adviser, Sir John Sixto for helping me in understanding concepts and being my adviser when Doc's gone. Even though he's my panelist he helped me a lot he's even the one who edited my chapter 1 :)

Next will be my friends.. Tet, Rizza, Karen, Cla, Mhards, Liz, Lim , Diana ,ate cid, raph, tan2, xing ,khrisna,koren, reuben and etc.. Sorry for the ones that wasn't mention on the list above , your still included in here, the ones I really indebted to when it comes to my sp, it's just im lazy typing . Anyway thanks for the support and encouragement, prayers, stress relievers and many more.

And lastly thanks to Ariel for my 3d glasses which was the medium used for testing my outputs. Thanks also to the once that thought highly of my SP , the ones amazed the one's who criticized my sp.

-- Help me rate the acceptability my results... CLICK THIS LINK -> CLICK
-to be edited
" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."