Monday, March 9, 2009

Weird! .vol 2

In the middle of the night I was woken up.......

I had again a wierd dream....

I really didn't get the sense of the story..but it's something about ching going to our house, ching's mother and I having a quarrel, a river of shit!, an unfinished SRA.

My dream starts when I called ching in the phone..asking her to go our place..(hey why is it ching again???). Then she went to our house..(sa natatandaan I and ching were the only ones inside our house). She stayed there a bit long...maybe almost a day then suddenly ching's phone rang.Her mother is calling her..the call was a bit long and suddenly Ching said that her mother would like to talk to me..I and her mother had a quarrel..something about ching..kasi parang d na siya uumuuwi..( see it doesn't make sense..para isang araw palang)anyway After the callmI text her mom pak U!..ireally didn't know why did i texted that basta I know I was angered by her call.Anyway the setting changed to an SRA room but that room is still a part of our house base sa aking natatandaan ang room na un ay room ni auntie..anyway I didn't finished my SRA even it was only 3 questions nalang..basta may iniicip ako nun.d ko lang matandaan.. then it shifted again to a place with a river full of shit.. I really don't know what it'sm connection to the story basta it's somekind of immersion..the hell!. and i really don't know why we went swimming on that Shit river!. The setting again changed .. now the setting is I going home and it's raining..when I got home.. nadatnan ko ang mother ni Ching but Ching isn't there. d ko getz kong napunta xa saan..Anyway basta hinatid ko ung mother nya palabas bitbit ko ang isang maleta.. maybe it's Ching's anyway.. before i got home pla ang pinag uusapan nila ay ruby and sapphires. i didn't make sense any gus2 ko lang sabihin un..After that the setting again changed now sa bahay nina xing.. but their house in my dream is quite bigger and more of wood and more classical than usual...anyway basta d ko alam ang ginagawa ko dun basta nasa roof top ako ng bahay nila..parang hinahanap ko ata si Ching noon.. tagal-tagal ko bga ko siya fairness ang laki talaga ng bahay nila sa aking dream..daming compartments..Anyway after makita ko si Ching natapos na ang panaginip ko..

When i woke up i was really confused by that dream...up to known i really didn't got what it ment...haiz...kaw nagetz mo ba???
" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."