Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Defense Anyone?

  Yesterday we had our defense for our game in SE... and again it was a failure I guess.. but before I tell why I'll introduce first our game

   Our game is a base defense but in  monopoly style.. so like monopoly you should buy properties and make money.. but the twist is the main objective of this game is not to bankrupt your opponents but to destroy their bases.. By the way it has no name yet ... so help me  in thinking an appropriate name for our game.. snapshot of our game to be posted later...  and now back to my story..

   The line up for the defense was first the Soguko (karen's group), second is the Plok(raphael's group), third is the pShooter(marlon's group), fourth is the yummyMath(janine's group), fifth OUR GROUP.. 6th hide and destroy(ate liz's group)..

  So as you can see we are the fifth group to present but unfortunately we became 4th because one group did not show up.. each is given 15 mins to present.

  Again an intermission number... before what happened to our defense .. i'll first what happened in the defense of the second group because this has a significance or it is related to us..I hope their group will not be mad at me for not asking their permission anyways I think they'll understand :)

  Their game for me was awesome..really for beta version. nice graphics and game play ,networking is functioning well etc... btw i forgot to tell what is their game.. their game is like battle city but with added features and twist... but my opinion for this game was the opposite of our teachers..

she even said anu un na ba un? sa totoo lang hindi ito pang sf... btw this is not the same words she spoke but it has the same meaning...

   But wait!  there's a game more "shallower" than this a game that is simply similar to the game which it is patterned.. i will not name the group or the game but if you see it you'll agree with me.. It's ok sana if our teacher had also the same comment about that game but her only  comment about that group is about that graphics.. huh?... why is that so? hmm i don't know what the reason is.. but i don't care.. The shallow thing pala.. yah the game in the first place is a bit shallow but raph's group made things to improve runes, debuffs friendly fire, bounce effect.. etc..  THEY MADE WAYS TO MAKE IT MORE ENJOYABLE  duh!

 W tf.. really stupid.. but this is not the real reason why we are pissed of...The real reason is this. Enough them..

  Now I'll tell what happened to our defense..
          Mark, our group leader presented our game.. first we explained how it works every little detail about it.             We've first used tiles for them to understand what is happening at first they didn't get it but after  sometime the panelist got it except for our teacher. It's like our alpha presentation then we     presented our BETA VERSION containing some graphics which was really stolen from  warcraft and God of war XD core features of game working fine except in networking.. In networking sense we can only synchronize the movement of the chars and their gold other features didn't work well.. anyway  our beta presentation was worse understood by our teacher.. so basically our defense is a failure.

  W hy? because again our teacher didn't like our game again.. or maybe she will not like anything we do. we never know :)). One reason is she didn't get what our game is all about..another thing she doesn't understand our graphics. she said what is that thing.. the one like a shit.. third reason is she don't think that what we had done meet the requirements for beta version(60% of game)..etc..etc.. ah wait.. we even said OUR GAME IS A BIG NO NO for the sf in the present.. really? so what games are suited for the sf? CAN YOU ENLIGHTEN US?

   Didn't understood what our game is all about....

   But wait! . didn't just mark explain all the bits about it in our "alpha presentation", and we even used almost of our time for explaining! She even asked why did we even bother to show that if there's a beta presentation.WHY nga ba? it FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND OUR F@cking GAME? Besides all the panelists got it except her.. another thing is the game play is so simple MONOPOLY but it's just the main objective is destroying bases not bankrupting others. WHAT THING IS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND THERE?.

     Didn't understood what our graphics...

    But wait! is it really the graphics or just you? our projector is too big to show what that thing is.. duh! just look at our screen shots below .. it's for you to judge. if it is really not understandable.Maybe the one she thought that we are doing is the same old monopoly.. duh! d wala kami nyan originality... I thought being original is better than copying.. hmmm maybe not for  her.. ow before i forget she said that there's should be a unique thing in the game.. O YAN na nga baga.. OUR GAME IS UNIQUE..

screen shots of our game

   Didn't think that our game is for beta

    But wait! she is the one who said that in beta the requirements are

    •   functioning well  -our core game functions are functioning well
    •   networked - our game is networking even has partial sync
    •   improvement of the alpha - i think she saw our alpha.. and it think that it is a more improved alpha

      she even said "MASKI PA PANGIT YAN MASKI STICK FIGURE YAN basta nag gagana" and why now she's so vain in the graphics... INCONSISTENT?  

  Didn't think that our game is suited for software festival

     But wait!  so what games are suited? could you please be specific why? because i think ,, ow not only i some my classmates think that our game concept has a future .. meaning it is GOOD! so i'm really confused why..

  I guess my post ends here. .. to be edited if a thing comes to my mind which is related to this..thats it for the mean time . :)

gudluck for those who will do their defense today :) kaya nyu yan..

ow before i forget last one  thing .......................


2nd of day of defense went well.. no harsh comment from our teacher.. full of suggestions.. haha.. what happened kaya? haha *evil grin.

end of post........................................

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays, You bastard! PART II

Bagong taon nanaman..
Bagong new years resolution nanaman..
at bagong resolution na hindi nanaman matutupad..
Lahat nalang nagbabago pero bat ang kapalaran ko hindi?
Maybe nag bago nga pero bat for the worst?

Wahaha tae ang drama ng start..pero sa totoo lang hindi ko maxado na feel ang new year ngaun.. unang una dahil napakadami ko pang prob both academics and personal.. sunud new year na new year nag cocode ako.. ikatlo walang kwenta ang mga paputok d2.. anyways gusto ku lang pasalamatan ang mga taong may malaking naging papel or naiambag noong 2010.

Una ang Xing and Co.. tinext kuna sainu ung gus2 kong sabihin kaya tinatamad  na akong ulitin yun dito u all :).

Ikalawa new found friends  this 2010.

    Starting with...

  •  ate Merryl Garcia - siya ang aking naging ka close nung summer sem.. klasmate ko siya dati sa lit.
          Message: Salamat ate merryl for the friendship kahit ginawa kitang friend dahil ikaw mahilig ka man libre.. haha jowk.. pero salamat talga. hope we still be friends this 2011 ..

  •  ate  Joie Grageda - siya naman ay dati kong classmate sa st jo. dati kuna siyang friend pero ngaun 2010 nanaman  lang kami nag keep in touch ulit.. kaya parang new found friend parin..

           Message: Thnx for everything ate especially the friendship ate...salamat pag rply dati sa mga text ko kahit walang sense, pati sa fb.. haha..sensya rin kung nagiging sobrang makulit ako minsan..wala tayo magagawa eh ganun talga ako eh.. hmm haha sana mas maging close pa tayo this year...yngatz parati.. gudluck sa studies palan haha mana ku maicip tama naman ata yan haha.cge ate joie :) 

  • ate Megan Bueno - siya naman ang ka corz ko..2nd year xa ngaun sa adnu. xa ata ang pina ka close ko sa mga ka corz ko.. siya ang kakulitan ko .. tawag niya nga sakin "kulit" haha..

          Message: hey ate meg ikaw ang makulit hindi ako! LOL .ahaha. anyways salamat din sa lahat..sensya sa pangungulit ko.. alam ko minsan napipikon kana.. haha...sensya rin misan if nakakacause ako ng mga prob..hmm .. i hope na lumalim pa friendship natin this coming years haha..yngat parati ate..Gudluck sa pagiging CS haha.. hmm anu pa ba..yan na ata wala na ako maicip eh..

  • ate Camille Casabar - si ate camille naman ang aking elementary crush so she's not new to me rin ngunit gaya rin ni ate joie ngaun year lang kami naging close.. hmm though not that close. mukhang friends na rin ata kami.. haha.
          Message: Hi ate camille .. haha ang ganda mo talga.. haha lol.. salamat sa pag rply sa chat at posts kahit mga walang kwenta pinag sasabi ko haha..salamat sa friendship din this year. hope maging friends pa tau the next years..yngat parati :)

  • ate Janine Diaz - si ate janine ay kabatch ko sa science ngunit ngaun kung year lang xa naging mdyo ka close.. at nakausap :)
          Message:  ate janine maman.. salamat sa gabus.. haha mana ku maicip eh.. thnx sa friendship ulit.. tinext kunaman saimo message ko haha.. kaya as na to..

  • ate Irene Joy Rosana - si ate ij naman ay taga st jo din dati.. pero this year ku lang siya nakausap. naging classmate ko kasi siya philo 3 ngaung sem and thats where nagi ko siyang friend.
          Message:  ate ij! hapi new year.. based sa aking mga nababasa may bagong love life ka ata.. yii... gudluck nalang jan.. hha thnx pala pag sama pag watch ng movie at pag sagot ng mga tawag. alam ko im boring talaga buti nalang at pinag tiyagaan mo haha..salamat din pala sa pagiging friend ko.. hope maging friends pa rin tau this year :) yngat..

  • ate Diane Renolayan - siya naman c ate mabait.. haha tawag nya kasi sakin kuya tinawag kuna rin siyang ate mabait.. anyway currently 1st year bs psycho siya sa adnu.. kabarkada siya nila jilla at ate munic ...binigay ni jilla ang num ko sa kanya dun kami nag kakilala.. mdyo ka close ko na rin siya ngaun matagal tagal ko na rin kasi siyang katxt.
          Message: ate mabait ! yeah pi new year! ang like your voice talaga parang uto uto haha..jowk.. pero ang cute talaga haha.. anyway salamat ate sa pagiging close friend ko .. hope na mas magi pa taung close this year .. yngat parati :)

  • ate Nikki - haha sensya ate di ku lam family name mo eh haha.. sori..anyway si ate nikki ay taga adnu din.. ka sama ko siya sa church na NCIC. at doon ko siya naging ka close..btw isa siya sa closest friend ko sa NCIC
          Message:  ate nikki! pi new year! yngat parati salamt sa pagiging close friend ko..xnxa d na ako nakakajam sainu pag may bible study mdyo busy eh.. hmm xnxa rin pala kung minsan napakulit ko haha..thats my nature eh .. anyways bawi nalang ako next time pag d na ako busy.. haha anu pa ba.. hmm yan muna haha :) yngat parati Godbless.

  • ate kris joy - hindi kuna nilagay whole name mo ate ang haba eh..haha.. anyway.. si ate kris joy ay graduating this year? right ate.. gudluck haha.. taga adnu din siya at taga NCIC din siya.. so that means na kapareho siya ni ate nikki.. like ate nikki she's one of my closest friend sa NCIC
           Message:  ate kris.. yi mag grad kana .. haha gudluck.. yngatz pirmi.. salamt sa gabus .. lalo na duman sa pag iba mo saku sa sm dati pag bakal kad2ng bado ni insan.. haha thank you for being my close friend also.. Godbless ate :)

ikatlo ang mga naging inspiration ko ngaung nakalipas na 2010..

  • Rosemer Claire Puga- ang aking naging inspiration para pumasok ng lit. kahit d ko siya nakausap in anyway as lang.

  • Mikiela Badilla -  ang pinakauna kong crush.. taga st jo din dati.. mukhang di nya na nga ako kilala ngaun.. d pa nga inaaprove ung friend request ko eh anyways as lang.. ewan ko kung san ku siya naging inspirasyon basta nagi ko siyang inspirasyon this year.

  • Nazareth Angeline Bordz -  hindi ko alam kung yan talga ang name niya up to now d ku pa alam kung anu true name nya. basta ang alam kulang nag lalaro siya ng rf sa shop dati.. bago lumipat ang bio siya sa adnu.. 1st year.. siya ang naging inspirasyon ko para gumicing ng maaga para umatend ng 7:30 am classes ko tuwing MW at umatend ng first subj ko every TTH kasi dumadaan siya malapit sa room namin  at around 7:35-7:40 am at kapag TTH naman ay from 10:27 am - 10:45 am.. haha alam na alam ko o dba.. haha

    • Ara Aliana Padua - di ko talaga siya kilala basta classmate ko siya sa philo.. isa siya sa mga dahilan kung bat ako pumapasok sa gaya ni mikela ay snob pa rin hangang ngaun sa aking friend request sa fb

    and others.. sa mga  hindi ko nai mention wag magalit haha mdyo hindi lang talga gumagana icip ko alam nyu naman utak ko basura.. event though wala kau sa mga namention I still wanna thank you ..for everything..


    PS sana gumana ang mga link haha at tama ang mga link na yan.. hindi ko kasi chineck eh..

    @edit: yan ok na ung name mo ate meg... paki tingnan nalang ung iba kung anu mali.. 

    " You can call it selfish if you want, But "self " is the center of the universe.. Even giving voluntarily to others is " selfish" in a way because you "get" a good feeling in return..."