Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas has come again this year...

but I really didn't feel it..

I really don't know what's the reason..(sigh*)

Cold Christmas Again.....


After I finished the midnight mass, I went to my cousin's house to eat the Noche Buena..After that I went home to sleep.. Before I went to sleep I scanned my mobile phone for text messages..As usual my phone was full of messages greeting me Merry Christmas! But to my surprise an unfamiliar number came up.. it's a glob's greeting me etc.. but not telling his/her name(but mas appropriate ata ang her..girlie ang tex eh) . her message says ..Merry Christmas..Pasalamt ka natandaan tka pa.. gift Ko??..something like that.and the end of the message says.. Hulaan mo nalang kung cno ako.. I texted her back asking for her name or even a clue.. but she didn't reply..but I had guessed kung sino siya..I know a person kasi that is the same style of texting as her or it's more likely to say that may mood suddenly became good because of that text.. anyway I slept soundly afterwards.. the next day I woke up or it's more likely to say today.. at 9 am.. again my mobile phone is full of greetings..but I didn't find the globe number...I was quite disappointed.. because of that kinulit ko siya ng kinulit.. making calls and texting her. but she doesn't seem to mind that..I finally became tired and naghanap nalang ng pwedeng gawin.. and as usual cleaning the house became my decision...the whole morning I cleaned our house.. after sometime my father messed up my mood..(bad3p talaga siya!.) anyway because of that I went to sleep nalang.. Lunch came..but my mood wasn't still good.. buti nalang because of mother my mood became good but not quite good.. anyway I sleep afterwards lunch. I woke up at 3. Checking my phone for text messages.. only two messages came.. messages coming from usual greetings.. after reading I asked her if she knew this number.but she didn't replied..because of that kinulit ko ulit ung number na un making calls which she didn't answered..after one hour of pangungulit. someone texted..the text came from confirms my guess.. then another text came. again coming from teasing me..I denied her accusations..(hehe..pero totoo naman talaga haha) anyway because of that kinulit ko nanaman ung glob na number..I called again and again and finally she answered it.. My mood suddenly came to it's peek.. and I don't know why(haha in denial pa ako)..anyway our conversation ended after 2 mins and those 2 mins to me seem to be I'm flying (haha mdyo exagerated na yan hihi.)..but until now my mood is really good.....After that I finished the book Breaking dawn.. i didn't like the ending part..I want the Volturi and the Cullens to fight(sigh).. I surf the net after..

I'm looking forward that this day will end with my mood in good condition......

Christmas Income : 800 (it's not yet the whole income.. I didn't visit my ninong and ninang pa kasi)
Christmas gifts count : 3


Monday, December 22, 2008


Today I went to hear again misa de galleo mass(simbang gabi) ...and again I didn't see her..(sigh)..

Anyway.. I have a weird dream again this morning..hmm I didn't really remember the exact story and details of my dream but i'm sure of one thing there i kissed somebody there.. not just an ordinary kiss it's a kiss using the tongue..I guess it's the effect of watching too many animes with that scene...haha... because of that I'll lie low in watching.haha maybe i'm really watching too much..
Anyway I think the story of my story is about me dating a girl.. i didn't recognize or I say I didn't remember her face.. Anyway that girl I'm dating is not the one I kissed.. My dream is chaotic even I didn't really understand it.. The girl I kissed was not really clear..but in my dream her features were just like ( of all na babae ba naman) Ching..Hmm the story in my dream contains "habulan" the one in a drama scene..basta It's like a love triangle story or something like that. and when I kissed that girl the scene became slow mo.. as usual.. then there will be a bed scene sana but it was cut because of the stupid alarm clock... I didn't really got it's meaning...and I didn't really finished my dream..

I'm going to sleep again and I'm hoping it will be continued in my sleep this time..haha and so that i'll understand my dream more and know who are them....haiz...

I'm sleeping na.......................................................

10:00 am...

I have finally woken up but sad to say the dream wasn't continued in my sad(sigh.) A weirder dream now it's about me in the middle of the jungle or something basta it's weird..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who is she????

In the past few days I always go home at 8:30 onwards. I ride jeepney in going home.On one night, I didn't remember what day is that but i'm sure it was last week, A girl outside the jeepney caught my attention..she was a student of USI maybe 2nd-4th yr is her grade range. Soon I found out tha she's like me, her house is in Magarao also. Anyway She caught my eye because again she looks familiar.. and for me she's kind of cute and ' ma-appeal'.. but unfortunately she looks 'mataray'..She also ride the same jeepney i'm riding going to Magarao. I didn't notice that I was staring at her for many seconds.. maybe she noticed it and she looked at me suddenly.. to an instant I focused my eye to another place for her not to see that i'm staring at her. .but i doubt it worked.. When i'm in my departure area -Ilahod, i went out of the jeepney my surprise she also went out of the jeepney...She's also living in Ilahod. Anyway because I walk to quickly so I arrived at our gate quick and because of that I didn't see where she lives......

The next night I had seen her again.. we rode the same jeep again and i stared at her again but now more secretly.. Our eyes sometimes met.. and she turns her head to another angle when this happens..Anyway the next to nights I didn't see her.. anyway it kind sad for me.don't know why..

On the saturday that week I seen her again...

On Monday this week I seen her again but wasn't able to ride the same jeep because a terrible thing happend.. NAUBUSAN NG JEEP!!!!!!.. so I ride on the topload of the jeep.. she on the other hand was left in the waiting area for the next jeep to arrive..

Since tuesday I didn't see her... and I was hoping I could see her again.....

And that was granted today... When I went to hear mass this early morning..(nag simbang gabi ako).. I saw her again.. I saw her in the communion....After the mass I looked for her and I have found her .. she was with someone idon't knowmaybe it's her mother and sister.. anyway i don't care about them.. I went home after that..

Maybe I could see her again this evening haha..and I hope to know her name soon......

Dec 18: nakasabay kunanaman..^^ xa but d ko cxa nakita sa cmbang gabi..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yan ang buhay ko ngaun...

In the past 2 weeks all I have been doing in the com shop are to play O2 jam, Crazy Kart, Counter strike and Dota and watching Anime... anyway it's all because na hack nga lahat ng account ko.. (hmf!) because of stupidity..but i'll seek revenge on my hacker.. (humanda ka!).. whoever knows this email add pls leave a message in the anyway.. here are the list of anime that i have watched...(it's a link so just click it if you want to try it..and i recommend you to try it)

Categories : Comedy,Drama,Love Polygon, Romance

Bleach- the first anime that i like
Shuffle! - one of my favorite animes... i really love this..
Clannad - it's one of the best animes that i have watched..
Clannad After Story
- continuation of clannad...
Chobits - one of my favorite anime..
Rosario + Vampire - story about a human boy accidentally enrolled at a yukai(demon) school.. the story is also cute.. love story of a human and a yukai.
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 - season 2 of Rosario + Vampire Capu
Maburaho- story of a boy having the genes that will give birth to the most powerful magician of the world.. a cute love story..
Toradora-just click the link for the synopsis of the story.hehe..but the story of this is beautiful..
by the way this is isn't finished..Dec 26 for the episode 13.
Prism Ark-i didn't like the ending but the story in general is good.
Ah!MyGoddess - i really didn't watch this entirely..but according to bloo.(a ashopmate of mine) it's really beautiful
Kannagi:Crazy Shrine Maidens - it's good but not that awesome..
Seto no Hanayome- bloo said this is boring but another shopmate of mine said this is cute..hmm when I watched the 1st episode for me it's cute and very funny.
Green Green TV- one of the first animes that i really like..
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru- a new kind of lovestory.. it's quite funny.
Lamune- for me it's boring but I didn't really finished this I was only up to episode 3.hehe
To love RU - this is the one i have been watching recently..i like the story of this it's so funny


Elfen Lied - this anime is awesome..another favorite of mine..i really like this..the genre of this is horror, romance, comedy, drama..Note: not recomended for hoof hearted people


I'm searching for other beautiful animes so if you know some animes with genres or categorized as comedy at the same time drama and romance or love polygon...that are beautiful just put it in the chat box...thnx..

HaPpY WaTcHiNG...........................

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"People like you are better of dead!"- That's one of my favorite lines in shuffle!.Shuffle! is an anime series with 24 episodes on season one and 12 episodes on season 2 which I have been watching for the past 3 days.

The story of this anime is mainly about a boy named Rin with 5 lovers: a princess of the gods, a princes demon, an artificial life form , and 2 humans. But before I tell the story let me introduce the main characters......

Rin Tsuchimi - the male protagonist.. he's the one which the five girls are fighting for (how lucky he is..)

Lisianthus - also known as Shia..She's the princess of the gods, daughter of Eustoma...

Nerine -was also called rin.. the princess of the demon world, daughter of Forbesii...the one with the biggest breast of the 5.(it's a description in the story.. proof the bonus chapter of season 2Kaede said that)

Kaede Fuyou - a childhood friend of rin..but is secretly loving him. thedaughter of the owner which rin is staying..kaede ang rin are staying at the same house.

Asa Shigure - a childhood friend of rin.. she always hit rin at his back.. she has a secret affection to Rin...she was also the ONE Rin CHOSE.

Primula- a cute a lover of Rin..

Kareha- friend of Rin, Kaede,and Asa.. in the last part she said she has also an affection for Rin. (but i doubt it).

Mayumi Thyme - friend of Rin, Kaede etc.. the flat chested girl others call her..

Itsuki Midoriba - bestfriend of Rin Nadeshiko Benibara - teacher of Rin and others.

Eustoma - father of Shia.. king of the gods. Forbesii - king of the demons..a gentleman timid like his daughter Nerine

Ama Shigure - the mother of Asa, in the last part of the story it was revealed that she was the first experiment of Life.

Lycoris - clone sister of Nerine.

Kikyou - also known as the reversed Shia .twin sister of shia but is living within shia.


NOTE: the world of makai(gods) , shin(demons), and humans are connected by a gate portal so don't be surprised if there are god or demons int the story.The humans also is freely communicating and making business with the other races

The story starts in Kaede-sama's house as Kaede-sama waking Rin-sama. Kaede-sama was

taking care of Rin-sama in the past years even though Rin-sama is only like their bedspacer or

what you call it. Kaede-sama's father leave the house for few months and Rin was in charge to

take care of Kaede and of the house. The two were alone in that house..(how fascinating..i wish i

was like that independent..)They are both 3rd year highschool at Verbana Academy. Then one

day 2 new neighbors came..All in that place ( I didn't remember the name of the town) especially

the boys of the 3rd year which is the classmates of Rin in the Verbana Academy because that

class will be the class of this new migrants and it's also rumored that they're cute and hot.

Anyway the day of arrival of the new members of the community came.. To the dismay of the

boys in Rin's class no hot or cute girls entered they're class but two adult man came.They are

looking for Rin.... and when they had found him they told him that he was the one chosen to

marry their daughter...9but he must only choose only one.......Rin and the entire class was

shocked by this especially Kaede..she even fainted..after the atmosphere calmed. the 2 man

introduced theirselves the first one was Eustoma..he was the King of the Makai race(gods).. then

the second one was Forbesii... the king of shin(demon race)..then their daughters showed up

afterwards.. before i forget their daughters was seen and interacted by Rin before they met at

the school.. Shia..was seen by Rin in the department store buying meat.. and even asked him

which to buy the big one or the small one.. Nerine was seen by Rin at the playground where she

was singing in the seesaw...they both said his name even though he didn't know them but he

didn't payed attention to this.anyway back to my story..Rin recognized them easily..anyway

because they were princesses of their race if Rin marries Shia he will become a god and if he

marries Nerine he will become Satan..anyway that was the first two episodes.The first two

episodes was introduction to the story.The third episode is about why nerine and shia chose

Rin......Shia's reason was Rin's kindness to the past when Shia was only little she went to

the world because his dad has a business in the human world..she comes with her father..but

because of her fondness to the surroundings she was lost.. she was found by Rin and was

returned by him to her father safely..Nerine's reason was almost the same as Shia.. in the past

she was also lost in the human world and was found by Rin in the playground crying..the same

playground where he meet her first singing in the present. he comforted him and he lead her to

her father safely...because of that she had been looking forward that they'll meet again..and they

had meet again in the present..anyway in this epsiode.. Primula also showed up.. Rin saw her at

the arcade trying to get the cat stuff toy in the Ufo catcher...because he was kind he helped her

but to his surprise Primula hugged him and never let go of him.. he went home with Primula

embracing him up to his the house Nerine was amazed to see Primula there.. because

Primula has no pemission to go to the Human world. anyway Primula is like a little sister to

Nerine..the episodes 3-6 are about the events Summer is almost here, but first the students

must go through their final exams. While everyone is studying, Sia gets some help from Rin,

even though it's not much. .During the time when Rin and his classmates are cleaning their

classroom, Nerine gets angry at a couple of guys bad-mouthing Rin and manages to nearly blow

up the gym. Later, when a picnic is planned where everyone makes their own food to eat, Nerine

must get help from Asa in order to learn how to cook. But she only mastered one recipe

omellete.but in the story it looked very tasty.i think it's so delicious..With the ever-increasing

presence of Nerine and Sia in Rin's life, Kaede is beginning to feel left out. When Kaede comes

down with a cold, she tries to push herself so as not to be so much of a bother to Rin. With Rin

and Kaede going to school so often, Primula is starting to miss Rin so one day she comes to school

unanncounced, though eventually leaves with some coaxing by Rin. Later, it is decided that

Primula needs some undergarments she is lacking and thus Rin and the rest of the girls go out to

help Primula with this problem. During their outing, Rin buys Primula a new cat doll. And

because of that Primula smiled for the first time.. The episodes 7 -8 is about the events .. when a

popular boy confesses to Asa, she's finding it hard to accept his feelings because she is

confused.In this episodes also Asa first showed her affection to Rin. After Asa gets injured during

PE, Rin walks her home and they're able to grow closer together.And the next day Asa gave back

the gift the popular guy gave on his confession.(OUCH!) Shia, inspired by the horoscope she had

read.. made the first move to move one step forward through asking Rin into a DATE!.trusting

her panties (i didn't remember the first word before the panties .. the parties for her are like

lucky charms.).but her plans wasn't that succesful..but ended with her and Rin more closer.

Episodes 9-10 is about their(rin,kaede nerine etc..) outing to the beach.but something happened

to Shia and Rin while they were sleeping in the "salbabida" that was sort of a bed where the two

is sleeping.. (i'm sorry i didn't know it's english counter part).They were swept out into the

middle of the sea and was stranded in a deserted island. Many things happened on that Rin and Shia kissed.but afterwards they were found by the others and come to think

of it that it was the same island they were only sweptn to the other side of the island..After what

happened at the beach, rumors start flying around that Rin and Sia are to be wed. As emotions

start flaring up, Rin made the move and told the others the real story..In here you'll really see

that Asa and Kaede has an affection for Rin..Episode 11 wasn't that important it's about Mayumi

eating at the restaurant Kareha works at, though forgets her wallet, so she must work off her

debt for the day. During this time, Rin's teacher is finding it difficult to find a good man to be

with. Episode 12- 13 starts the drama's about Primula's real identity..she became very ill

and was subjected to return her to the demon world...because of this Eustoma and Forbesii

confesses the truth to Rin. Primula's and artificial life form made for the sake of studying Life.. if

Primula's condition will not improve soon her learned emotions in the human world will be

permanently erased......Episode 14 is about the revelation of Nerine..After Nerine ran to the

nearby park, she tells Rin about the past she had with her clone Lycoris. the second artificial life

form made for the study of life..and that lycoris was the one he met 8 yrs ago..the girl he

saved..and that lycoris saved her life by giving her life force and how it all ties in with Primula.

Later, after Asa collapsed at Kaede's house, Rin goes to see her at her own home where Asa tells

him some of her own past. that she was a sickly child back then until now..and that she had

commited a very serious crime to her mother when she was small.. blaming all her sufferings to

her mother.Episode 15 is about Rin ,encouraged by Asa, going to the demon world along with

Kaede and Nerine and Shia . Primula's life was saved miraculously with the help of Lycoris..

Afterwards Primula was returned to the human world and was removed from being an

experiment.Episode 16 is about Kikyo.. the sister of Shia within her..While Rin is starting to

spend more time with Asa, Sia is starting to feel that she's being left out. With no where else to

turn, her other more assertive self surfaces and asks Rin out on a date. And on this date Sia

through Kikyo figured out that Rin has someone he really likes. Episode 18 is about Sia regaining

herself again and telling him that even he has someone in his heart she will still love him.Episode

18 is about Rin going out on a date at an amusement park targeted towards couples which is

planned by Itsuki, Mayumi, Nerine and Sia so that Rin would voice how he feels towards Asa.

but the date wasn't that successful he even hurted Asa's feelings.. Episode 19 is one of the

saddest parts of the story. it's about Rin forgetting about Kaede because of Asa..Kaede and Rin's

past was also revealed in here.. When they were young Kaede's mother died together with the

parents of Rin..losing Kaede's will to live she became a lifeless human..because of that Rin said to

her that he was the reason of their deaths..Upon hearing this Kaede moved and choked

Rin..After that she made his life a living hell.her saying "PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE BETTER OF

DEAD!".. despising him,mocking him, destroying all hsi things..but Rin endured years

passed Kaede went inside Rin's room to destroy his boat model.upon finishing destroying it she

had found a picture with her mother and Rin's parents.. in it's back a letter..she read it..and

understood that she is the reason for their deaths..Rin arriving fastly went to get the picture

away from Kaede's hands.then Kaede ran fastly.Rin chased her.Rin catching her, Kaede told him

I'm Sorry while crying....then that is why Kaede is serving Rin up to know.. Episode 20 is about

Kaede attacking Asa as she went to Kaede's house with Rin..saying again PEOPLE LIKE YOU

ARE BETTER OF DEAD!.because of this Asa suffered another attack which caused for her to be

hostpitalized.. In this episode also Rin decided to leave the house of Kaede..Kaede and Primula

upon hearing it was shocked.. It is also for me the saddest part of the anime series. In Episode 21

Kaede has completely shut herself off from everyone, trying to think on what to do next. Before

long, Primula finds that Kaede is gone and Primula runs to Rin to inform him. During her outing,

she meets Asa and they have a talk about their feelings for Rin.In here Kaede confesses to Asa

that she is serving Rin not because of the past but because she love him...she also aske apology

from Asa together with a request that Asa will not forbid her to love him.. In episode 22 Rin has

packed up all his things and has already found a cheap apartment to move into. On the day of the

move, several of his friends come over and help him out. In episode 23 after Asa collapses once

more, she's rushed to the hospital, though the doctors cannot do much to improve her condition.

Asa's mother Ama reveals to Rin a deep dark secret about her past. She told him that she was a

demon and she was the first experiment for the research about life.. thought by the others that

she was dead when the lab exploded. She was transported to the human world. and Asa's father

found her..she gave birth to Asa normally Asa is a human.. but she inherited her weak body and

his powers....and that this powers are the ones causing this attacks to Asa. because she's only

human and her weak body can't be a container of this enormous power..and that the only

solution for Asa to be saved is to use her magic powers....which Asa promised to herself that she

will not use...Upon hearing this Rin instantly went to Asa and beg her to use it but she refused...

Desperate Rin thought of killing himself so that it will trigger Asa to use her magic..The last

episode is episode here Asa escapes from the hospital and goes to the spot where Rin first

confessed to her. Before long, Rin finds her on the rooftop where he confessed his love for Asa

.There he begged Asa to use her powers but she refused.. Rin, prepared to do anything to save

Asa executes his last resort to kill himself through cutting his artery in his right hand...Upon

seeing Rin dying unintentionally Asa used it to save him.....the next day arrived.......they(Rin,

Kaede etc.) all went to school... after class they went to the rooftop where they ate their lunch

together happily.................................................................................


The second season of Shuffle! is primarily a series of recap episodes that describes the events of Shuffle! for the main female characters. Only the last episode contains 100% original scenes.

This anime is the 2nd i liked since Bleach and Green Green Tv .....and i want you to try these.......just look for it at Note: Those are R-15+.

i'm trying other anime.....lately i've been watching chobits....which is also a beautiful ...if you have suggestions about anime i must watch just tell me at the chatbox...before i forget only animes which are comedy , the same time drama and lovestory and with cute characters and little bit know what i mean. ^^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pang uto lang...

Walang ma po st kya e2 nalng ..

test ur logic here..

Tell which sentence is false and which is true...

The sentence below is True.

The sentence above is False.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nice game...

mabawbaw ng kung mababaw ..
I say that this day is an awesome day.. because of what?? lalang many unsual things happened that made me so happy.........hmm mdyo mababaw nga ang dahilan kung bat ako naging happy ngaun .. d nga pala mdyo ..mababaw nga pla talaga.. pero anunaman made me happy parin. and d ko alam kung bat ako naging happy dahil doon.. maybe because it's unusual..
Anyway..ang tinutukoy ko is a very unsual thing that happened kaninang hapon.. mga 5-6 pm.. nag alalro ako noong rf ng may nag pm sakin.. guess who?? xing haha.. it's not unsual pero d panamn kc talaga un un eh..nag tanong cxa tungkol sa movie... hancock ung title.. hmm mali nanaman nasabi kung title as usual.. hamcock na sabi ko eh..anyway back to my story.. ..taz un naputol ung usapan namin.. then after few minutes or seconds ata un nag pm ulit xa.. inaalok nya akong maglaro daw kaming o2 jam.. la daw kc xa magawa... i was shocked by that.. maybe sainu its no big deal but for me big deal un.. for the first time nag alok cxa mag laro ng o2 jam... lalang. kahit na napaprf ako kanina ay nag o2 jam nalng ako minsan lang 2 mangyari eh.. anyway nag laro kami hanggang 6:30 ata un.. and sumali c woopy , a friend of mine, ka shop k din xa na sobrang astig sa o2 jam .. anyway.. i feel so happy kanina.. hehe may mga songs ngang di ko natatapos ang natapos ko kanina eh.. pwera nalang sa d ko matapos-tapos na bride in dream.. kainis talaga ang song na un aprati akong namamatay sa hulihan na part.. anyway natapos din kami nung tumawag xa.. thatz ol i wanna say. haha
Lang 2ng malixa ah... cge..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pag ang palay naging bigas may bumayo..

Hindi ko alam kung bat ko naicipan yan bilang title ng post na 2 eh la naman talgang relevance yan d2.. ang dating kc pag pinkikingan eh kya yan nalng naicip ko... yan rin pala ang title ng aming 20% sa aming theology subject.....anyway.. aking post ay 2ngkol kung paano kmi naging matalik na magkaibigan ng mga kaibigan ko sa xing & com..anyway bago yan sabihin ko muna kung wat first impression ko sa kanila bago ko cla naging kaibigan....
(note: d ko alam ang spelling ng mga pangalan nyo kya pag pa xnxahan nyo na lang ako)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Aira Madrid : rich kid na walang alam sa buhay kundi mag waldas ng pera at magtawag ng yaya..(peace ayra haha...kabbday palang pati nya...)

Maria Eleanor Haig : mabait....(^^)

Roxanne Jessa Jacutan : isang mayabang na nilalang.. (peace din tau haha..)

Ching Llaguno : chick pero mataray at maarte.snob.tahimik.....(peace...)

Khrisna Mae Hererro : isang bungangera..maingay.. mataray na babae( ^ _^ peace..)

Koren Claire Azuela : tahimik pero mataray. ..snob......(peace)

Marlhet Bayais : ewan d kuna tanda basta naiirita ako sa kanya haha..

Karen Pichache : snobera....(la na ako mxadong matandaan eh paxncxa)

Anna Masalunga : maingay...(paramdam naman jan anna!!)
Bago ku pala sabihin ang istorya kung panu kami nabuo ay... sasabihin ku muna kung bakit ko naicipan i post e2.. sa katunayan bigla lang e2ng pumsok sa icipan ko.. dahil sa kay lady kausap ko kc sa xa sa telepono ng biglang
pumasok e2 sa aking icipan....
Anyway back to my story......
e2 ay nag simula noong 1st yir sa NCSHS eudoxus room.... katabi ko c ian verzosa.. sa likod ko c jim.. 1st day of classes.. ng biglang may dumating na kulot n babae umupo siya malapit samin.. unang tingin ko palang ay alam
kuna.. RICH KID!!!!!!!! noong unang araw ay d ko xa pinapansin.... after few days... nakipagusap na xa kay jim... d ko lam kung wat pinaguusapan nila coz i dont care........ then noong dumating ang araw ng nutohan ng officers ay nag3p kami nina jim. ewan ku kung anu un basta biglang sumali noon c ayra, andoon kc c russel d ko alam kung ano ni ayra xa basta parang close cla..... sa icip kunaman i don't care.. haha... tapos noon something na nagkurutan ata un basta sumali noon c ayra at ginamitan pa kmi ng pliers ata un.. bhala na basta un na un..para kmi'y kurutin.. dahil sa ako'y sanay na sinasaktan physically ay wla lang sakin un.. at dahil doon araw-araw na ni ayra kami sinasaktan ni jim.. pero mas malala kay jim.. anyway doon aku naiirita kay ayra.. haha d mo to alam no ayra.... d ko lang pinapakita pero nababad3p na ako noon.. nag aantay lang ako ng sign para mag amok.. haha anyway nasanay na rin ako sa pambubugbog ni ayra sa doon ay na buo sa aking icipan na siy nga ay isang spoiled brat.. diko alam kung paano nagi nalang kming mag kasundo noong second year.. maybe dahil klsam8 ko xa noong first year...nalimutan ko kung wat papano kami naging friends ni malean basta were freinds sa simula plang..

2nd year.. c nax naman ang nakklc ko.. sa una kong kita sa kanya ay nayabangan ako sa kanya.. hmm d naman talaga xa nag yabang.. ung aura nya lang ang tindig parang ang yabang anyway.. d ko namn talga xa binigyan ng
focus.. sabi nga rin ni naxcz sakin ay naiirita din daw xa sa akin noong 2nd yir.. kc daw ang happy go lucky ko daw and dakulun daa akng pasali sa buhay.. hmm xncxa gnyan talga me eh.. anyway sa d rin maipaliwnag na rason ay naging ok na din kmi noong third year pero d agad-agad gaya noong sa amin ni ayra..

3rd year.. the year kung saan isinilang ang xing and com. first day noong 3rd year umupo ako katabi ko c jerome ngunit na palayas kami sa aming upuan at napunta sa likuran nina xing and anna.. sa una uncomfortable ak kc d ko nga sila kilala and d pa cla umiimik mxado.. taz mukhang ang taray pa ni xing kya d ko nman makausap...d ko lam kung kelan ung first time na nakipagusap cla sa aming dalawa basta noong 1st day un.. at doon rin ako nag karoon ng crush kay xing and because of that triny kong maging close sa kanya(haha) day pass by naging comportable narin ako .. nakikipagusap na cla sa amin. ngunit minsan lang.. every recess ay palagi kunang kasama cna ayra and naxcz etc.cna xing anna and khriz karen and koren namn mag kakasama... khrisna caught my attnetion coz ang ingay nya minsan minsan namn nd.. cna koren namn at karen at mharlet ay berlioz kya im xure noon na matatalino un...then one day nagsabi ang aming adviser ata un na mag kakaroon ng seating arrangement.. doon kami napag tabi -tabi.. nahiwalay noon c jerome.. d ko tanda kung cno ung katabi ko either c khrisna or nax.. and doon un nag simula......................... nagi kaming close nina ayra and nax then sumunod na si xing dahil nahawaan na namin sa aming mga katarantaduhan..then c khriz naman ang sumunod..maybe dahil na rin kay day sa trigo period namin ay napagalitan kmi.. and sabi ni mam trigo ay xing and company !doon nakuha yung name naminafter that pagkami'y pinapagalitan ay un na tawag sa amin ni mam... then sumunod c koren na sumali sa amin then c ..mharlet.. karen.. then dumami kami ng dumami..naging close kami.. thatz d story..

la naman talaga ako gus2 ipahiwatig d2 .. naicip ko lang ung history namin and la naman kc ako ginagawa kya iblog ku nalang.. pero napicip din ako papano kya talaga kami naing close friends inspite na iba-iba ang personalities namin.. hmm anyway marami pa sana akong gus2ng sabihin ngunit tinamaan na ako ng katamaran hmm.. maybe next time nalng un iba.... ... yngat palagi......lab yah ol... (.!_!.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ewan ku ba....

Ngayong hating gabi habang ako'y nag proprogram ay sumagi sa aking icip na mag post ng blog dahil ang tagal-tagal kunang d nag popost... at isa pa ay tinatamad na talga akong mag program...
Ngayong araw din este kahapon..dahil lampas na ng alas dose ay aking Spiritual Birthday.... opo ang aking Spiritual.. d man halata ay meron d namn akong Spiritual life any way... d ko alam kung anu pa ang ilalagay ku sa post kung e2.....
Ah alam kuna... ngayong week pala ay san damakmak na weirdong panaginip ang aking na panaginipan.... halo-halo ang kanilang genre.. at parating mga d ku expexted na tao ang nasa aking panaginip gaya nalng nina xing... pero ako ay tinatamad na sabihin kung 2ngkul saan ang panaginip ku nsa kanya.. anyway may bago nanamang babaeng d ko kilala ang napunta sa aking panaginip...(ika ilan na kya 2ng babaeng d ko kilala na napupunta sa aking paniginip hmmm..??)any way ang istorya niya namn ay parang as usual ka kirzko nanaman xa.. hmm ewan ku kung anu ku talga xa sa aking panaginip.. basta ang alam ko ay d ku pa xa nakikita in person..... hmm
Bago ku pla makalimutan ay na A kmi sa cheerdance sa PE. tuwang tuwa si Sir Valle sa aming performance kahit d kami sabaysabay.. isa pa ay nagi akong bowling ball doon sa cheerdance namin.. pero un ay ok lang saakin.. Ang A na yan ay binawi namn sa programming.. kmi nina VOn ay na 0 sa aming lab exercise 9 at muntik pang ma fail sa aming major subject na programming.. kcnamn ay nahuli kming nag gayahansa isang lab exercise kya ayun 0 kmi..
Ako'y inaantok na talaga.. kya tatapusin kuna e2ng post na 2.. Gudluck nalang sa mga mag fifinals.. at sa akin gudluck din dahil sa lunes na ako mag dedefend ng pesteng Prob set namin na ang isa'y d ku pa naiintindihan.. At gudluck rin kay xing na gumagawa ngaun sa oras na e2 ng kayang Prob Set. haha.. gudluck! At ako'y ma22lug na!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anu ba ang nasa paa ku ?

Ngayon ako'y mag tatagalog dahil ang blog na ito'y inaalay ko sa aking guro sa sining ng pakikipag talsatasan... kung sa madaling sabi Filipino...

Ngayong araw na ito'y meron nanaman mahalgang pang yayari sa aking buhay.. sa kolehiyo..

Ang pang yayaring ito'y talagang nakakuha ng atensyon ko..

ilang beses na nya ang akong pinagiinitan.. una ung paa ko ang kanyang napansin.. ako'y laging napapgalitan dahil nakataas nanaman daw ang paa ko .. walang oras sa klase namin na di nya pinupuna ang aking paa. ako tuloy ay napaisip ano nga ba ang nasa aking paa at napakarami ang nakakpuna dito.. at lagi akong pinagsasabihan na ibaba ku raw ito dahil nakataas nanaman ito.. ngunit hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit nga ba.. PInagbabawal Ba ito? Isa bang kasalanan kung gagawin mo ito? hindi ko talga alam kung bakit d pwd itong gawin lalong lalo na sa silid aralan.. kasi lahat na ta ng guro ko pinuna na ito.. hmm.. d naman nakalagay na pinagbaaal ito sa handbook diba? d naman maingay o nakakdistorbong mxado ang pag tataas ng paa. diba? pero bakit nga ba..

Isang pangyayari nga sa nakaraan ang aking natatandaan.. sa filipino din un..... pinagsabihan kami ng guro namin na wag maingay tapos biglang may kaklase akong pumuna sa aking paa.. sa pagkainis sinabihan ko cxa d naman maingay ang paa ko ah.. sabay tawa ung ktabi ko.. pero kung titingnan tama namn ako ah.. hmm bakit kya parang nagi na nilang bisyo ang punahin ang aking paa?

Pero hindi pa yan ang sinasabi kong nangyari ngaun.. pero bago un .. ikukuwento ko muna ung nangyari noong nakaraang martes..

Ako ay napgalitan ng aking guro dahil sa aking pag kapilospo.. pero para sakin ala lang un.. sinabihan nya nga akong manhid daw ako dahil di man lang ako tinablahan ng mga sinabi nya.. asa pa xa.. pinagalitan pala ako dahil noong tinanong ako ng isang tanong ay namilospo ako sa sagot.. may 2 na pagpipilian lang kasi ako pero sinbi ko ung ikatlo.. paktapos nooon un nagalit xa.. taz d na tumigil sa pag tatanon kung anu ung iktlo.. ako namn innocente noon.. ay incip ko talga kung may sagot dun na iktlo? pero ala pla talga boung oras ku un pinagisapan at ala talga akong naicip.. ang ibig sabihin pla noon ay mag sori ako.. para sainyong kaalaman hindi ako mahilig mg sori.. kahit sa mga kaibigan ko.. kahit tanungin mo sila..

tapos ung nangyari nganyon.. di pa pla nalilimutan ng aking butihing guro ung ngawa ko at pinahiya nanman ako.. at pinsabi sa akin sa lahat ng klase kung ano ung ikatlo.. huh? bakit ako magsosori sa kanila?? sabihin na di ko na daw un gagawin.. umasa na kayo.. taz kung ano raw gagawin saakin kung gawin ko un ulit.. ay bago muna pla un INIMBARGO NYA UNG CELFON KO>>>>>>>>> putan ina..sabid ku sa kanya nag txt kasi c mama at may ipinapabili.. pero d xa nakinig at wala daw xang pakialam..tang ian talga....balik tau d sabi kunanman d ako papapasukin ng isang meeting kung gawin ku un ulit.. tapos sabi banaman mas pippiliin mo pang d pumasok kesa d gawin un.. futaness.. kala ko ba ako ang iicp kung wat ang parusa sa akin.. tapos nun ay sinabi nalng sakin na kung ok lang daw sakin kung kahit ano gawin nya sakin.. sabi ko namn oo..(kala ko ba ako ang magsasabi ng parusa ko amp talga) taz pakatapos nun ay bad3p na ako.. futaness xa.. paki alam nya kasi sakin.. nag txt lang namn nang isang beses saka c mama naman un ah.. valid reason..futaness xa.. tingnan lang NAtin..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mga basurang na saicip ko..

I don't know why did i thought of posting this.. maybe it was the effect of last night..

This post is delayed for 2 days na nga eh.. due to lack of time... because of my excessive playing of a damn game Cabal.. i really hate that game but i don't know why i am still playing it and addicted to it..

Anyway.. last night at 2-3 am.. my mind was again disturbed..thoughts of **** again disturbed me.. and i hate it........... why do does this fucking mind of mine always thinks of ****.. (WTF!) don't my mind understand that i DON'T her anymore in my mind???????

Every time i pause for a second ... things about her always.. comes to my mind.....and i hate it... doesn't my mind understand that i want to forget her??!!!!!!!!!

Anyway enough of that... i don't want to talk about her....


Last week.. ( July 5)

Saturday evening

Somethings again disturbed my mind.. but this time is not about **** ..
It's about my friends.. specifically the ones in the xing & com. ..maybe because Julie anne ( a former classmate of mine in BU)..said something to me....I couldn't remember it .. basta it is related about friends.
The thought is why do sometimes.. i feel jealous of my other friends.. you read it right..I'm sometimes jealous of them kasi minsan parang feeling ku parang aku ang pinaka pang last lagi kapag sinabing "priority" ng friends mo ang pinaguusapan... basta..I can't explain it.. hmm maybe i think i am the pinakhuli na iicipin ng mga friends ko.. hmm I don't know why but i feel it minsan.. parang minsan naiicip ko because I am a boy kaya ganun .. ewan basta d ko magetz..

I thought of medyo lalau muna ako sa kanila for 1 month and see if something happens.. (kaso parang d ko kaya eh..)

Ewan ko ba kung bat naiici ko ... ewan ko nga din kung bat ko pa pinost ito.. maybe i just wanted them to know this.. and maybe they can help me......

But even with this thoughts I love my friends so much... maybe more than my self pa..(..haha.. naks naman.. ^^ but it's true.. )

Thats all i wanted to say.. hmm.................

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

for a limited time only..

Yesterday.. tinamad akong mag com.. kya di ko ako na ka blog kahapon..

Anyway.. yesterday.. at 4:30 pm in the 2nd floor of emall xing & com.was united again after a long time..<>.. as usual i arrived late.. hinitay ku pa kc c naxcz.. anyway.. as usual nag kumustahan nanaman..then i asked xing if she had brought the CD..then she said d nya dala.. pinaaalahanan ku payun hayz. .any ways..after a while.. i suddenly feel thirsty maybe because i hadn't eaten my lunch yet.... I ordered palamig at Sonyda.. then i went back to the table where xing and others are.. then napunta ang topic namin sa mga teacher nilang VOVO <> kc naman san ka ba nakakitang english teacher.. she said sabi nnina ching that forbid comes from the word for + bid.. for was added to the wordbid.. after a while na pag icpan namin na mag palit venue.. Mcdo was the place. at first d ako umorder.. nakihingi nalng aku ay xing.. pero ako'y nakonsenya dahil over staying na nga kami dun.. so nung dumating si malean.. nag second batch kaming kain.. i orderedMCfloat.. pareho kami ni naxcz.. then umakyatkami ulit sa second floor.. kung saan nag kakalat ang mga kasama ku..<> anyway.. gus2 ko pa sana mag kwento pero kulag na oras ku kya i'll cut it short.. natapos kami mga past 7 pm na.. almost 3 hrs ng pagtatawanan.. at pag bobonding. C lady malean and kevin ay humabol din.. after sa MCdo umuwi na kmi.. kanya kanya na pakatapos.kasama ko c koren pag uwi kc tinamad na ako mag laro ..anyways i enjoyed it very much. salamat kahapon..till next time..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nakaksobra na ah..


i went to ateneo for my PE class. i arrived there late..<>
nag attendance after the prayer.. then suddenly our PE teacher announced that there will be an activity on June 17.. and that we are required to join.. <> then may pahabol pa.. mag prapraktis kayo ng 3 na steps.. <> then he showed us the first step...<> it was astep sa Boyadores Festival.. the step was a chain.. basta..makikita nyo yan sa June 17..if you intend to watch.. but sana wag nalang.. then the 2nd then the third step......then kami naman ang pinagawa.. nakakpagod un...then i went the way our teacher said that we will have a practice on Sat.<>

saturday <>

kung d lang sa grades d ako aatend ngayon.. may + kc sa grade pag umatend ngayon.. any ways.. nag practice kami.. 8- 10 am.. sobrang nakakpagod.. and tataga tanga pa ung nasa unahan namin amp talaga.. ganda ngang sipain eh!!

after the practice the instructor said that we will present this in June 17<> and sa centro nyo yan gagwin..<> every 4;30-6 pm may practice.. required ba talaga 2???!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!


nag praktis kami and it was a disaster ano ba yan.. dami tatanga-tanga lalo na sa gurls..late pa ang mga amp.. then we practiced ung mving na.. and that was very exhausting..<> we hAd one round in the oval.. <>un palang nga halos mamatay na kami anu pa kaya.. then sabi nanaman may practice nanaman sa thursday.. <>


we found a way kung papano d ma pgaod na d absent.. mag aa tendance lang.. yan ang ginawa namin .haha instant attendance...

as usual late nanman.. tatangatanga kasi ang mga jeepney.. amp ang babagal..anyway.. may pe kami nganyon .. it lasted for 20 mins .. nag practice. ng steps .. mamayang hapon daw ang praktis namin.. 4:30 - 6 pm .. dating sistema mamya.. haha attendance lang.


may practice nanaman.. mamayang 4:30-6 hayz

4:30 - 6 praktis kmi hmm. taz bglang umulan. pag katapos ng praktis umuulan pa din ng malakas as usual kung taga ateneo ka dapat sanay kna sa baha.. yah baha.. konting ulan lang grb na ang baha. basangbasa nga ang aking sapataos eh.. any way nalimutan kung sabihin kasama ko cna naxcz now.. grb talga ang baha.. pero laugh trip namn dami nangyayari haha.. tulad nang may isang scene dun.. cna supremo sumakay sa tricycle.. pero d kinaya ng tricycle. haha bibigaty nila.. muntik na ngang tumaob .. nakita din namin dun c mam reapor.. teacher o nung highschool..


last praktis.. pero d namn aku nag praktis attendance lang..


today is the day.. sa umaga d aku umatend..

too be continued......

Friday, June 6, 2008

Setup Lang pala!!

today we had an nstp class after our P.E. 9am-12pm was the schedule..

we arrived the P1112 classroom.. we arrived there before 9. so that we will not be bored.I and my friends was about com. games.. then after a while.. a man came.. telling us to settle down.and call our classmates..then our class started. many late comers came.. everyone who is late was given by the man a "grand entrance".. then a a student came with a elderly woman <> i thought at first i thought that this woman was the mother of the guy ..<> an was just a sit in.. then 3 college students came .. maybe 2nd-4th year ang year..they were asked if they were repeaters.. and they said yes and their reasons..after that the class started.. he<> said that he's just a faci.. and his name was mike. and the teacher will not come and he will be in charge for today.. then he said that if we're ready for a quiz today..<> then we reacted <> we said no.. the he said that's not a problem coz i'm prepared.. this pala will be 20% of your grade, then we reacted again.. then he said.. ah cge pumili nalng kayo.. dance showdown o quiz..<> then he said.. i'll give you 30 secs to decide.. then after the 30 secs showdown was the winner then he said.. ok kung dance showdown .. show me a 3 mins. dance individually.. <> then we reacted again quiz nalng.. then 2 late comers came.. then they were asked.. quiz o dance showdown.. the y said quiz.. <> so quiz was the winner... he said that in a 1/4 sheet of paper.. we must right 2 college questions that will be aked to my fellow classmates.... <> we were given just 5 mins to think.. <> then suddnely something came to my mind.. sa wakas..... my first question was .. give me one of your weaknesses and tell me why did you consider it at your weakness.. my second was.. if you are to apply to another school in college wat would that be.. bawal ang ateneo..then the time was up.. then he instructed the rows to change places.. blah3x.. after that we were instructed to face our partners, our seat mates.. my partner was a girl<> then the faci instructed that we must also reveal one secret.. it was held for 5 mins.. then again we change partners.. the same instructions was said.. then after that we were instructed to go back to our original seats.. <> after that he said again that we should prepare an answer for his question what makes you special. <> then he said.. while you are thinking.. you can ask questions to me.. <> ay by the way i forgot we were asked by his questions.. <> back to my story.. many asked..questions like are you a gay??<> do you have any vices.. do you approved same sex relationships etc.. then after the questioning portion .. siya namn ang nagtanong.. like.. if you're a fish what would be you?? if you're a drink why would i drink you.. blah3x then tinawag aku.. amp..<> the question was.. what is your role in the class. i said.. a student.. then he said..i'll raise the question what will be your contribution in your class.. <> then he said sit down.. many were asked by that question even Dan.. then suddenly the elderly woman was asked.. by that question..then was revised why would i keep you in this class..
the lady.. you must keep me in your class because i'm important

faci.. is that so ?? and why naman??

the lady.. it is because....

then suddenly.. a girl from the back said.. can i go in the center coz i can't hear what she was saying.. then a tension was made. nag sasagutan na.. then the elderly woman went to the center and said.. "i'm important coz i'm your teacher in nstp.. " we were shocked.. then the faci and the repeaters.. laughed.. they said that was just all a setup.. then we burst into laughter.. <> galing nila mag act.. then

Saturday, May 3, 2008

30 days of nothingness

On may 1 i went to Leagaspi for the dost summer and I had written here not-so ordinary events...

May 1, 2008

*We went to rrj to use the 1500 gift certificate.

*I went to the barbershop..

* i watched I am Legend and next <>

*i went out of the house to find a com shop with rf.. i found one but with only one pc with rf..

May 2

* I and Kuya Bhrey<> to BU for the inquiry of the dost summer.. but we were subjected to go to the DOSt office becuase we they didn't know where it will be held ..and we went there but the DOST said that we must go to BU because they are saying na dun nalng kami mag inquire.. when kuya Bhrey told them that BU sent us there ..the woman there said that "huh? d alam ng bu kung saan?? d ba sinabi nanamin un sa orientation namin.. .." but kuya Bhrey told her that we were from naga and in the orientation there's no exact place said where it'll be held.. but the woman insisted..buti nalng ung lalki dun naiintindihan kami and sinabi ulit dun sa babae na sa naga d un sinabi..saka lang ung babae natauhan.., because of that kuya Bhrey was bad3p.. we were again subjected to bu but now we know what building..but in bu saomething again happened.. we can't find the building ! after 30 mins na pag hahanap nakita namin sa mathematics.after that i went into the classroom.. WTF! wala akong kakilala.. and suddenly my stomach ache.. buti nalng at sanay na ako sa pag kontrol nun kaya napigilan ku ... 11:30 my class ended .. but suddnely my stomach didn't cooperate and suddenly it ache so badly.<amp d ko na kaya..!> the first batch was a fart..<> pag ka baba ko sa jip.. talgang lumala pa.. i ran fastly to the bording house.. sa wakas na kaabot ako .. when i went to the cr sakto saka d ko na napigilan..<yahoo...mission accomplished..>
but it was only the start pla.. because when i went to the school my stomach again ached and know it's worser.. by the way i forgot o tell you that we have a class on the afternoon at 1 pm. we had a pretest.. and almost all of it is a math subject.. <> my stomach ache suddenly went to the climax when english exam came.. ....after 30 sec of thinking i found one.. gamitin ko nalng cr ng bu haha.. and it was a success... after the pretest i went home.. and go to the internet shop.. a before i forget.. in our english exam the last type of test is essay..<> at first i didn't want to answer it.. but after i saw the topics.. the topics are.. the things i hate doing.. my summer vacation blah3X basta 5 un.. alam kon alam nyo na kung wat ang pinili ko.........

i picked the first one.. the things i hate doing.. the content of my essay is like this..

all of us has something he or she hates.. but sometimes they do it coz it's needed.. an example of this is what i'm doing know.. i hate writting essays.. but beacause of 5 points i'll do it coz it's needed another example is i hate sitting down for hours with nothing to do .. especially summer but because of the money i'll do it..< haha jowk lang d ko un sinulat money...> ...blah3x iforgot the next sentences basta it's seven kc un ung minimum eh. hmm.. anyway back to my story..

i went home and went to the comshop.. to play.. after that i went home and watch wilderness and i slept after..

MAy 3

nothing really happened just watched hit man.<> fantastic 4 and epic movie.. i also found another comshop with rf nearby our house..and nag blog..

May 4

in this day i went to the church<> after hearing a mass with my cousin..i had a tour to the wet market.<> there i saw a girl na ewan ko kung ka age ku o mas bata sakin .. hmm d xa kagandahan pero ok na din.. lalang nakuha nya attention ko.. nag papack cxa ng mga gulay.. pero parang galit xa.. ewan parang ang sungit nya sa mukha ..before i forget we went there because we will buy there pata.. back to my story.. hmm i couldn't remember where did i see this girl.. basta nung pau uwi na kami. nakuha nya attention ko kc may isang angulo kc xang kamukha ni k8 hayz..naalala kunanaman 2loy xa the afternoon my head ached a bit so i went to sleep.<> 230 ako nagicing and nag com ako pakatapos nun.. kya nga nababasa nyo ito ngaun eh ..hmm 7;30 na kya mag oout na me.. ^^

May 5

hmm.. wala mxadong nangyari ngaun.. we had just a review on english.. and math.. while..the teacher is discussing i'm just staring at a gurl .. her name was julie anne balangat.. who was jst infront of my chair.. her face kc is so me eh.. hmm after 1 or 2 hours of starring at her.. my eyes became tired.. so i just draw something on my notebook.. after a while my mind sudenly thought of practicing ambigram..for 30 mins im trying to figure out how the name of kate will be written in ambigram.... after almost 45 mins .. i figure out it.. then after that i tried other names.. like anne.<> etc.. then it suddenly rained.. then our dismissal arrived.. andit is still raining but not to hgard.. so we decided na mag paulan.. but when we got outside.. the rain suddenly stopped.. we laughed.. after that we decided to the boarding hauz of jerome.. because ther we will have an operation TO TAMPER THE SCHOOL LIBRARY CARD.. haha it was fun..<> first von told us what to do..
*mag paxerox ng lib. card back to back 2 copies
* bumili ng paste at glue
*sukatin ang length ng box front..
*1st copy icut ang likurang part na kasing size ng unahan na box at ipaste e2 dun unahan ng 2nd copy..
* mag lagay ng info at pix sa 2n copy at ipaxerox ulit ung 2nd copy
* then tyadan tapos na..

umuwi ako at natulog..

May 6

i woke up at exactly 5:45 am but i feel sleepy pa so i sleep again... i woke up at 7:13 .. i went to school at 7:47 am .. our teacher came to the school past 8 am <> englis was the 1st subject...when she started her lesson i slept.. after almost an hour i woke up and again i thought of something to do so that i will be not bored.. hmm aha! i'll practice nalang ambigram.. the word i used is the name of xing... after a while a got it... <> after that the name of aira was used.. 30 mins has passed but i couldn't get it.. we have a 10 min recess.. i kept thinking how would i do it.. the recess ended .but i couldn't find a way still.. hmmand after 15 mins of that i finally got it.. but it is not that great and understandable.. i tried other names .. and got it.. after sometime i felt tired of it.. and again thought of what will i do... so that i'll not be bored.. then suddenly she caught my eye again..<> and i stared at her for a long time... then again i felt tired so i just slept again.. then Lunch break!<> 1st thing to do is to find where will we eat... we <> found it not a long time.. the food there was good and it was plenty and was sold with a reasonal price..after that we went ot the com shop.. then to the school coz it's already 1 pm.. the subject is algebra.. and it was so boring<> so i just sleep but to my surprise when i wake up the dost official there is staring at me <> he scolded me.." ta nag pipirot ka??<>.. but after he was away i again slept..<> then i woke up at 4 .. there i just sit in my chair while texting.. then TIME NA WAHAHA!!!! i went to the com shop after class. then i went home.

May 7

I woke up at exactly 6:45 am and at 7:45 i went to school.. todays class will be math especifically algebra.. and it will be whole day.. <WTF!! PAMATAY..> so again i'm bored the whole day.. again so i'll not get bored i again practiced ambigram.. i tried the name julie anne.. and stared at her for almost 5 mins.. then natauhan na ako. haha.. after a while i figured out how to do it.. i tried other words. like line blah3x but i couldn't figure it out so i just surrender.. then suddenly alexa texted me.. so in naiicip ko name nya so un ang ginamit ko.. but i couldn't do it.. parating nagagwa ko is Alex lang hayz.. after that i slept again.<> then i woke up exactly when it's lunch break.after eating lunch... we again played in the com shop.. after that classes again started.. after the class we went to Gaizano.. then i went to the com shop.. end

May 8
I woke up late this day.. at 7 am.. as usaul i went to the school .. nothing really interesting happened this day.. I was just scolded again becase i'm again sleeping at class hours.. he also scolded me because of my feet.. as usaul it's in the chair again.. <>he also said to me " ang mga nakataas ang bitis mga hgaku yan.. bti nalng at napigilan ko sarili ko.. mntik ko pasanang sabihin sa kanyang.. so wat?? the hell i care.. every rule has an excemption.. and i'm one of them haha.. in our english class we had an activity.. to write a narrative report about things that we had done before the Smmer class.. i didn't kow what to write so i just made a guess on what to write.. <>> two raphael joined us in the summer.. the third is i watched mission impossible 2 and 3 after i watched the movies.. i suddenly thought of my buddies<>.. because.. i'm again badly missing them again...<> after thinking of them for almost 1 and 30 mins i slept..

May 10

ala kaming pasok 2day..i woke up past 9am.. after that i cleaned the house.. there was no current also.. then after finishing cleaning i slept..and woke up at 3 it was raining so hard outside..then i took a bath then washed my closed then went to the com shop.. after that i watched the movie entitled Take the Lead..

May 11

it's sunday and it's also mother's first things first.. greeted my mom a hapi mothers day..and heard a mass at 6:30 .. then i slept again and woke up at 10:55 and ate my lunch.. then watched a movie entitled gone after 60 sec. then went to the com shop..

May 12
nothing unusual happened today..just tthere had been a transport strike today.. our algebra class just ended this day.. tomorrow will be trigo.. and i got aira's cell number..end

May 13
we had the trigo subject today and it was fun..i like our teacher because he was so funny...he has a sense of humor also.. and he talks with sense even in his jokes.. he is also an environmentalists in a sense..i also liked his philosophy in life.. like "the main reason you took education in school is to learn.. the main reason you work is to eat or survive and the other reasons are just excess" he also talked about nationalism.. our subject tackled not just about trigo but other things especially philosophy ,culture and geography..i learned many things today.. like

a. the polygon that has the most number of sides is the circle...

b. circle has the most area of all the polygons with the same perimeter

c. mnemonics means anything that reminds you of something through it.

d. 1 billion is equal to 100,000,000,000 because bi means 2 and a million has 6 0's, it's still debated until now sbi nya..>

e. you have a 50% chance of having a classmate or "kasama" that has the same birthdays in a group of 25+ people

f. if your in to science , it means you doubt about anything

g. don't limit your creativity in math but it must have the concept in it because it's the most important of all.

h. in an age problem the age gap of the given people will always be the same even what happens

i. cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health..<>

j.start always at one

k. you can't know someone without his mistakes..

l. you have been born to die

m. bicol has 2 provinces at first<> albay consist of sorsogon 1/2 of cam sur catanduanes camarines in the other hand consists of 1/2 of cam sur and cam norte.. masbate was just added later

May 14

today we had a whole day trigo period.. and it was fun.. i enjoy it again.. and "himala" d ako inantok.. anyway again my stomach ached again .. but i had manage to control it.. anyway i learned 2 words today in math that can be translated to tagalog or english....

a. auxiliary - means others.. ex.. He's an auxiliary of that gruop..<>
b. asymptote - means torpe..

sources: our teacher in trigo

May 15

woke up at 6:45 am ..same as usual .,. distribution of stipends tomorrow..<>we had no classes on english on mon. tuesday and thursday.. coz of an activity.. report on t.w... the ones we must report about Feasibility study..but again i didn't cooperate in our gruop and will do nothing about it..

May 16

today is the bday of naxcz..i went home to naga..

May 17

i'm in naga.. i went to Ateneo then to the comshop.. then went to aira's house ..watched parang juuibo in aira's house..

may 18

bumalik sa legaspi..


same old days

May 20

nothing happened.. ..

May 21

same boring day.. we just have cts today. which is not that boring..

hindi ako nakapunta kina aira..T_T today sana is the movie watching in aira's house.

May 22

nothing unusual happened..

may 23

we had cts and english today..where in english i learned the difference of a lady and a woman..

lady - pure <>
woman - unpure <>

and at the end of our class. something unusual happened..

there was a vehicular accident.. a tricycle and a jeepney crashed to each other..the driver of the tricycle was seriously injured in the neck.. there was even blood droplets on the road..

after sight seeing i went to my boarding house and watch the movie the Golden Compass. which for me is not so good..then the movie Game Plan.. i like the story of this.. about a football superstar suddenly having his daughter, which he didn't knew that she exist.., in his house.. the story tackled about the love of the father to his daughter..and the importance of the daughter to his father.. <>

May 24

nag babad sa comshop...

May 25

babad again sa comshop..

May 26

walang pasok sa umaga.. board exam hapon..

May 27

astig ang cts namin.. kakatuwa..

May 28

post test namin sa english and math.. taz ict pag hapon..

May 29

today must be our orsem in ateneo but we failed to go there because of the DOST summer training.. we had ICT all day and it's so dam fucking boring.. kc naman kala ko ba naman programming un pala basics lang amp.. Microsoft word and other shit .. amp..

May 30

am signing ng insurance sa gsis..

uwian na!! yahoo..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

don't know the title of this...

Notice: this blog has some explicit content.. You may not read it.. but if you want you can…but I tell you this is senseless..and almost all of these is questions with no answers..

April 24, 2008 3:00pm

As I was riding the jeepney a thought suddenly went to my mind.. it’s a question’s kinda green.. The quetion is… Why do some people have lustful intentions.. I mean why do some people has the crave for flesh….<> but I think all in the human race experiences this.. but why?? It’s only just ordinary flesh.. and sometimes it becomes the cause of raping.. another thought why do people especially men get aroused upon just seeing naked women blah3X.. what is arousing with them both have naman breasts.. and sex organs. Diba?? All of us naman has flesh.. hays.. d ko maiintindihan...<> sometimes people even buy pornographic materials like magazines.and vcd etc.<> but come to think of it.. it’s just only fake..<> but why do people get affected by this..and why many people are onto this .. maybe because of the rich imagination of people ..making the imaginary thing real in their minds.. ewan hayz ..another question came to my mind.. who’s more green minded women or men… based on my observation men are more sensitive to this so I think that men are more green in general but there are women that are more greener .. <> ay.. another question just pop up in my mind .based on my experience and observation why do people feel hot when they’re aroused??. What the hell is in our body that makes us feel hot..

Another thought .. who invented sex? Or who are the first coupe who had sex first… <>.. iniicip ko lang kung panu kaya nila yun ginawa .. HAHAHA..kaktawa cguro. Is sex fist to be discovered before masturbation?? <> speaking of masturbation… who invented it?? What came first masturbation of men or women?? Ay oo nga pala .. I have read a book saying that masturbation is a sin the explanation is said by the Church of England and other nonconformist Churches- “ejaculation of semen for any means but producing a baby was sinful in that it did divert “god’s most precious gift” from it’s major use.” < style=""> masturbation is neither sinful nor immoral and will do no physical harm! It’s, on the contrary, psychologically beneficial! “He also said that this is natural to humans because it is an outlet of sexual drive… a doctor even said it’s just normal for the man to masturbate because when ejaculation occurs excess semen is released out of the testes. And it’s needed for the men to release this… a proof is when a man doesn’t masturbate.. the excess semen will go out through wet dreams .. <> I have a question again.. Do women have wet dreams? la pa kasi akong nababasa o nalalaman na nag ka wet dreams na babae


Ingesting semen is good for your health. It contains.. very high concentration of CITRIC ACID, VITAMIN C .. many enzymes , as well as bicarbonates and phosphates..that is good for the health

I have many questions and trivia to say about sex and related to it but again I’m out of time.. mag lalaro pa ako eh.. I’ll just give you some terms related to the said topic..


Algolagnia: the association of sexual pleasure with pain

Anaclitic: from the greek “leaning against”; the choice of a loveobject may be dependence on the person who originally satisfied the child’s nonsexual needs

Anal erotism sensations experienced in the anal area

Anesthesia loss of feeling sensation

Autoerotism sexual gratification through sexual simulation physically or through fantasy

Castration removal of testicles or ovary

Coitus sexual intercourse

Coitus Interruptus termination of sexual intercourse by withdrawal so that emission takes place outside the vagina

Coitus Reservatus sexual intercourse prolonged by control over emission; delayed orgasm or no orgasm at all

Cunnilingus apposition of the mouth to the female genital organs.also CUNNULINCTUS

Detumescence state of declining sexual excitement after orgasm occurs

Dyspareunia painful sexual intercourse

Ejaculation praecox premature ejaculation

Erethism sensitiveness to simulation

Fellatio apposition of the mouth to male genitals

Fetishism sexual attachment to some object or article

Frigidity lack of sexual gratification in coitus

Gonad basic reproductive organ

Hyperesthesia extreme sensitivity to touch

Incest sexual gratification with a member of the same family

Inversion homosexuality

Labile referring to the liplike skins in the female genital tract

Masochism sexual pleasure obtained from the experience of being hurt, physically or mentally

Menarche 1st menstruation

Oral erotism sensations experienced from stimulation of the area of the mouth

Orgasm the terminating climax of the sex act; in men it is accompanied by ejaculation of semen

Pederasty sexual union with a male by the anus

Perversion deviation from normal sexual aims and objects

Phallic phase stage of infantile sexual development when interest in the penis is predominant

Pregenital sexuality oral, anal infantile sexual impulses that exist before the phallic phase

Primapara giving birth for the 1st time

Sadism sexual excitement or gratification from inflicting pain physically or mentally on another person

Sublimation an unconscious process in which sexual energy is transferred to nonsexual activities

Tumescence the engorgement of the vessels of the sex organs leading to orgasm and detumescence

Urethral erotism sexual excitation in the act of urination

Vaginismus painful contraction of the walls of the vagina when coitus is attempted

Voyeurism attainment of sexual pleasure from visual situations..


Advice To Women by Chartman, Roberts

Women: the variety and meaning of sexual experience by A. M. Krich


I hate this day!!

AMP! what a fucking day.. ampness this day sucks.. I know you don't know why but i hate this Fucking day.. .. WTF..!! lahat ata kamalsan ang nakuha ko ngaun amp....... nakakairita!!! .. first thing in the morning this day i know that this day SUCKS!!! amp.. until the end of the day it still sucks..

Factors why this day sucks..

a. as i wake up my head aches..

b. about the DOST.. 2 VALID ID..

the lib id will be given after 2 weeks today.. But I NEED IT ON MAY 1

d. my mother is irritating me again!

e. d ako nakkuha ng HMS sa rf kung kelan panalo kami..

f. i was sent to the sss for getting an sss clearance.. <>>

g. many more!! and i don't wan to type it here because .. I'M SO IRRITATED.. and i hate this day..


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so much for the bander swiming..

Yesterday was the bander swimming day.. I thought that i could join my friends there but this is only a thought because i know that there's only a small chance that i could join them. beacause yesterday is also my contract signing for the DOST scholarship..

I woke up yesterday at 7 am because I'll go to the cspc for the signing of contract as i said earlier.. We went there at 8:45 because the meeting is said to be 9 am.. but as we go there.. i failed to tell earlier that i'm with my mom <> there are only few people there.. and the meeting started not on time may be it's past 9 na.. after that the meeting or seminar or what will you call it.. started.. and it was so boring <> so i texted xing.. to know whether they arrived to the beach.. to my surprise xing said " nasa Pili pa ku.. bka magsunud nalng ku" <> i'm glad because MAY KASABAY NA AKO!!! yahooooo... we agreed that we will be meeting at 12.. in the cbd.. but was change again to one because of the DOST<> the DOST seminar or meeting was finally finished at 12 noon.. then i texted again xing if 2loy pa b kami..
ay e2 pala ung summary of the DOST seminar..

MGA Benefits

6,000 pesos per sem..
5,000 per year book allowance
3,000 monthly allowance..
500 uniform allowance
transpotation allowance <>

Mga Disadvantage..

you'll pay what you get on the Dost scholarship .. pwedeng pera or service <1yr scholarship=" 1">

there'll be a summer class on may 2-31..with 3k allowance... if you'll have complete attendance there'll be a bonus allowance..1 abscenct = -100 pesos in your 3k allowance..

back to my story..

i went home to get my things and eat my luch because susunod na kmi ni xing sa swimming .. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO... after that I went to naga to meet xing and go to the beach.. but when we were at CBD suddenly nag duwa -duwa kami.. one reason is we didn't know kung saan ang babaan eh.. and the 2nd reason is ti natamad na kami.. after a while xing said to me " ma duman pa kita? "

I said "ok lang.. ika??"
xing said. "hinuhugakan na ku.. d taman pati aram kung panu mag duman.."
I said. " hmm kun d ka maiba.. d namn ku maia .. makung kaiba eh.."
xing said.. ' d nakita duman.."
I said " ok cge d na lugud.. hinuhagakan naman aku.. damayan taka nalang haha.."

so after that napag kaisahan namin na d na pumunta.. so much for the swimming .. then we parted na.. I went home so did she.. i arrived home at 2:00 and turned on the tv to watch movies.. the movies where close to you which i didn't understand but i watched it for 3 times na ata.. then after finishing it for the 3rd time I gave up and change the cd.. i watched the movie U-turn .. starring J-lo .. but i didn't finished it because the phone rang.. it was xing.. we talked . about many things .. <> we talked for a long time maybe almost 1 hr.. then i again watched tv.. at 8 30 pm.. i phoned ayra.. but she wasn't here yet.. then i phoned naxcz .. Ate chay anwered the phone saying " yaon na po c roxanne<> mapa po c anti salve..> we both laughed after she knew that i was the one talking in the phone not he one she was expecting.. we talked about the swimming and about the Dost and that I wcoldn't join them in going to Caramoan beacuse of the DOST < amp nakaka dalawa na ang DOST >there'll be a summer kc.. < i joined the summer class becuase of the 3k sayang namn kc haha income pa yan..>. after that i phoned ayra.. but we only talked for just about five minutes.. <> after that i went to my bed and thought of the swimming.. nasasayang talaga aku dun eh ang enjoy daw kc .but it's ok i'm not the only one who didn't experienced it.. also xing .. saka pala if naxcz or xing wouldn't come in the swimming i will also not come..after that i slept...


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tomorrow will be the bander swimming that lately must be held on friday april 18.. it is because something happened < pero importante nga ba??> .........

Last thursday kevin called at our house maybe 3;30 in the noon asking me if i'm available on Monday.. I said No! because i'll go to cspc for my DOST scholarship.. and I asked Why.. Kevin told me that he is asking because something came up and if it's ok to move the bander swiming date...after that he hanged the phone..

I thought that they'll move it on the day that i'm available.. but i was wrong..

I called Xing's house to know what will be the date.. to my surprise she said it will be on monday.. < WTF!!, amp naman bakit monday pa.. nag tanong pa sila kung pwede ako amp!> after talking with xing on the phone.. I thought of posting this.. but after a sudden i didn't think it will be good if I post this <> so I said to myself na wag nalang..and i accept nalang..

the Next day...

I become a Proxi Ninong of a christening of a baby.. after that I went to the com shop.. there again my mind again said to me to blog the same topic but again i refused..


I phoned Krisma because i don't have anyone to talk to.. and another reason is that i want ot know kung gaano katagal ung Dost meeting.. i thought it will be just one hour.. but krisma said maybe it will be longer even whole day.. upon hearing this my plan to follow to pasacao for the swiming after the meeting suddenly crashed.. <>


i phoned naxcz to know if she will go to the swimming..i thought i was the only one who was unable to go to the swimming because of the date... but to my surprise naxcz also was like me.. bad3p din cxa.. we talked about an hour about the swimming .. and there i finally convinced myself to wrtie this..

sana lang kc.. bat ung iba cononsider! saka buti sana kung conosider because of an important reason kso important nga ba..??? duh.. ska bkt monday pa eh pwd naman nung Sat dba??.. Amp talaga.. one reason pa kung bat ako nababad3p is planado kunakya ang gagawin ko....... sb kunga magdala ng dvd player dahil mag dadala ako ng dvd which i would really like them to see.. another reason is i'm not the only one ang nadamy pati c naxcz na alam kung gus2 talgang sumama..

anyway la na ako magagawa.. enjoy nalng kau swimming nyo.. bka makasunod ako sainyo.. if ever matapos kaagad.. ah saka pala sana namn next time na mag move kau ng date sana LAHAT comportable d2.. thats all.. ay to naxcz piri2n mong makiaba.. pipiri2n kuman makaiba haha..

Saturday, April 12, 2008


" alive but not living......
dead but not departed..."

This quote was the one of the quotes i like that was shown in the movie parang-luuibo.. it is a korean love story...<>

The movie is a mixture of comedy and intense dramaand it's story is about the lovestory of a man named su-ho and girl named su-eun..but their lovestory didn't last coz of the death of su-eun.

The story starts on the meeting of su-ho and his friends at an island after 10 years of <> separation... after that su-ho went on a light house to reminisce the memories of su-eun , his exgirlfriend which he couldn't forget since her death......... a flash back came through.............and the screen went black..

then the screen had a picture again.. it is the first meeting of su-ho and su-eun..... su-eun saved su-ho from drowning but su-ho didn't know who saved him.. su-eun walk away because of her beeper... after that the picture again shifted to a school... in there su-ho studies...but he didn't know that su-eun also studies their<> one moning su-ho went to his class.. a girl is staring at him<> he look at her to the girl smiled.. but his friend, a fat one, i didn't remember his name bothered him and told him that a girl is staring at him<> and told him that she's a crush of su-eun.. su-ho laughed discreetly.. and stare again to su-eun.. after that recess came.. su-eun went to him and told him that he must by her some croquettes.. don't know what was happening to him he suddenly followed her order and bought 2 croquettes one for him and one for su-eun.. when he gave it to her .. the noisy canteen suddenly became quiet and is starring to su-ho and smiled and started eating while su-ho ay parang nahihiya.. this was the start of their friendship..many things happened ... this led to them being instant lovers..

One morning su-ho was called in his class because his grandpa is said to have fainted... but when he arrived in his granpa's house his granpa<> is standing with 2 beers in his hand..and he smiled.. su-ho smiled..and said that why did he do thatand said he was ill and had fainted..his grandpa answered that he just want to drink with his grandson..then after that they drink their beers.. but suddenly su-eun arrived..

su-ho and his granpa was shocked by this.. they welcomed her with the his granpa's tradition .. you nid to turn around 18 times to drive of bad luck..<> anyway after that his grandpa told them a story.. it's about his 1st love..i didn't remember her name.. su-ho was shocked by this he didn't know that his grandpa's 1st love wasn't her grandma..his grandpa's story was... when he<> was in his teenage years he met his 1st love...she was beautiful kind.. etc. at their first meeting they knew that they're for each other.. but because of the war of korea they're separated..grandpa was forced to become a soldier.. one day he was subjected to fight in the war in a far place.. he bid farewell to his 1st love and his 1st love said that he must promise him that he should be alive when he comes back.. after the war he came back but his 1st love didn't showed up and he didn't ever seen her again..grandpa said to su-ho and su-eun that in this part he felt the saying "Alive but not living.... dead but not departed..." and then the story continued .. one day grandpa received a message that his 1st love is already married .. he went to her house because her husband was already dead.. he was the one that made the funeral.. after that he stopped talking and think very serious.. the picture again shifted to another scene in the day su-ho his friends and su-eun.. thought of goinmg to the marriage rock, and island where couples go for good partnership..they went their but his friends didn't showed up..they planned not to go that su-eun and su-ho will only the ones to go..even they're only the ones who'll go there they went there parin.. they toured all the sites there.. they stayed there till the next day because of a weather disturbance... the next day su-eun was the first to wake up.. she went to the edge of the a cliff in that island where she showered seeds.. su-ho went to her.. su-eun upon seeing him greated good morning and pointed her hand to a cloud.. it is a heart shaped cloud. after that she fainted.. upon seeing this su-ho fastly went to her and pick her up .. after that he called her parents to get her to the hospital..her father was the one who received her ... after that su-eun's father suddenly slapped su-ho's face.. su-ho said "sorry " after that.. the scene was again shifted.. inside su-ho's classroom .. su-ho is always starring at su-eun's chair.. after class he went to the hospital where su-eun was confined.. after he even made a joke that he is a super hero something about blood and that he could be her blood.. because su-eun's illness is said to be anemia..but he didn't notice that su-eun's father was there.. after seeing him he suddenly became silent and fastly went outside laughing.. days went by .. su-ho always vsited her after class.. then one day su-eun suddenly can't be found.. he went to the information but they also didn't know where she is.. the suddenly he heard something .. a nurse said that the lukemia patient was missing.. then suddenly he was shocked by this.. the nurse was talking about su-eun..after that he run and went to his granpa's house.. and there he saw su-eun.. fitting a coffin.. mad at her he confronted her.. ... haaayz im tired of telling the story kaya panoorin nyo nalng haha..xuri kung binitin ko kau.. basta maganda cya and ending nya patay c su-eun and ung 1st love ng kanyang grandpa halos sabay cla namatay.. and pareho cla ang gumawa ng funeral ng kanilang partner.. taz c su-ho went back to the marriage rock where he saw the diary of su-eun.. naiwan kc nila.. then he read it.. page after page may ugo cya.. then may page dun 2ngkol sa seeds na shinashower nya last year.. un pala ay gift nya ki su-ho .. and every year they'll visit this place.. but unfortunately su-eun died kya d na nangyari.. taz nun fading na pataas ng sky then in the ocean taz the end na.. haha..

i'll also recommend another korean lovestory the name of the movie is The classic...

end of post.....

" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."