Thursday, April 24, 2008

don't know the title of this...

Notice: this blog has some explicit content.. You may not read it.. but if you want you can…but I tell you this is senseless..and almost all of these is questions with no answers..

April 24, 2008 3:00pm

As I was riding the jeepney a thought suddenly went to my mind.. it’s a question’s kinda green.. The quetion is… Why do some people have lustful intentions.. I mean why do some people has the crave for flesh….<> but I think all in the human race experiences this.. but why?? It’s only just ordinary flesh.. and sometimes it becomes the cause of raping.. another thought why do people especially men get aroused upon just seeing naked women blah3X.. what is arousing with them both have naman breasts.. and sex organs. Diba?? All of us naman has flesh.. hays.. d ko maiintindihan...<> sometimes people even buy pornographic materials like magazines.and vcd etc.<> but come to think of it.. it’s just only fake..<> but why do people get affected by this..and why many people are onto this .. maybe because of the rich imagination of people ..making the imaginary thing real in their minds.. ewan hayz ..another question came to my mind.. who’s more green minded women or men… based on my observation men are more sensitive to this so I think that men are more green in general but there are women that are more greener .. <> ay.. another question just pop up in my mind .based on my experience and observation why do people feel hot when they’re aroused??. What the hell is in our body that makes us feel hot..

Another thought .. who invented sex? Or who are the first coupe who had sex first… <>.. iniicip ko lang kung panu kaya nila yun ginawa .. HAHAHA..kaktawa cguro. Is sex fist to be discovered before masturbation?? <> speaking of masturbation… who invented it?? What came first masturbation of men or women?? Ay oo nga pala .. I have read a book saying that masturbation is a sin the explanation is said by the Church of England and other nonconformist Churches- “ejaculation of semen for any means but producing a baby was sinful in that it did divert “god’s most precious gift” from it’s major use.” < style=""> masturbation is neither sinful nor immoral and will do no physical harm! It’s, on the contrary, psychologically beneficial! “He also said that this is natural to humans because it is an outlet of sexual drive… a doctor even said it’s just normal for the man to masturbate because when ejaculation occurs excess semen is released out of the testes. And it’s needed for the men to release this… a proof is when a man doesn’t masturbate.. the excess semen will go out through wet dreams .. <> I have a question again.. Do women have wet dreams? la pa kasi akong nababasa o nalalaman na nag ka wet dreams na babae


Ingesting semen is good for your health. It contains.. very high concentration of CITRIC ACID, VITAMIN C .. many enzymes , as well as bicarbonates and phosphates..that is good for the health

I have many questions and trivia to say about sex and related to it but again I’m out of time.. mag lalaro pa ako eh.. I’ll just give you some terms related to the said topic..


Algolagnia: the association of sexual pleasure with pain

Anaclitic: from the greek “leaning against”; the choice of a loveobject may be dependence on the person who originally satisfied the child’s nonsexual needs

Anal erotism sensations experienced in the anal area

Anesthesia loss of feeling sensation

Autoerotism sexual gratification through sexual simulation physically or through fantasy

Castration removal of testicles or ovary

Coitus sexual intercourse

Coitus Interruptus termination of sexual intercourse by withdrawal so that emission takes place outside the vagina

Coitus Reservatus sexual intercourse prolonged by control over emission; delayed orgasm or no orgasm at all

Cunnilingus apposition of the mouth to the female genital organs.also CUNNULINCTUS

Detumescence state of declining sexual excitement after orgasm occurs

Dyspareunia painful sexual intercourse

Ejaculation praecox premature ejaculation

Erethism sensitiveness to simulation

Fellatio apposition of the mouth to male genitals

Fetishism sexual attachment to some object or article

Frigidity lack of sexual gratification in coitus

Gonad basic reproductive organ

Hyperesthesia extreme sensitivity to touch

Incest sexual gratification with a member of the same family

Inversion homosexuality

Labile referring to the liplike skins in the female genital tract

Masochism sexual pleasure obtained from the experience of being hurt, physically or mentally

Menarche 1st menstruation

Oral erotism sensations experienced from stimulation of the area of the mouth

Orgasm the terminating climax of the sex act; in men it is accompanied by ejaculation of semen

Pederasty sexual union with a male by the anus

Perversion deviation from normal sexual aims and objects

Phallic phase stage of infantile sexual development when interest in the penis is predominant

Pregenital sexuality oral, anal infantile sexual impulses that exist before the phallic phase

Primapara giving birth for the 1st time

Sadism sexual excitement or gratification from inflicting pain physically or mentally on another person

Sublimation an unconscious process in which sexual energy is transferred to nonsexual activities

Tumescence the engorgement of the vessels of the sex organs leading to orgasm and detumescence

Urethral erotism sexual excitation in the act of urination

Vaginismus painful contraction of the walls of the vagina when coitus is attempted

Voyeurism attainment of sexual pleasure from visual situations..


Advice To Women by Chartman, Roberts

Women: the variety and meaning of sexual experience by A. M. Krich


I hate this day!!

AMP! what a fucking day.. ampness this day sucks.. I know you don't know why but i hate this Fucking day.. .. WTF..!! lahat ata kamalsan ang nakuha ko ngaun amp....... nakakairita!!! .. first thing in the morning this day i know that this day SUCKS!!! amp.. until the end of the day it still sucks..

Factors why this day sucks..

a. as i wake up my head aches..

b. about the DOST.. 2 VALID ID..

the lib id will be given after 2 weeks today.. But I NEED IT ON MAY 1

d. my mother is irritating me again!

e. d ako nakkuha ng HMS sa rf kung kelan panalo kami..

f. i was sent to the sss for getting an sss clearance.. <>>

g. many more!! and i don't wan to type it here because .. I'M SO IRRITATED.. and i hate this day..


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so much for the bander swiming..

Yesterday was the bander swimming day.. I thought that i could join my friends there but this is only a thought because i know that there's only a small chance that i could join them. beacause yesterday is also my contract signing for the DOST scholarship..

I woke up yesterday at 7 am because I'll go to the cspc for the signing of contract as i said earlier.. We went there at 8:45 because the meeting is said to be 9 am.. but as we go there.. i failed to tell earlier that i'm with my mom <> there are only few people there.. and the meeting started not on time may be it's past 9 na.. after that the meeting or seminar or what will you call it.. started.. and it was so boring <> so i texted xing.. to know whether they arrived to the beach.. to my surprise xing said " nasa Pili pa ku.. bka magsunud nalng ku" <> i'm glad because MAY KASABAY NA AKO!!! yahooooo... we agreed that we will be meeting at 12.. in the cbd.. but was change again to one because of the DOST<> the DOST seminar or meeting was finally finished at 12 noon.. then i texted again xing if 2loy pa b kami..
ay e2 pala ung summary of the DOST seminar..

MGA Benefits

6,000 pesos per sem..
5,000 per year book allowance
3,000 monthly allowance..
500 uniform allowance
transpotation allowance <>

Mga Disadvantage..

you'll pay what you get on the Dost scholarship .. pwedeng pera or service <1yr scholarship=" 1">

there'll be a summer class on may 2-31..with 3k allowance... if you'll have complete attendance there'll be a bonus allowance..1 abscenct = -100 pesos in your 3k allowance..

back to my story..

i went home to get my things and eat my luch because susunod na kmi ni xing sa swimming .. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO... after that I went to naga to meet xing and go to the beach.. but when we were at CBD suddenly nag duwa -duwa kami.. one reason is we didn't know kung saan ang babaan eh.. and the 2nd reason is ti natamad na kami.. after a while xing said to me " ma duman pa kita? "

I said "ok lang.. ika??"
xing said. "hinuhugakan na ku.. d taman pati aram kung panu mag duman.."
I said. " hmm kun d ka maiba.. d namn ku maia .. makung kaiba eh.."
xing said.. ' d nakita duman.."
I said " ok cge d na lugud.. hinuhagakan naman aku.. damayan taka nalang haha.."

so after that napag kaisahan namin na d na pumunta.. so much for the swimming .. then we parted na.. I went home so did she.. i arrived home at 2:00 and turned on the tv to watch movies.. the movies where close to you which i didn't understand but i watched it for 3 times na ata.. then after finishing it for the 3rd time I gave up and change the cd.. i watched the movie U-turn .. starring J-lo .. but i didn't finished it because the phone rang.. it was xing.. we talked . about many things .. <> we talked for a long time maybe almost 1 hr.. then i again watched tv.. at 8 30 pm.. i phoned ayra.. but she wasn't here yet.. then i phoned naxcz .. Ate chay anwered the phone saying " yaon na po c roxanne<> mapa po c anti salve..> we both laughed after she knew that i was the one talking in the phone not he one she was expecting.. we talked about the swimming and about the Dost and that I wcoldn't join them in going to Caramoan beacuse of the DOST < amp nakaka dalawa na ang DOST >there'll be a summer kc.. < i joined the summer class becuase of the 3k sayang namn kc haha income pa yan..>. after that i phoned ayra.. but we only talked for just about five minutes.. <> after that i went to my bed and thought of the swimming.. nasasayang talaga aku dun eh ang enjoy daw kc .but it's ok i'm not the only one who didn't experienced it.. also xing .. saka pala if naxcz or xing wouldn't come in the swimming i will also not come..after that i slept...


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tomorrow will be the bander swimming that lately must be held on friday april 18.. it is because something happened < pero importante nga ba??> .........

Last thursday kevin called at our house maybe 3;30 in the noon asking me if i'm available on Monday.. I said No! because i'll go to cspc for my DOST scholarship.. and I asked Why.. Kevin told me that he is asking because something came up and if it's ok to move the bander swiming date...after that he hanged the phone..

I thought that they'll move it on the day that i'm available.. but i was wrong..

I called Xing's house to know what will be the date.. to my surprise she said it will be on monday.. < WTF!!, amp naman bakit monday pa.. nag tanong pa sila kung pwede ako amp!> after talking with xing on the phone.. I thought of posting this.. but after a sudden i didn't think it will be good if I post this <> so I said to myself na wag nalang..and i accept nalang..

the Next day...

I become a Proxi Ninong of a christening of a baby.. after that I went to the com shop.. there again my mind again said to me to blog the same topic but again i refused..


I phoned Krisma because i don't have anyone to talk to.. and another reason is that i want ot know kung gaano katagal ung Dost meeting.. i thought it will be just one hour.. but krisma said maybe it will be longer even whole day.. upon hearing this my plan to follow to pasacao for the swiming after the meeting suddenly crashed.. <>


i phoned naxcz to know if she will go to the swimming..i thought i was the only one who was unable to go to the swimming because of the date... but to my surprise naxcz also was like me.. bad3p din cxa.. we talked about an hour about the swimming .. and there i finally convinced myself to wrtie this..

sana lang kc.. bat ung iba cononsider! saka buti sana kung conosider because of an important reason kso important nga ba..??? duh.. ska bkt monday pa eh pwd naman nung Sat dba??.. Amp talaga.. one reason pa kung bat ako nababad3p is planado kunakya ang gagawin ko....... sb kunga magdala ng dvd player dahil mag dadala ako ng dvd which i would really like them to see.. another reason is i'm not the only one ang nadamy pati c naxcz na alam kung gus2 talgang sumama..

anyway la na ako magagawa.. enjoy nalng kau swimming nyo.. bka makasunod ako sainyo.. if ever matapos kaagad.. ah saka pala sana namn next time na mag move kau ng date sana LAHAT comportable d2.. thats all.. ay to naxcz piri2n mong makiaba.. pipiri2n kuman makaiba haha..

Saturday, April 12, 2008


" alive but not living......
dead but not departed..."

This quote was the one of the quotes i like that was shown in the movie parang-luuibo.. it is a korean love story...<>

The movie is a mixture of comedy and intense dramaand it's story is about the lovestory of a man named su-ho and girl named su-eun..but their lovestory didn't last coz of the death of su-eun.

The story starts on the meeting of su-ho and his friends at an island after 10 years of <> separation... after that su-ho went on a light house to reminisce the memories of su-eun , his exgirlfriend which he couldn't forget since her death......... a flash back came through.............and the screen went black..

then the screen had a picture again.. it is the first meeting of su-ho and su-eun..... su-eun saved su-ho from drowning but su-ho didn't know who saved him.. su-eun walk away because of her beeper... after that the picture again shifted to a school... in there su-ho studies...but he didn't know that su-eun also studies their<> one moning su-ho went to his class.. a girl is staring at him<> he look at her to the girl smiled.. but his friend, a fat one, i didn't remember his name bothered him and told him that a girl is staring at him<> and told him that she's a crush of su-eun.. su-ho laughed discreetly.. and stare again to su-eun.. after that recess came.. su-eun went to him and told him that he must by her some croquettes.. don't know what was happening to him he suddenly followed her order and bought 2 croquettes one for him and one for su-eun.. when he gave it to her .. the noisy canteen suddenly became quiet and is starring to su-ho and smiled and started eating while su-ho ay parang nahihiya.. this was the start of their friendship..many things happened ... this led to them being instant lovers..

One morning su-ho was called in his class because his grandpa is said to have fainted... but when he arrived in his granpa's house his granpa<> is standing with 2 beers in his hand..and he smiled.. su-ho smiled..and said that why did he do thatand said he was ill and had fainted..his grandpa answered that he just want to drink with his grandson..then after that they drink their beers.. but suddenly su-eun arrived..

su-ho and his granpa was shocked by this.. they welcomed her with the his granpa's tradition .. you nid to turn around 18 times to drive of bad luck..<> anyway after that his grandpa told them a story.. it's about his 1st love..i didn't remember her name.. su-ho was shocked by this he didn't know that his grandpa's 1st love wasn't her grandma..his grandpa's story was... when he<> was in his teenage years he met his 1st love...she was beautiful kind.. etc. at their first meeting they knew that they're for each other.. but because of the war of korea they're separated..grandpa was forced to become a soldier.. one day he was subjected to fight in the war in a far place.. he bid farewell to his 1st love and his 1st love said that he must promise him that he should be alive when he comes back.. after the war he came back but his 1st love didn't showed up and he didn't ever seen her again..grandpa said to su-ho and su-eun that in this part he felt the saying "Alive but not living.... dead but not departed..." and then the story continued .. one day grandpa received a message that his 1st love is already married .. he went to her house because her husband was already dead.. he was the one that made the funeral.. after that he stopped talking and think very serious.. the picture again shifted to another scene in the day su-ho his friends and su-eun.. thought of goinmg to the marriage rock, and island where couples go for good partnership..they went their but his friends didn't showed up..they planned not to go that su-eun and su-ho will only the ones to go..even they're only the ones who'll go there they went there parin.. they toured all the sites there.. they stayed there till the next day because of a weather disturbance... the next day su-eun was the first to wake up.. she went to the edge of the a cliff in that island where she showered seeds.. su-ho went to her.. su-eun upon seeing him greated good morning and pointed her hand to a cloud.. it is a heart shaped cloud. after that she fainted.. upon seeing this su-ho fastly went to her and pick her up .. after that he called her parents to get her to the hospital..her father was the one who received her ... after that su-eun's father suddenly slapped su-ho's face.. su-ho said "sorry " after that.. the scene was again shifted.. inside su-ho's classroom .. su-ho is always starring at su-eun's chair.. after class he went to the hospital where su-eun was confined.. after he even made a joke that he is a super hero something about blood and that he could be her blood.. because su-eun's illness is said to be anemia..but he didn't notice that su-eun's father was there.. after seeing him he suddenly became silent and fastly went outside laughing.. days went by .. su-ho always vsited her after class.. then one day su-eun suddenly can't be found.. he went to the information but they also didn't know where she is.. the suddenly he heard something .. a nurse said that the lukemia patient was missing.. then suddenly he was shocked by this.. the nurse was talking about su-eun..after that he run and went to his granpa's house.. and there he saw su-eun.. fitting a coffin.. mad at her he confronted her.. ... haaayz im tired of telling the story kaya panoorin nyo nalng haha..xuri kung binitin ko kau.. basta maganda cya and ending nya patay c su-eun and ung 1st love ng kanyang grandpa halos sabay cla namatay.. and pareho cla ang gumawa ng funeral ng kanilang partner.. taz c su-ho went back to the marriage rock where he saw the diary of su-eun.. naiwan kc nila.. then he read it.. page after page may ugo cya.. then may page dun 2ngkol sa seeds na shinashower nya last year.. un pala ay gift nya ki su-ho .. and every year they'll visit this place.. but unfortunately su-eun died kya d na nangyari.. taz nun fading na pataas ng sky then in the ocean taz the end na.. haha..

i'll also recommend another korean lovestory the name of the movie is The classic...

end of post.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

a round of applause....

I and my friends watch yesterday a pageant.. it was called miss nagueniang magaun 08' .. at first i didn't know about this pageant until .. Malean a friend of mine said that she's going to join the said contest... at first I thought that this would be boring and ugly to watch....but because my friendis there I needed to watch that to support her....<> but this thought was disrupted when i watch it because of many entertaining happenings haha..and because of the comments of Ate chay

I <> and my friends namely Aira with her chaperon Shoti.. Naxcz with her sister Ate chay.. Mitch with her pinsan but i don't know her name went to plaza to watch the said pageant at 8.. But sabi nga Filipino time.. we went there past 8.. because of that we didn't see the start <> .. naabutan lang namin ung top3 talent portion na.. pero is that really talent??<> DUH!! kc naman ang nanalo pang top 3 ung may '"talent " na lipsinging and dancing?? .. i didn't see the tlent of the others but Hello?? i know that the top 3 is not really the top3 talents..<>

anyway...after that "very entertaining "talent?" portion" a "very beautiful" intermissionor as the mc said icebreaker daw<>.. after that minor awarding was awarded to the winners.. no 8 miss photogenic<> ms talent no12 ata un i'm not xure.. the other awards were.... hmm.. aw i can't remember.. anyway after that an "icebreaker" again was held <> after that PLAY SUIT WEAR PORTION followed... ha? WTF!! what the hell is play suit.. even naxcz don't even have a damn clue kung what is it..and the candidates went out .. ah.. ganun palang ang place suit..its like a tube but the stomach is seen.also the back part of the stomach..and the in the lower is like a miniskirt..and it was followed by an iceberaker ulit but this time and icebreaker na talaga.. a dance intermission number by a group of boys...after that another dance group of girls the mc said what a very lively performance..<ironic agian haha...>

after that our fav portion<>the cocktail dress competition.. here are the ones who hadcaught are eye.. no.2 night gown ata kinuha nya eh.. no. 5 ang ganda rumampa no.8 kinulang ata cya ng pera kya ginamit nya nalng ay bathrobe<>no. 10 parang kakacircumsize palang haha.. and another fav of us 3<> no.15 she didn't know ata that play suit competition is already finished..< kc namn ang gown pang play suit backless banaman na miniskirt..
after that the magic 10 was announced.. 2, 4,17,9,16,12,10,,8,17,3,12,8,4 and pasuspence kung who will be the last to enter the magic 10.. and then sinabi na candidate no 3! yeah it's the number of malean.. thats good.. an extempo speaking was held siya ung parang q&a .. after a while.. malean was called.. the topic is An Maogmang lugar.. malean said " ang maogmang lugar..digdi nag hahali ang mga magagayon ,matatali na tao<> .. the people applaused after she anwered..<>
after that a serenade was sang.. and then the top 5.. they were 8 12 3 17 4.. question and answer portion followed.. the answers that caught our ears are the answers of.. no 8. the question was if you were given a high sum of money for business would you invest it in the naga.. the answer was if i would be given that chance mag iinvest po ako sa paranaque kc may business kmi dun<> ha?? the answer was to far to the question .. no. 12 the question is if your naked taking a shower and somebody went in .. what would you cover.. only one part of the body.. the answer was "i will to going to cover from shoulder to toe because body is the important part of the body.." ..anyway lets focus to the answer of malean.. the question is if your given a chance to ask a gift from God what is it?. her answer was ' if i would be given a chance i would ask for world peace...<> after that the awarding.. the awards were.. 4th place. 3rd place 2nd place 1st plce and the losers.. <> the last award the highest ward to be get.. the miss nagueniang magaun 08' ... drumz rowling.. our 4th placer is candidate no 8.. 3rd candidate no 4. OMG SI MALEAN PWD PANG MANALO... then 2nd 17 .. wooh lupet ni malean..our 1st runner up is ...................................................................candidate no 12.. waaaaaaaah .. panalo c malean .. yeah..astig talaga c malean.. u rock ..

after that we went to malean and greet her..

after a while we said goodbye to each other .. i went home by a tricycle renting it 4 40 pesos then i thought that this happening would be nice to be blog so i have posted it now..

thats all


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


As i end my day last night ... a song caught my attention...i don't remember the name of the song but i think it's b213 by Blem... anyway as i listen to this song the chorus of this son i remembered someone.. maybe you know who she is <> automatically my mind was set to post a blog today.. and this blog is to be a farewell for her...

i offer this poem ..

Thoughts on saying goodbye..

I never expect you'd come into my life
I didn't even expect you'd accept me for who i am
since we never talk that much
and i knew nothing about you.

My heart is full of joy
Everytime you respond
although it always leaves me a question to ask
i can't seem to understand what's this i feel
i guess it's because they tease me a lot

i'm not even expecting for anything
more than friendship
thinking that i would only end up getting hurt

coz you've always been special and inspire me a lot

it's sad having thoughts of you leaving soon
it was only yesterday when i met you
and now you're here toi bid goodbye

i can only hope someday our roads would cross
to reminisce of the time we had back then

the story started on our 3rd year..

one day our principal had a meeting with all of the fourth year.. a piece of paper was pased on us i don't know whats the sense of that but i also wrote my name on there and my number.. a name caught my eye.. it's her name.. in my mind<>

the next day i texted her..<>

in our room mars .. is making fun of her..<33pan> so i joined him to ... then eventually i made aquaintance<> with her.. and almost all days i texted her...

then one day xing , i , naxcz, khrishna, etc..<> went to the back of the avr.. we were chatting about something but i didn't remember it.. then suddenly she came..or she was already there??<> when i saw her there and something happened to me i suddenly became conscious and silent..

when she was left suddenly i became again talkative..

after that happened i suddenly became serious and taught in my mind .. huh?? tanu aku natahimik..?? what happened to me???..

then the next days i began feeling something about her but i didn't understand what it is.. everytime i see her i became happy. etc.. <>

then finally i new what i am feeling.. but i wasn't sure about it.. so i kept it inside me first because i'l verify it first..

days past and i prove it..

then christmas came.. at the day of the christmas or the next day ata un.. i told her that she's my crush.. at first she didn't believe it but eventually she believed me...that day also i learned her birthday in that day.. we've agreed that we will have a late exchange gift to each other.. but doesn't figure out when it will last we have a date.. jan 31 .. and we've agreed it both.

when the day came.. i gave her a starpendant<> and a necklace.. but she doesn't have the gift for me...<> but she said she'll give it to me the next day..<>

many months had past we became close friends but we only communicate at text.. a day came and told her if i could court her.. but she said no..< awts.! noooo!> i became depressed because of that.. my friends comforted me and said many things.. but still i am deppresed..

weeks had past.. and my mood regained.. but another problem arrived .. the prom is soon to come..< wtf!! problema nanaman..> a question always comes to my mind.. babaylihun mo xa?? until a day before the prom my mind still asks this..

then the prom date came.. and my question was answered.... and d answer is NO!..maybe because im too torpe or i'm just afriad.. but i don't know the real reason.. after the prom i texted her to apologize if i didn't dance her. she accepted it.. maybe coz she don't even think that i would dance her..

then our school days came to n end.. in summer i always texted her but she seldom replies..

then we became 4th year..

at first i didn't know that she was again my classmate.. so i prayed that she'll be my classmate again together with the xing and com. and God answered it .. be cause she became again my classmate.. yahoooo!!!!!!!!!

i thought that this she'll allow me now to court her but i was wrong... she again refused< awtz.. not again>.. and again my world was crushed..

another problem also occured she was lined to a my friend.. you know who he is.. i am sometimes jealous of him but i didn't show it..

her birthday came.. i gave her a stuff toy.. his name is Briggs.. and a junior black forest cake...<> but i wasn't the one who delivered it to her ... they were xing and khrishna<> her reaction seems that she was shocked and happy about it.. , hayz salamat nagustuhan nya man..>

then soon chrismas party will come... but i wasn't the one who got her name.. it was Pierre.. <> then christmas party came.. when Pie gave it to her my classmates applaused.. so that i can show that i'm not affected by that i also applaused... <>

the next will be prom..< amp again problema nanaman> again the question again came to my mind.. <>

prom date came.. at first i planned to be her last dance .. but something came out.. when i was dancing her to the last 5 songs Jim said if he could borrow her..<> then Jim gave her to Pierre < amp sabi na.. tanga ku talga> dancing with xing we watched them 2 <> then after the prom again i am depressed..

many days had past but still may hang over about what happened on the prom still kept on breaking me..

then xing commented in my friendster not to be sad..and to move on..

the day where i move on came.. and my mood was again good..

but another problem will occur..

graduation is coming fast.. and this is the problem... as i sleep at night i always thought of her.. and this always come to ruin up my mood and become depressed..

graduation came.. in this day i have move on and accepted that she not for me..and will never be mine..

to end this post

i am thanking you for being my inspiration and friend for 2 years .. i wish you luck in your college life.. d mo man san ku malingwan 2los .. hmm ...............

thank you for all and goodbye..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

1st time to type my blog

i don't know why i'm writing or i should say typing my blog right now.. first of all i'm lazy writing o r i say typing .. i also don't want to share my thoughts to others.. but here i am writing .

Yesterday i and my friends had a meeting in Aira's place or i should say house.. I went there at 3 pm.. as usual i'm late.. there my friends namely.. xing , naxcz , aira , kevin, koren , anna , mharlet and roidz.. in there we have finalize that our bander swiming will be on april 8 aat pasacao but didn't know where the exact place is.. xing said that she'll go to Kopiroti at the end of our meeting.. suddenly napagakaisahan namin na pumuntang Kopiroti.. but mharlet didn't join us..

at the jeepney

noting to do Naxcz suddenly made fun of Aira.. she teases here to be a foreigner... i also joined as well as the others.. until we've arrived at Kopiroti..

inside Kopiroti....

we went inside Kopiroti.. don't know what to order we've come up to buy the famous KOPIBUN!! which is only 35 pesos but is very delicious and good.. it is also my fav.. but a great disaster came up..THERE'S A LACK OF SUPPLY OF KOPI BUN!! but with all her might Aira has sacrificed her KOPIBun to us and was the one chosen to order another food.. she ordered CHocolate toast..
when we were near in finishing our food that's the time that Aira's food had come.. we laughed and finished our food.. then we again made fun of aira.. by the time we wen't out of Kopiroti ... a miracle happened!! Aira volunteered to treat us in Cold shack!.. WTF!! IS THESE TRUE?? AM I DREAMIN'?? because Aira? treat us?? a miracle!!... because since i met her she's so Damn KURIPOT!! .. we've order 3 cookies n cream 2 mangos n' cream1 strawberry ice cream and my fav Raspberry Rapture..< i know you'll like this , these is only 45 pesos in Cold Shack..> . after eating i kept the ice cream holder of my ice cream as a remebrance for the first time Aira has treated me..after that i went home and slept..

11:oopm 04/07/07 in our house

i was suddenly awaken by a great disaster ... WALANG KURYENTE !!!! AFTER knowing these i am in the midst of chaos and anxiety!!!. AMP ANG INIT!!! after 30 mins of great suffering the current arrived..YAHOOOOOO!!!! but again there's a problem.. I CAN'T SLEEP!!!!!!! i dont know what happened but i can't sleep even what i do.. lying in my bed pictures of people kept flashing in my mind.. suddenly a familiar girl had taken my attention.. she's a schoolmate of mine.. many thoughts came to my mind like does she even think of me??? does she care for me?? will she remember me??? Maybe you know who she is..

eyes suddenly become watery.. and i hate when my eyesd become watery.. suddenly a light flashed in our sala. it's my aunt going to the that she'l not know that i am awake i pretend to be slepping.. a loud BANG!! followed it was my Aunt's door.. a gain i kept thinking of her.. i was to cry when my mind change it's topic and become my first i t was happy but soon again thoughts came to me like would they be still my friends until the end?? will they not forget me..?? many questions followed again my eyes became watery and again my aunt interrupted again she went again to the cr.. in my mind 'What the he'll is wrong with my aunt??.. this is her second time to the cr with only just few minutes.. i look to the clock and was shocked.. it's already 12:30 amp i'm already 1 hr awake.. many thoughts came to me which i will not say in here.. i kept thinking of her and my friends and search what will be the answers to my thoughts.. after my aunt again went to the cr for the third time.. i felt sleepy.. and that was a good indicator.. i look at the clock.. it was 1:30 ..
after 7 yawns i finally slept..

with a BANG!!!



" You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."