Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trying something XTRM

Its been a while since my last post on this blog.
I really don't have any intention of posting something in this blog at first but since I'm still waiting for the maintenance on some game I am playing , I will give it a go.

Hmm.. I don't really have any concrete idea on what to write, I guess I'll just write random things, things that happening to me in the present..

So basically I've been to new stuff lately. I tried doing some "media info sharing" business as they call it. It is fun at first but as time pass by I'm getting bored and thinking of quitting. I am not saying that there is no growth for me there as far as income is concerned it has really a lot of potential , I am even earning some decent cash in here, its just that I really easily get bored on something.  The main reason I joined is for me to try something new, something outside my comfort zone but I guess I got something more. In the few months doing this wholeheartedly , it changed me a lot. It changed different aspects of me. For instance in my social skills, I now somewhat improved in talking to people. I can now talk to strangers a little more frequent and more comfortable with it. Another improvement is in my convincing skills, in doing this your convincing powers will be put to test and so mine was too. However it wasn't that hard for me to convince my friends or relatives or what they call my "warm market"  in taking what I am selling etc. My teammates even told me it is my strength.

Xtrm technomarine
I recommend for others to try this new stuff too since it is really interesting but make sure the team/company your joining is a healthy environment, an environment which will able to help you grow. An example of this is the team I am with now. XTRM-1-11 , a really good team , a team comprising one of the best leaders I met, leaders that are down to earth that will teach everything they know for you to become successful. Why did I say they're one of the best? Because of the innovative things they are conceptualizing that really helps the whole team. They don't just conceptualize but also implement it. For example ever heard of a team who worked with Technomarine watch to create their own exclusive watch? XTRM-1-11 has done it. I'm even targeting to get that watch this year.

Not only that but the team having mentors like Francis Kong , Anthony Pangilinan and his spouse Maricel Laxa-Panglinan and many other big names with it comes to business and leadership. I have also seen a lot of successful people in flesh that this team created. 111 millionaires is just a short span of time? And now they are again trying to break that record. Currently they are becoming well known not only as a team but as a brand, A brand producing excellence and innovations in the network marketing area. But don't get me wrong joining this team doesn't guarantee your success,it will still involve your attitude and some luck for you to be able to be successful in this field, what I am saying is this will really improve your chances if you have the right attitude and mindset. 

Xtrm 1-11 Philippines

I guess this is the end of this post.. 

P.S. if you are interested with this team you can always contact me :P

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