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"People like you are better of dead!"- That's one of my favorite lines in shuffle!.Shuffle! is an anime series with 24 episodes on season one and 12 episodes on season 2 which I have been watching for the past 3 days.

The story of this anime is mainly about a boy named Rin with 5 lovers: a princess of the gods, a princes demon, an artificial life form , and 2 humans. But before I tell the story let me introduce the main characters......

Rin Tsuchimi - the male protagonist.. he's the one which the five girls are fighting for (how lucky he is..)

Lisianthus - also known as Shia..She's the princess of the gods, daughter of Eustoma...

Nerine -was also called rin.. the princess of the demon world, daughter of Forbesii...the one with the biggest breast of the 5.(it's a description in the story.. proof the bonus chapter of season 2Kaede said that)

Kaede Fuyou - a childhood friend of rin..but is secretly loving him. thedaughter of the owner which rin is staying..kaede ang rin are staying at the same house.

Asa Shigure - a childhood friend of rin.. she always hit rin at his back.. she has a secret affection to Rin...she was also the ONE Rin CHOSE.

Primula- a cute a lover of Rin..

Kareha- friend of Rin, Kaede,and Asa.. in the last part she said she has also an affection for Rin. (but i doubt it).

Mayumi Thyme - friend of Rin, Kaede etc.. the flat chested girl others call her..

Itsuki Midoriba - bestfriend of Rin Nadeshiko Benibara - teacher of Rin and others.

Eustoma - father of Shia.. king of the gods. Forbesii - king of the demons..a gentleman timid like his daughter Nerine

Ama Shigure - the mother of Asa, in the last part of the story it was revealed that she was the first experiment of Life.

Lycoris - clone sister of Nerine.

Kikyou - also known as the reversed Shia .twin sister of shia but is living within shia.


NOTE: the world of makai(gods) , shin(demons), and humans are connected by a gate portal so don't be surprised if there are god or demons int the story.The humans also is freely communicating and making business with the other races

The story starts in Kaede-sama's house as Kaede-sama waking Rin-sama. Kaede-sama was

taking care of Rin-sama in the past years even though Rin-sama is only like their bedspacer or

what you call it. Kaede-sama's father leave the house for few months and Rin was in charge to

take care of Kaede and of the house. The two were alone in that house..(how fascinating..i wish i

was like that independent..)They are both 3rd year highschool at Verbana Academy. Then one

day 2 new neighbors came..All in that place ( I didn't remember the name of the town) especially

the boys of the 3rd year which is the classmates of Rin in the Verbana Academy because that

class will be the class of this new migrants and it's also rumored that they're cute and hot.

Anyway the day of arrival of the new members of the community came.. To the dismay of the

boys in Rin's class no hot or cute girls entered they're class but two adult man came.They are

looking for Rin.... and when they had found him they told him that he was the one chosen to

marry their daughter...9but he must only choose only one.......Rin and the entire class was

shocked by this especially Kaede..she even fainted..after the atmosphere calmed. the 2 man

introduced theirselves the first one was Eustoma..he was the King of the Makai race(gods).. then

the second one was Forbesii... the king of shin(demon race)..then their daughters showed up

afterwards.. before i forget their daughters was seen and interacted by Rin before they met at

the school.. Shia..was seen by Rin in the department store buying meat.. and even asked him

which to buy the big one or the small one.. Nerine was seen by Rin at the playground where she

was singing in the seesaw...they both said his name even though he didn't know them but he

didn't payed attention to this.anyway back to my story..Rin recognized them easily..anyway

because they were princesses of their race if Rin marries Shia he will become a god and if he

marries Nerine he will become Satan..anyway that was the first two episodes.The first two

episodes was introduction to the story.The third episode is about why nerine and shia chose

Rin......Shia's reason was Rin's kindness to her...in the past when Shia was only little she went to

the world because his dad has a business in the human world..she comes with her father..but

because of her fondness to the surroundings she was lost.. she was found by Rin and was

returned by him to her father safely..Nerine's reason was almost the same as Shia.. in the past

she was also lost in the human world and was found by Rin in the playground crying..the same

playground where he meet her first singing in the present. he comforted him and he lead her to

her father safely...because of that she had been looking forward that they'll meet again..and they

had meet again in the present..anyway in this epsiode.. Primula also showed up.. Rin saw her at

the arcade trying to get the cat stuff toy in the Ufo catcher...because he was kind he helped her

but to his surprise Primula hugged him and never let go of him.. he went home with Primula

embracing him up to his house..in the house Nerine was amazed to see Primula there.. because

Primula has no pemission to go to the Human world. anyway Primula is like a little sister to

Nerine..the episodes 3-6 are about the events Summer is almost here, but first the students

must go through their final exams. While everyone is studying, Sia gets some help from Rin,

even though it's not much. .During the time when Rin and his classmates are cleaning their

classroom, Nerine gets angry at a couple of guys bad-mouthing Rin and manages to nearly blow

up the gym. Later, when a picnic is planned where everyone makes their own food to eat, Nerine

must get help from Asa in order to learn how to cook. But she only mastered one recipe

omellete.but in the story it looked very tasty.i think it's so delicious..With the ever-increasing

presence of Nerine and Sia in Rin's life, Kaede is beginning to feel left out. When Kaede comes

down with a cold, she tries to push herself so as not to be so much of a bother to Rin. With Rin

and Kaede going to school so often, Primula is starting to miss Rin so one day she comes to school

unanncounced, though eventually leaves with some coaxing by Rin. Later, it is decided that

Primula needs some undergarments she is lacking and thus Rin and the rest of the girls go out to

help Primula with this problem. During their outing, Rin buys Primula a new cat doll. And

because of that Primula smiled for the first time.. The episodes 7 -8 is about the events .. when a

popular boy confesses to Asa, she's finding it hard to accept his feelings because she is

confused.In this episodes also Asa first showed her affection to Rin. After Asa gets injured during

PE, Rin walks her home and they're able to grow closer together.And the next day Asa gave back

the gift the popular guy gave on his confession.(OUCH!) Shia, inspired by the horoscope she had

read.. made the first move to move one step forward through asking Rin into a DATE!.trusting

her panties (i didn't remember the first word before the panties .. the parties for her are like

lucky charms.).but her plans wasn't that succesful..but ended with her and Rin more closer.

Episodes 9-10 is about their(rin,kaede nerine etc..) outing to the beach.but something happened

to Shia and Rin while they were sleeping in the "salbabida" that was sort of a bed where the two

is sleeping.. (i'm sorry i didn't know it's english counter part).They were swept out into the

middle of the sea and was stranded in a deserted island. Many things happened on that

island..like Rin and Shia kissed.but afterwards they were found by the others and come to think

of it that it was the same island they were only sweptn to the other side of the island..After what

happened at the beach, rumors start flying around that Rin and Sia are to be wed. As emotions

start flaring up, Rin made the move and told the others the real story..In here you'll really see

that Asa and Kaede has an affection for Rin..Episode 11 wasn't that important it's about Mayumi

eating at the restaurant Kareha works at, though forgets her wallet, so she must work off her

debt for the day. During this time, Rin's teacher is finding it difficult to find a good man to be

with. Episode 12- 13 starts the drama part..it's about Primula's real identity..she became very ill

and was subjected to return her to the demon world...because of this Eustoma and Forbesii

confesses the truth to Rin. Primula's and artificial life form made for the sake of studying Life.. if

Primula's condition will not improve soon her learned emotions in the human world will be

permanently erased......Episode 14 is about the revelation of Nerine..After Nerine ran to the

nearby park, she tells Rin about the past she had with her clone Lycoris. the second artificial life

form made for the study of life..and that lycoris was the one he met 8 yrs ago..the girl he

saved..and that lycoris saved her life by giving her life force and how it all ties in with Primula.

Later, after Asa collapsed at Kaede's house, Rin goes to see her at her own home where Asa tells

him some of her own past. that she was a sickly child back then until now..and that she had

commited a very serious crime to her mother when she was small.. blaming all her sufferings to

her mother.Episode 15 is about Rin ,encouraged by Asa, going to the demon world along with

Kaede and Nerine and Shia . Primula's life was saved miraculously with the help of Lycoris..

Afterwards Primula was returned to the human world and was removed from being an

experiment.Episode 16 is about Kikyo.. the sister of Shia within her..While Rin is starting to

spend more time with Asa, Sia is starting to feel that she's being left out. With no where else to

turn, her other more assertive self surfaces and asks Rin out on a date. And on this date Sia

through Kikyo figured out that Rin has someone he really likes. Episode 18 is about Sia regaining

herself again and telling him that even he has someone in his heart she will still love him.Episode

18 is about Rin going out on a date at an amusement park targeted towards couples which is

planned by Itsuki, Mayumi, Nerine and Sia so that Rin would voice how he feels towards Asa.

but the date wasn't that successful he even hurted Asa's feelings.. Episode 19 is one of the

saddest parts of the story. it's about Rin forgetting about Kaede because of Asa..Kaede and Rin's

past was also revealed in here.. When they were young Kaede's mother died together with the

parents of Rin..losing Kaede's will to live she became a lifeless human..because of that Rin said to

her that he was the reason of their deaths..Upon hearing this Kaede moved and choked

Rin..After that she made his life a living hell.her saying "PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE BETTER OF

DEAD!".. despising him,mocking him, destroying all hsi things..but Rin endured this..as years

passed Kaede went inside Rin's room to destroy his boat model.upon finishing destroying it she

had found a picture with her mother and Rin's parents.. in it's back a letter..she read it..and

understood that she is the reason for their deaths..Rin arriving fastly went to get the picture

away from Kaede's hands.then Kaede ran fastly.Rin chased her.Rin catching her, Kaede told him

I'm Sorry while crying....then that is why Kaede is serving Rin up to know.. Episode 20 is about

Kaede attacking Asa as she went to Kaede's house with Rin..saying again PEOPLE LIKE YOU

ARE BETTER OF DEAD!.because of this Asa suffered another attack which caused for her to be

hostpitalized.. In this episode also Rin decided to leave the house of Kaede..Kaede and Primula

upon hearing it was shocked.. It is also for me the saddest part of the anime series. In Episode 21

Kaede has completely shut herself off from everyone, trying to think on what to do next. Before

long, Primula finds that Kaede is gone and Primula runs to Rin to inform him. During her outing,

she meets Asa and they have a talk about their feelings for Rin.In here Kaede confesses to Asa

that she is serving Rin not because of the past but because she love him...she also aske apology

from Asa together with a request that Asa will not forbid her to love him.. In episode 22 Rin has

packed up all his things and has already found a cheap apartment to move into. On the day of the

move, several of his friends come over and help him out. In episode 23 after Asa collapses once

more, she's rushed to the hospital, though the doctors cannot do much to improve her condition.

Asa's mother Ama reveals to Rin a deep dark secret about her past. She told him that she was a

demon and she was the first experiment for the research about life.. thought by the others that

she was dead when the lab exploded. She was transported to the human world. and Asa's father

found her..she gave birth to Asa normally Asa is a human.. but she inherited her weak body and

his powers....and that this powers are the ones causing this attacks to Asa. because she's only

human and her weak body can't be a container of this enormous power..and that the only

solution for Asa to be saved is to use her magic powers....which Asa promised to herself that she

will not use...Upon hearing this Rin instantly went to Asa and beg her to use it but she refused...

Desperate Rin thought of killing himself so that it will trigger Asa to use her magic..The last

episode is episode 24...in here Asa escapes from the hospital and goes to the spot where Rin first

confessed to her. Before long, Rin finds her on the rooftop where he confessed his love for Asa

.There he begged Asa to use her powers but she refused.. Rin, prepared to do anything to save

Asa executes his last resort to kill himself through cutting his artery in his right hand...Upon

seeing Rin dying unintentionally Asa used it to save him.....the next day arrived.......they(Rin,

Kaede etc.) all went to school... after class they went to the rooftop where they ate their lunch

together happily.................................................................................


The second season of Shuffle! is primarily a series of recap episodes that describes the events of Shuffle! for the main female characters. Only the last episode contains 100% original scenes.

This anime is the 2nd i liked since Bleach and Green Green Tv .....and i want you to try these.......just look for it at http://www.anime6.org/. Note: Those are R-15+.

i'm trying other anime.....lately i've been watching chobits....which is also a beautiful ...if you have suggestions about anime i must watch just tell me at the chatbox...before i forget only animes which are comedy , the same time drama and lovestory and with cute characters and little bit naughtiness..you know what i mean. ^^

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Pang uto lang...

Walang ma po st kya e2 nalng ..

test ur logic here..

Tell which sentence is false and which is true...

The sentence below is True.

The sentence above is False.
" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."