Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas has come again this year...

but I really didn't feel it..

I really don't know what's the reason..(sigh*)

Cold Christmas Again.....


After I finished the midnight mass, I went to my cousin's house to eat the Noche Buena..After that I went home to sleep.. Before I went to sleep I scanned my mobile phone for text messages..As usual my phone was full of messages greeting me Merry Christmas! But to my surprise an unfamiliar number came up.. it's a glob's greeting me etc.. but not telling his/her name(but mas appropriate ata ang her..girlie ang tex eh) . her message says ..Merry Christmas..Pasalamt ka natandaan tka pa.. gift Ko??..something like that.and the end of the message says.. Hulaan mo nalang kung cno ako.. I texted her back asking for her name or even a clue.. but she didn't reply..but I had guessed kung sino siya..I know a person kasi that is the same style of texting as her or it's more likely to say that may mood suddenly became good because of that text.. anyway I slept soundly afterwards.. the next day I woke up or it's more likely to say today.. at 9 am.. again my mobile phone is full of greetings..but I didn't find the globe number...I was quite disappointed.. because of that kinulit ko siya ng kinulit.. making calls and texting her. but she doesn't seem to mind that..I finally became tired and naghanap nalang ng pwedeng gawin.. and as usual cleaning the house became my decision...the whole morning I cleaned our house.. after sometime my father messed up my mood..(bad3p talaga siya!.) anyway because of that I went to sleep nalang.. Lunch came..but my mood wasn't still good.. buti nalang because of mother my mood became good but not quite good.. anyway I sleep afterwards lunch. I woke up at 3. Checking my phone for text messages.. only two messages came.. messages coming from usual greetings.. after reading I asked her if she knew this number.but she didn't replied..because of that kinulit ko ulit ung number na un making calls which she didn't answered..after one hour of pangungulit. someone texted..the text came from confirms my guess.. then another text came. again coming from teasing me..I denied her accusations..(hehe..pero totoo naman talaga haha) anyway because of that kinulit ko nanaman ung glob na number..I called again and again and finally she answered it.. My mood suddenly came to it's peek.. and I don't know why(haha in denial pa ako)..anyway our conversation ended after 2 mins and those 2 mins to me seem to be I'm flying (haha mdyo exagerated na yan hihi.)..but until now my mood is really good.....After that I finished the book Breaking dawn.. i didn't like the ending part..I want the Volturi and the Cullens to fight(sigh).. I surf the net after..

I'm looking forward that this day will end with my mood in good condition......

Christmas Income : 800 (it's not yet the whole income.. I didn't visit my ninong and ninang pa kasi)
Christmas gifts count : 3


Monday, December 22, 2008


Today I went to hear again misa de galleo mass(simbang gabi) ...and again I didn't see her..(sigh)..

Anyway.. I have a weird dream again this morning..hmm I didn't really remember the exact story and details of my dream but i'm sure of one thing there i kissed somebody there.. not just an ordinary kiss it's a kiss using the tongue..I guess it's the effect of watching too many animes with that scene...haha... because of that I'll lie low in watching.haha maybe i'm really watching too much..
Anyway I think the story of my story is about me dating a girl.. i didn't recognize or I say I didn't remember her face.. Anyway that girl I'm dating is not the one I kissed.. My dream is chaotic even I didn't really understand it.. The girl I kissed was not really clear..but in my dream her features were just like ( of all na babae ba naman) Ching..Hmm the story in my dream contains "habulan" the one in a drama scene..basta It's like a love triangle story or something like that. and when I kissed that girl the scene became slow mo.. as usual.. then there will be a bed scene sana but it was cut because of the stupid alarm clock... I didn't really got it's meaning...and I didn't really finished my dream..

I'm going to sleep again and I'm hoping it will be continued in my sleep this time..haha and so that i'll understand my dream more and know who are them....haiz...

I'm sleeping na.......................................................

10:00 am...

I have finally woken up but sad to say the dream wasn't continued in my sad(sigh.) A weirder dream now it's about me in the middle of the jungle or something basta it's weird..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who is she????

In the past few days I always go home at 8:30 onwards. I ride jeepney in going home.On one night, I didn't remember what day is that but i'm sure it was last week, A girl outside the jeepney caught my attention..she was a student of USI maybe 2nd-4th yr is her grade range. Soon I found out tha she's like me, her house is in Magarao also. Anyway She caught my eye because again she looks familiar.. and for me she's kind of cute and ' ma-appeal'.. but unfortunately she looks 'mataray'..She also ride the same jeepney i'm riding going to Magarao. I didn't notice that I was staring at her for many seconds.. maybe she noticed it and she looked at me suddenly.. to an instant I focused my eye to another place for her not to see that i'm staring at her. .but i doubt it worked.. When i'm in my departure area -Ilahod, i went out of the jeepney my surprise she also went out of the jeepney...She's also living in Ilahod. Anyway because I walk to quickly so I arrived at our gate quick and because of that I didn't see where she lives......

The next night I had seen her again.. we rode the same jeep again and i stared at her again but now more secretly.. Our eyes sometimes met.. and she turns her head to another angle when this happens..Anyway the next to nights I didn't see her.. anyway it kind sad for me.don't know why..

On the saturday that week I seen her again...

On Monday this week I seen her again but wasn't able to ride the same jeep because a terrible thing happend.. NAUBUSAN NG JEEP!!!!!!.. so I ride on the topload of the jeep.. she on the other hand was left in the waiting area for the next jeep to arrive..

Since tuesday I didn't see her... and I was hoping I could see her again.....

And that was granted today... When I went to hear mass this early morning..(nag simbang gabi ako).. I saw her again.. I saw her in the communion....After the mass I looked for her and I have found her .. she was with someone idon't knowmaybe it's her mother and sister.. anyway i don't care about them.. I went home after that..

Maybe I could see her again this evening haha..and I hope to know her name soon......

Dec 18: nakasabay kunanaman..^^ xa but d ko cxa nakita sa cmbang gabi..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yan ang buhay ko ngaun...

In the past 2 weeks all I have been doing in the com shop are to play O2 jam, Crazy Kart, Counter strike and Dota and watching Anime... anyway it's all because na hack nga lahat ng account ko.. (hmf!) because of stupidity..but i'll seek revenge on my hacker.. (humanda ka!).. whoever knows this email add pls leave a message in the anyway.. here are the list of anime that i have watched...(it's a link so just click it if you want to try it..and i recommend you to try it)

Categories : Comedy,Drama,Love Polygon, Romance

Bleach- the first anime that i like
Shuffle! - one of my favorite animes... i really love this..
Clannad - it's one of the best animes that i have watched..
Clannad After Story
- continuation of clannad...
Chobits - one of my favorite anime..
Rosario + Vampire - story about a human boy accidentally enrolled at a yukai(demon) school.. the story is also cute.. love story of a human and a yukai.
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 - season 2 of Rosario + Vampire Capu
Maburaho- story of a boy having the genes that will give birth to the most powerful magician of the world.. a cute love story..
Toradora-just click the link for the synopsis of the story.hehe..but the story of this is beautiful..
by the way this is isn't finished..Dec 26 for the episode 13.
Prism Ark-i didn't like the ending but the story in general is good.
Ah!MyGoddess - i really didn't watch this entirely..but according to bloo.(a ashopmate of mine) it's really beautiful
Kannagi:Crazy Shrine Maidens - it's good but not that awesome..
Seto no Hanayome- bloo said this is boring but another shopmate of mine said this is cute..hmm when I watched the 1st episode for me it's cute and very funny.
Green Green TV- one of the first animes that i really like..
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru- a new kind of lovestory.. it's quite funny.
Lamune- for me it's boring but I didn't really finished this I was only up to episode 3.hehe
To love RU - this is the one i have been watching recently..i like the story of this it's so funny


Elfen Lied - this anime is awesome..another favorite of mine..i really like this..the genre of this is horror, romance, comedy, drama..Note: not recomended for hoof hearted people


I'm searching for other beautiful animes so if you know some animes with genres or categorized as comedy at the same time drama and romance or love polygon...that are beautiful just put it in the chat box...thnx..

HaPpY WaTcHiNG...........................
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