Saturday, January 4, 2014

Not so of a year end post

So my blog we meet again..

It's been a while... there are lots happenings lately that I really wanna write about but laziness always finds its way to me..

 so how I've been doing lately..

Honestly I'm not doing fine lately..

I dunno I always kinda blue/depressed I don't know why and it kinda suck..

I feel I'm all alone though it is not the real case . I don't know..

I feel that all people are happy except me ..

so the year 2013 ended.. My 2013 can be summarized in two words..

Basically I went to a lot of places in the country . I was even assigned to Cebu for 2 months because of my work.. Cebu is a great place by the way. I would want to go back there if given a chance again and would want to work there if given another chance.

Work have been a demanding than usual ... almost eliminating my social life from me. but lately I've been slacking off from work since I became a buffer and that's nice more time for myself..

By the way I got my refrigerator . first sensible appliance I bought with my own money. buying things with your own money is really awesome.. I'm scheduled to by a new laptop this Jan 2014. and TV in the succeeding months ..

On the negative side I've been unlucky again for the second time when it comes to love life.. its kinda funny i have high hopes for that .. but its my stupidity to be blame for that anyway... maybe I really suck at this.. hai..

So 2014 came four days ago.. and its started not that good..

Finding myself things to entertain and occupy my mind..Lately I've discovered breaking bad.. a western series. about a chemist teacher turning into a meth dealer.. it's kinda badass.. the story interests me.. maybe this will keep me busy for the meantime..

Stupid life tss...

I hope 2014 will be better this coming days.. 

I really hope so..

 that's it for now I guess..

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