Monday, June 4, 2012

New Dungeon Opened: The game is on

Today concludes my first week of being a trainee in AWS, a japanese company which if i get lucky and pass the ACTION Training will be my work place..

Anyway this post will narrate what are the highlights of my 1st week training.

The first day:

I WAS LATE! Yeah I am late on my first day because of the stupid MRT train which arrived late and also for the almost 30 min walk from Ayala station to Multinational Bank Corporation Building which is the building of AWS. But thanks to Mikki who also arrived late but not later than me they though that I came way down from Naga . Thanks to my almost-all-times-sleepy attitude that was a factor also to their idea that I just came from Naga. Thus I was forgiven and NO ALLOWANCE DEDUCTION! YEAH! Anyway I arrived there at 8:26am but our call time was 8:00am. 

 At 8:30 the program started. The first activity was getting to know each other as usual. The instruction was to put a paper in your back and other trainees will write their first impression on you. Then you'll present what was written and explain if it is correct or not.

So what I got was serious, shy , shy, shy ,serious...... and I was "WHAT AM I THAT SERIOUS LOOKING?"  Anyway I corrected it I said maybe it's just that I'm really sleepy that time for not having enough sleep which was the truth.

After that we are presented to the president , with somewhat like of a graduation ceremony but in our case its the starting ceremony. We were given 2 bulky books in ribbon and school supplies which served like as our diploma given by the IVP of the company.

Other activities followed after that but to sum it up.

We are 19 trainees in makati all in all but there are still 13 in Cebu. 3 trainee imports where from HITACHI.

 See picture below

 Here's my schedule -------------------------------------|


In the afternoon we had the company merienda which was really awesome because there are so many foods. Then lastly we were given another couple of bulky books which made the books we are using to 17 books including nihonggo! 

criteria to pass     

3.Nihonggo Course

- Final mock exam(level n5 and n4)

overall - 63%
listening - 65%

-Daily quizzes - 70%
-Submission of assignments 100%
-oral exams -80%

4. Technology course end exam - 80%

5. OJT - Meet all OJT objectives -OJT PROJECT DEFENSE

6. ACTION MANAGERS assessments - pass



Second day:
Woke up at 4 am and my second day to have my 30 min walk .First to have my nihonggo class and it was awesome. Our sensei chiruru-sensei which I had a bad impression on came out to be really cool! She tries very hard to speak english in order for us to understand even she doesn't really know how to talk straight english. Anyways she seems to be really kind and full of warmth :)

Third day:

Nothing really interesting happened.

Fourth day:

In the morning i had my first souvenir from Chiruru-sensei , a pentellpen mark in right hand because I was to stupid to understand the lesson. *No sarcasm *.

After the working hours We had a company dinner in an authentic japanese restaurant near Little Tokyo which was must be really done on the first day but was moved because of some reasons. I ate HANCHAN SET. It is the combination of half shouyouramen and japanese fried rice + gyoku or dumplings. But the real good thing was that it was all for FREE!. The night was really awesome even interacted with other trainees for the first time. Ichigawa-san our boss was also their. Even had the chance to sit next to my crush sensei :)

Fifth day:

A wash day that ended out really depressing because I and 3 other colleague trainees were called by Nep-san , chairman of the ACTION Training. We were called because of our poor performance in ninhonggo and this really made me depressed :(

Sixth day:

I got only 90 pesos in my wallet. Settled my hunger with quaker oats all day. BACK TO THE PAST because in the past I spent my 2 months almost eating only quaker oats 3 times everyday inorder to save some money.

Seventh day:

It was Sunday this day and atlast I found the church here. Spent almost all my day cleaning and washing laundry.


Sigrid Morales said...

Hehe goodluck nikko!! taga enjoy lang sa training woot woot :D

okkin said...

salamat.. haha kaipuhan ko na nganing motivation ta grabe na naman ang hugak ko

Sigrid Morales said...

hahaha.. dae ka mahugak.. pwd man kame magdalaw sa company nindo?? gusto ko mahiling hehe

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