Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year of First Times

It's been a while since my latest post in this blog. Because of too much work load and a bit of laziness I seldom have the time to update this blog or even just visit this blog. But after I've seen a co-blogger posted her year end post I decided to post one too.

So basically this year can be described in this phrase :

"A year of First Times"

So 2012 started with no major events just doing my SP and other stuffs.

But when February came I encountered two major events :

First is My very first time to confess my feelings to a girl. At first I was really hesitant to this thought because I'm too pessimistic of the outcome but since I'm a fan of gambling I just told myself "bahala na better having a negative feedback than regretting of not saying it".But the confession day turned out better than what I expected.

Second is having my first real job interview which was the root cause of where I am working now.

In March the major event was my final defense of my Sp which turned out good having a grade which I really didn't expect or I say I think I don't deserve that grade. 

So April came, my graduation came.. Hell Yeah! I survived my degree making as I only the one in my course to graduate that year. Though I'm still bitter on having a lacking frigging 0.03 in my QPI in order for me to become a CUM LAUDE. Anyways time to move on.

May came and my first day of work came though it was only a training which was 4 months in duration.IT was called ACTION Training, done by the company which I applied for.It was hellish and really stressful especially the OJT part which made us accustomed in going home late even after 3 am. Anyway this training
serve its purpose helping me pass the
Philnits exam in the later part of the year.

September came."Wake me up when September ends" became the phrase that best describe this month. The first day of this month gave me another of my first, though a negative one. My first time to get busted or
friendzoned or whatever you call it
. This month was also was the judgement whether
I will graduate the ACTION TRAINING or not.

October, a month which is a bit happier than the previous. The training finally ended here and I together with the 18 others survived the training with no one failing it! Sugoi deshou! This was also the month which I finally started working..real work.. but the downside is it was AFRO, the work on our OJT. Therefore it means that I will enter the hellish and stressful life of no sleep again.

The month of November and the three weeks of December revolved on GUARMNT,ACCODSP,ASSEPRO,CREDRNk,LoanPay ,LoanMNT and THE MIGHTHY SCORENT. I know those letters doesn't make sense but this are all the modules I had on AFRO. Ow the sleepless nights, working on Saturdays and Sundays, the singing at 12 am and money more are the ones I will miss in AFRO.

This is also the month where in 1 take I nailed the PhilNITS exam.

 December 2 was also the month of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test held in La Salle. I know that I will fail that test. This year's December was also the day in where I first step my foot on Enchanted Kingdom.

26th of December our whole batch in ACTION Training was reassigned to Alabang until March for the least.Our task there was TESTING I volunteered to be assigned to the network team thinking others will too
but to my dismay I was left solo again.Funnily I was lost on my first day there because of my stupidity and may memory gap. Of all the things, I forgot the building name of the office. So for 30 mins I was lost. 

This Christmas season was also my first time to buy gifts for my little cousins which I really never thought of doing in the past. Maybe I just felt like being generous this season :) I had even a funny encounter with one of my little cousins this holiday..

So that's my 2012.

I want to thank all the people who took part in this ending year 2012.Thank you for the memories you have given and shared with me. This year is not worth calling it a year without you guys.

In general this year gave me a lot of new experiences negative and positive but still worth experiencing. So 2013 here I come hope to have more first time experiences on 2013..




Sunday, June 17, 2012


"Nahihilo, nalilito
Asan ba 'ko sa'yo?
Aasa ba ko sayo?"

"mhirap pla mgmhal ng taong ang turing sau ay di mo alam..."

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Dungeon Opened: The game is on

Today concludes my first week of being a trainee in AWS, a japanese company which if i get lucky and pass the ACTION Training will be my work place..

Anyway this post will narrate what are the highlights of my 1st week training.

The first day:

I WAS LATE! Yeah I am late on my first day because of the stupid MRT train which arrived late and also for the almost 30 min walk from Ayala station to Multinational Bank Corporation Building which is the building of AWS. But thanks to Mikki who also arrived late but not later than me they though that I came way down from Naga . Thanks to my almost-all-times-sleepy attitude that was a factor also to their idea that I just came from Naga. Thus I was forgiven and NO ALLOWANCE DEDUCTION! YEAH! Anyway I arrived there at 8:26am but our call time was 8:00am. 

 At 8:30 the program started. The first activity was getting to know each other as usual. The instruction was to put a paper in your back and other trainees will write their first impression on you. Then you'll present what was written and explain if it is correct or not.

So what I got was serious, shy , shy, shy ,serious...... and I was "WHAT AM I THAT SERIOUS LOOKING?"  Anyway I corrected it I said maybe it's just that I'm really sleepy that time for not having enough sleep which was the truth.

After that we are presented to the president , with somewhat like of a graduation ceremony but in our case its the starting ceremony. We were given 2 bulky books in ribbon and school supplies which served like as our diploma given by the IVP of the company.

Other activities followed after that but to sum it up.

We are 19 trainees in makati all in all but there are still 13 in Cebu. 3 trainee imports where from HITACHI.

 See picture below

 Here's my schedule -------------------------------------|


In the afternoon we had the company merienda which was really awesome because there are so many foods. Then lastly we were given another couple of bulky books which made the books we are using to 17 books including nihonggo! 

criteria to pass     

3.Nihonggo Course

- Final mock exam(level n5 and n4)

overall - 63%
listening - 65%

-Daily quizzes - 70%
-Submission of assignments 100%
-oral exams -80%

4. Technology course end exam - 80%

5. OJT - Meet all OJT objectives -OJT PROJECT DEFENSE

6. ACTION MANAGERS assessments - pass



Second day:
Woke up at 4 am and my second day to have my 30 min walk .First to have my nihonggo class and it was awesome. Our sensei chiruru-sensei which I had a bad impression on came out to be really cool! She tries very hard to speak english in order for us to understand even she doesn't really know how to talk straight english. Anyways she seems to be really kind and full of warmth :)

Third day:

Nothing really interesting happened.

Fourth day:

In the morning i had my first souvenir from Chiruru-sensei , a pentellpen mark in right hand because I was to stupid to understand the lesson. *No sarcasm *.

After the working hours We had a company dinner in an authentic japanese restaurant near Little Tokyo which was must be really done on the first day but was moved because of some reasons. I ate HANCHAN SET. It is the combination of half shouyouramen and japanese fried rice + gyoku or dumplings. But the real good thing was that it was all for FREE!. The night was really awesome even interacted with other trainees for the first time. Ichigawa-san our boss was also their. Even had the chance to sit next to my crush sensei :)

Fifth day:

A wash day that ended out really depressing because I and 3 other colleague trainees were called by Nep-san , chairman of the ACTION Training. We were called because of our poor performance in ninhonggo and this really made me depressed :(

Sixth day:

I got only 90 pesos in my wallet. Settled my hunger with quaker oats all day. BACK TO THE PAST because in the past I spent my 2 months almost eating only quaker oats 3 times everyday inorder to save some money.

Seventh day:

It was Sunday this day and atlast I found the church here. Spent almost all my day cleaning and washing laundry.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First day: Starting in a very not good manner but ended in a not a bad manner

Yesterday , a series of unfortunate events happened while in I'm in my way to my new home.

First unfortunate event my parents again was angry because I was late again though technically I AM REALLY NOT! The departure was at 7:00 pm and they are bugging me because I'm still not in the terminal and the time was 6:15. *insert bad words here*

Riding the  DLTB bus to go to Metro Manila specifically Mandaluyong City I noticed that there are a lot of kids in the bus because there will be something not good happening soon..and I FUCKING HATE KIDS ! but with exception of course.
 anyway.  Since there are a lot of kids the bus was like a day care.. Children running in the isle back and forth which is really annoying me but the worst part is the crying of the babies it really irritates me. I can recall the hearing ARG!

After a while, familiar smell suddenly came . First I couldn't recall what it is but after the text I received from Marlon, I remembered it. IT WAS PUKE!!!! A kid sitting in the back of Marlon's seat puked. FUCKING AWESOME! But it was only the start after a few hours another one puke again .In my mind damn! Very nice. 

When we arrived at Quezon Province a traffic jam welcomed us but it isn't the bad thing about it. The bad thing was the aircon was turned off every time  we stop which in average was 2hours. 2hours with no aircon was really hot . While in the traffic jam another kid puked while crying. HELL YEAH! First time in my life to ride an aircon bus or any bus with like this very unfortunate events. The first bus going to manila in which I had only less than two hours of sleep.

Dawn came but the misfortunes didn't end yet. We went down the bus in a wrong place which is actually really far away to the place we intended to go down.

When we arrived to the place I thought at last I can sleep but to my dismay I learned that the truck we rented which carried our appliances , clothes etc.., including the bed we are going to sleep on, will be arriving late because of the truck ban! YEY AGAIN! 

At around 10:00 am the truck arrived we hastily brought down our things and arranged the house. Im a bit lazy now so I'll just post some of the pictures. Time to sleep :)

60% done

our sala set
armand and my room

marlon and kevin's room

study table

study table
Dinning area
kitchen sink

Almost done

armand's and my room
dinning area
Marlon and Kevin's room


DLTB BUS Photo credits to :

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Jilla !!

After a long hiatus mode of my blog I came again to post a new adventure I have last night.

But firstly I want to clarify that this post isn't about Jilla's birthday , it's not even yet Jilla's birthday.

It's just that I used this reason for me to be permitted by my parents to join the friendly jamming yesterday evening. Jilla doesn't even know I used her name :)

Anyway for to my main post:

me rockers \m/

The adventure started at quarter to 8 in the evening of April 13 2012.  Malean, a h/s friend of mine texted me that we will have a "jamming" session at Xing's place.

The real plan was to stay overnight at Xing;s place but as usual this wasn't followed because as usual Xing wasn't permitted by his father. Anyway after leaving Xing's house the main adventure started.

The next events happened at Musicbox Mcdo and SunnyView hotel and was participated by the fantastic 4 which is consisted of Malean , Naxcz, Reuben and me of course. We associated our group with this name because in our larger group called Xing and CO. we 4 are the ones that is always present or is the one last standing in every friendly gathering we have.

Since Plan A failed which we really expected to we went to our contigency plan go to a karaoke box establishment or something like that. Since there are only two establishments : MusicBox and BMP.
We first went to bmp because it's more cheaper there but we found out that it was no private room so we went to Musicbox.

We arrived to Musicbox at around 9:30. Sitting in their sala we have thoughts of backing out but in the end we went inside. Paying 1.5k ,thanks to Naxcz for shouldering the 1k, which is good for 2 hours with 1.5k consumables.

We entered room number 3.

We ordered as if there's really a party a lot of food , 3 buckets of beer . We even thought how can we consume all of that but GORA LANG!!!
grilled squid

sizzling sisig

Our first trip was to sing lively songs but later turned into rocker songs because of Reuben...

then we noticed some of the song titles are wrong.. for example 


We sang our songs with our lungs out.Songs by siakol, kamikazee, slapshock and other rock bands were sung. I even got the highest grade which was 89 but was beaten when the emo songs came.

I think the waitress was already afraid of us because where like addicts we sing not like normal people.. ROCKERS YEAH \m/  !!!!

After a while the food arrived but even though we are eating we're still on rockers mode singing  \m/

After the rockers mode we went to emo songs now because of Naxcz. We had our solo performance after that , me singing If you're not the one.

 Just See pictures for other details :P




And after 3 hours we became like this..

And for very "masaklap" event the person who owned the house which we intended to sleep on went into a slumber before we finished our jamming at music box.

So untimely we went into a contingency plan, a plan which we just made in MCDO after we finished at music box. BTW thanks Mcdo for being hospitable and letting us do our thing :). The plan was to sleep in a hotel or motel probably the first one because we don't want to hear the "ahh AHH" sound in the next rooms.

 Since sampaguita is fully booked we arrived at sunnyview hotel for 850 php all in all. 

 This consists of
  •  a single bedroom 
  •  mattress 
  • a non working  remote 
  • defective phone 
  • a cable tv which we watched on the stupid movie of katya santos and the movie love on a diet 

 In the morning ....



   The event was really awesome even we're not complete but we're used to that. We spent 2k + making our pockets really empty but it was "SULIT" and I'm looking forward to it again next time :)

Naxcz will not be treating again so sorry for the other Xing and CO people who failed to attend the event :P

" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."