Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Jilla !!

After a long hiatus mode of my blog I came again to post a new adventure I have last night.

But firstly I want to clarify that this post isn't about Jilla's birthday , it's not even yet Jilla's birthday.

It's just that I used this reason for me to be permitted by my parents to join the friendly jamming yesterday evening. Jilla doesn't even know I used her name :)

Anyway for to my main post:

me rockers \m/

The adventure started at quarter to 8 in the evening of April 13 2012.  Malean, a h/s friend of mine texted me that we will have a "jamming" session at Xing's place.

The real plan was to stay overnight at Xing;s place but as usual this wasn't followed because as usual Xing wasn't permitted by his father. Anyway after leaving Xing's house the main adventure started.

The next events happened at Musicbox Mcdo and SunnyView hotel and was participated by the fantastic 4 which is consisted of Malean , Naxcz, Reuben and me of course. We associated our group with this name because in our larger group called Xing and CO. we 4 are the ones that is always present or is the one last standing in every friendly gathering we have.

Since Plan A failed which we really expected to we went to our contigency plan go to a karaoke box establishment or something like that. Since there are only two establishments : MusicBox and BMP.
We first went to bmp because it's more cheaper there but we found out that it was no private room so we went to Musicbox.

We arrived to Musicbox at around 9:30. Sitting in their sala we have thoughts of backing out but in the end we went inside. Paying 1.5k ,thanks to Naxcz for shouldering the 1k, which is good for 2 hours with 1.5k consumables.

We entered room number 3.

We ordered as if there's really a party a lot of food , 3 buckets of beer . We even thought how can we consume all of that but GORA LANG!!!
grilled squid

sizzling sisig

Our first trip was to sing lively songs but later turned into rocker songs because of Reuben...

then we noticed some of the song titles are wrong.. for example 


We sang our songs with our lungs out.Songs by siakol, kamikazee, slapshock and other rock bands were sung. I even got the highest grade which was 89 but was beaten when the emo songs came.

I think the waitress was already afraid of us because where like addicts we sing not like normal people.. ROCKERS YEAH \m/  !!!!

After a while the food arrived but even though we are eating we're still on rockers mode singing  \m/

After the rockers mode we went to emo songs now because of Naxcz. We had our solo performance after that , me singing If you're not the one.

 Just See pictures for other details :P




And after 3 hours we became like this..

And for very "masaklap" event the person who owned the house which we intended to sleep on went into a slumber before we finished our jamming at music box.

So untimely we went into a contingency plan, a plan which we just made in MCDO after we finished at music box. BTW thanks Mcdo for being hospitable and letting us do our thing :). The plan was to sleep in a hotel or motel probably the first one because we don't want to hear the "ahh AHH" sound in the next rooms.

 Since sampaguita is fully booked we arrived at sunnyview hotel for 850 php all in all. 

 This consists of
  •  a single bedroom 
  •  mattress 
  • a non working  remote 
  • defective phone 
  • a cable tv which we watched on the stupid movie of katya santos and the movie love on a diet 

 In the morning ....



   The event was really awesome even we're not complete but we're used to that. We spent 2k + making our pockets really empty but it was "SULIT" and I'm looking forward to it again next time :)

Naxcz will not be treating again so sorry for the other Xing and CO people who failed to attend the event :P

" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."