Friday, June 24, 2011

Para saan pa ang pag papaalam?

I went home today late or maybe its early na nga because it's alreay 12:30am when i got home. ..

I was surprised because my parents are still up. Upon entering the door my mother greeted me and i went to do "mano" then i went to the kitchen and did the same to my father but after I did the "mano" he asked  " O tanu kananaman nag puling matangaun" in an annoying tone, a tone that is implying that you did not ask permission and with full of doubt etc.. btw what he said in english is  why did you again came home late?. In my mind "huh?" dba I asked permission ryt? I also texted my mother two times where it had the reason and where I will be going 


 .I forgot to mention everytime I went home late.. even with their permission this always the scenario.. and im tired of it. And this time I went to burst and answered his question back.. buti nalang I gain control of my anger and annoyance. If not i think we will be ending up in a fight.

 My mother heard it and called me and asked me to just understand father .. "nag -aalala lang daw   " yah I understand  but it must be in place.. DUH! The reason on first place why I texted mother that I will go home late is for to eliminate this. BUT AGAIN THIS WASN"T UNDERSTOOD MY FATHER?. or he just dont want to understand this and just want to scold me for whatever reason he had in mind.. Kasi based on my observation walang araw na di nya ako hinanapan ng mali..pramiz. Does it makes you happy when scolding me? 

Anyway I said to my father that I was late because of the greedy tricycle drivers that will not go even though 2 hours has passed until the tricycle is not full. He just said. " E TANU DAI KA NAG TXT?" . Again another dumb question from him.. F@ck cant you see its raining hard ? You'll be riding in a motorcycle so the end product will be me and you being soaked in the rain ryt? .. And again he answered.. "TA NAG PA BANGGI KA KAYA?" dba nag txt nga ako anu ba? alin ba ang hindi mo naiintidihan o you just dont want to understand it?

Kung ganyan na lang din naman hindi na ako mag papaalam .. pareho lang naman dba?

tama na ata to at bakit anu pa masabi ko saiyo.... kung pd STFU nalang :)

" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."